Hanukkah Harry to Ride Along with Santa Claus in Display of Holiday Solidarity

Hanukkah HarryMy Main Mensch Hanukkah Harry called me this morning with exciting news!  Of course, Harry wouldn’t like it if I just blurted it out, so let’s build to it by letting you read about his first visit to the blog last week (Harry’s First Visit).  At that time, my old chum chastised me for not writing enough about Hanukkah in this blog.  Now this is his second appearance in a week.

What did Harry have to say?  I’ll let him tell you: “After reading in your blog last night about the threat against Santa Claus (Flying Monkeys to Escort Santa), I immediately called Kris…we go way back and I call him that because “Kris Kringle” sounds a lot more  humble than that name with “Saint” in the title…anyway, I call him and I say ‘Kris, there’s no way I’m letting you go up there to face death all by yourself.  Monkeys or not, this old friend is hitching a ride!’ And he agreed without any fuss.”

This Modern Philosopher was extremely excited about the news, and touched that Hanukkah Harry would call himself to share it with me.  “Who else would call?” he barked  through the phone.  “I work eight days all year.  Same thing year after year.  Like I need to hire a publicist for that?  That is a headache I do not need!”

Any conversation with Harry always finds its way around to food.  “I could hear the excitement in Kris’ voice when I told him about the cooler of snacks I was packing for the trip.  First class travel always comes with top notch cuisine, am I wrong about that?”

I had to ask him about Mrs. Claus’ recent public plea to the world to not leave Santa Santa eatingfattening snacks because of his health concerns (Mrs. Claus’ Plea).  “What a nag she can be!” Hanukkah Harry laughed.  “Maybe don’t print that, Austin.  Don’t get me wrong…she’s a doll and I love her to death…but she has to let her man eat.  The work he does.  Plus the stress of terrorist threats.  Just let him nosh one night, and he can fight with the doctor about menus the rest of the year.  I’ve said my piece and I hope she can forgive me.”

I checked in with General “Woody” Appleton, head of the North Pole Security Agency, to see what he thought of Harry’s ride along.  “Everyone at The North Pole, from Santa and Mrs. Claus right on down to the novice Elves, are thrilled with this display of bravery, camaraderie, and solidarity on Harry’s part.  I excitedly await his arrival.”

So there you have it, Modern Philosophers.  What do you think of Harry’s insistence on riding along with Santa Claus and possibly putting himself in harm’s way?  Do you think that having a second high profile target will only incite whoever made the threat to act on it?  Do you think that Harry’s selfless act will assure that cooler heads prevail?

All this talk about Hanukkah makes me want to call the Girl Who Gives Me Goosebumps, so I’m going to do that now.  Let me know what you think about Harry’s decision.

A Peaceful and Happy Holiday to you all!

About Austin

Native New Yorker who's fled to the quiet life in Maine. I write movies, root for the Yankees, and shovel lots of snow.
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17 Responses to Hanukkah Harry to Ride Along with Santa Claus in Display of Holiday Solidarity

  1. I think that Harry may find himself in harms way when Mrs Claus finds out he’s encouraging the bad diet…LOL!

  2. I’m assuming Santa’s script has been written. It probably goes something like this, “Ho Ho Ho, Merry Christmas!” Has Harry’s been done yet? :>)

  3. gatesitter says:

    Harry is a real hero and friend, not everyone would step up and put themselves in harms way…perhaps he has a little ” semper fi” in his history. Way to go H. H.

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  5. Your Kamikaze Christmas bombs earned you a nomination for blog of the year! Check out my blog for instructions! 🙂

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