Wing Man: An Apprentice Angel’s Perspective on the George Bailey Incident

?????????????????????After last week’s surprise news that George Bailey is planning to run for the Democratic Presidential nomination in 2016 (here’s the Bailey post), it was inevitable that those around him would take advantage of the buzz and try to grab the spotlight.

The first one out of the gate is Clarence Odbody, a key adviser to Bailey and often referred to by the building and loan man as his “good luck charm”.  Odbody has penned a book about the early days of his friendship with Bailey, and it’s hitting bookshelves just in time to make it under your Christmas Tree.

The first time author spoke to this Modern Philosopher about his novel.  “For so long the story of George Bailey has been told from that wonderful man’s perspective,” Clarence explained in his soft, soothing voice.  “I’ve always wanted to put in my two cents about how we met and the incredible events that unfolded on that Christmas Eve so many years ago.  I’m not doing it to make a name for myself, though.  I’m doing it to further solidify the legend of George Bailey.”

georgeWhen I asked Clarence to expand on that, he was happy to do so.  “George Bailey is the humblest man I’ve ever met, but the scope of his generosity goes beyond what is depicted in It’s a Wonderful Life.  I could’ve written ten thousand pages about his kind deeds, but my publisher begged me to limit the book to the Christmas Eve incident.”

The novel reads like an adoring fan’s take on his idol, but it does have serious moments.  Clarence goes into harrowing detail about his decision to take his life that fateful night, and how a total stranger jumped into the icy water to save him.  That chapter brought me to tears and made me wonder if the fates had plotted to bring the two men together.

The book offers new insight into the contentious relationship between Bailey and Mr. Potter.  Apparently, Clarence’s good friend confided in him about how much he loathed the old man, but that he felt he was powerless to do anything because he didn’t want to be labeled as a person who picked on the handicapped.

Wing Man also gives us the scribe’s thoughts on Bailey’s relationship with his wife Mary and hints that the power couple might have been on the verge of a break up before the night that changed their lives forever.

Bedford-Falls-3It’s a quick read that could use a little less fluff and a bit more meat, but all in all, I’d rate it a Blitzen on my Reindeer Scale (Dasher being the lowest and Rudolph being the highest).  Pick it up for the avid reader on your Christmas list, or buy it to taunt that die hard Republican who’s forever telling you that 2016 is his party’s year.

A percentage of proceeds from the book’s sales will be donated to The Little Angel’s Fund, a charity started by Bailey and Clarence soon after they first met.

What do you think, Modern Philosophers?  Would you be interested in reading more about that famous story, or are you a traditionalist who thinks classics should be left alone?  How do you feel about members of a celebrity’s entourage trying to grab their fifteen minutes of fame?

Send me your Deep Thoughts.  I’m just sitting here listening to Jingle Bells because every time a bell rings…

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5 Responses to Wing Man: An Apprentice Angel’s Perspective on the George Bailey Incident

  1. As long as Clarence’s revelations are relevant to what we the public need or have the right to know, I’d be interested. The details of George and Mary’s marriage should be kept private, though. All couples, even power couples, deserve that.

    This gave me pause: “The novel reads like an adoring fan’s take on his idol . . . “ Ruh roh. Where have we seen that before?

    And finally, for the next three days, I will be rating everything on the Reindeer Scale. To wit, this post is a Rudolph.:-)

    • Thanks. I was a big fan of that line about the Reindeer scale as my rating for the novel goes completely unexplained. You should see if your local bookstore has the book. If you mention my blog, you get a 20% discount…

  2. kristianw84 says:

    I would definitely read that book! I wonder how Clarence has been since receiving his wings?

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