West Virginia Coal Miners Owe Naughty Kids for Record Overtime Pay

Christmas Stocking with coalMany children in West Virginia are going to have an amazing Christmas this year, and they owe it all to their naughty peers.  Governor Earl Ray Tomblin announced today that coal mining in his state did record business this year.  The extra demand meant plenty of overtime for the miners, who put that money right back into the economy with wild Christmas shopping sprees.

Jenny Walsh, spokesperson for the Coal Miners’ Union told this Modern Philosopher, “We received a record order from The North Pole this year, and our union was more than up to the task.  The men and women who go down into those mines every day are the hardest workers I’ve ever met.  They certainly earned the money.”

When I asked her if she had a special message for all the naughty kids out there whose bad behavior led to the need for so much coal, Ms. Walsh hesitated at first, but finally answered with a smile, “I know your parents will hate me for this, but thank you.  Keep up the good work.”

The Union would not provide me with exact figures on how much overtime its members Coal minersearned this year, but I can tell you that the parking lot outside the mine I visited was filled with the following makes of car: BMW, Lexus, Cadillac, and Hummer.  Also, the Union Christmas Party is a three day affair being held in Las Vegas with the members being flown out today by private jet.

What do you think, Modern Philosophers?  Is naughty the new nice if you are a West Virginia coal mining family?  Should we not be so hard on bad kids since they’re making life better for others?  Have you ever gotten coal in your stocking?

This Modern Philosopher is going to ponder those Deep Thoughts…it’s a long flight to Vegas with my new friends and it will give me something to do.  Vegas, baby, Vegas!

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Native New Yorker who's fled to the quiet life in Maine. I write movies, root for the Yankees, and shovel lots of snow.
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6 Responses to West Virginia Coal Miners Owe Naughty Kids for Record Overtime Pay

  1. gatesitter says:

    Ummmm..as usual you have offered a challenage, I have always been a fan of niceness and coal miners alike…will also be pondering. 🙂

  2. I wonder if the President’s kids were bratty…could be an effective way of undermining his clear air energy policy….what there is of it!

  3. I’m no economist, but it seems to me that a Christmas party in Vegas only ensures more coal-producing behavior. Very clever on the party of the Coal Miners Union.

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