Friday Night Think Tank: Summer Lovin’ Edition

Doc BrownFinally, it’s Friday, Modern Philosophers!  A long, frigid week has thankfully come to an end.  The last several nights saw temperatures in Maine drop as low as 35 degrees below zero with the wind chill.  Thankfully, my fur lined toga can withstand such conditions, but my mind is on the verge of snapping.  I’m desperate for the mercury to rise above zero.

Naturally, this week’s Think Tank is going to deal with using the Time Machine to transport us back to a warmer, happier time.  Are you reading to put on your Thinking Togas and join me?

This week’s topic: If you could travel back in time to this past Summer, how would you spend a few stolen hours to ensure you forgot all about this frigid Winter weather?

The answer to this one is easy for me.  The House on the Hill has an amazing covered front porch, and sits on a very serene street.  I’d fire up the grill at the end of the porch and throw on some red hot dogs and burgers.  I’d relax in my chair, legs up on the porch rail, and pour two glasses of Sangria from the ridiculously over-sized jug we always purchase (not because it’s a good deal, but because we both crack up when my tiny better half struggles to carry it from the car up to the house).  Then I’d look over at The Girl Who Always Shares The Jug With Me, take her hand in mine, and smile because nothing warms me up more than her touch and seeing the adorable dimple that dances on her cheek when she smiles back at me.

So what about you, Modern Philosophers?  How would you warm up if you could travel back to Summer for a couple of hours?  Remember, there’s no right or wrong answer to this one.

I look forward to reading your Deep Thoughts on this week’s topic.  In the meantime, I’m going to watch that clip from Grease and think very fondly of The Girl Who Taught Me How To Dance.

Stay warm, my friends…

About Austin

Native New Yorker who's fled to the quiet life in Maine. I write movies, root for the Yankees, and shovel lots of snow.
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39 Responses to Friday Night Think Tank: Summer Lovin’ Edition

  1. mudlips says:

    Ah, this week I can get some sleep as the answer came right away. I’d head back to childhood and the cabin in the Sierras where rocks and logs and pinecones were playthings. I’d swim in the ice cold lake then dry off on the the granitic sand beach. Perhaps the movie playing at the outdoor theater is “Born Free”. I’ll go to the movie in my jammies so I could fall asleep before the end . Or I’d sit on the deck rauling at the cabin, watch the chickadees in the pines and I’d yell, “Elmer it’s time for dinner,” as local yore required, watch the ants on the deck as I ate my burger, play a vicious game of spoons with the cousins while I anxiously awaited a fairytale reading by one of the grown ups before heading to the bunkbed on the sleeping porch.

  2. I’d warm up by pulling a Judy Garland (from Meet Me in St. Louis) and spend a few hours “sunning myself” on the porch in hopes of seeing/talking to the boy next door. Well, across the street really. But who’s counting?

  3. I don’t have to use the time machine for this one, since, I am in the midst of Summer….and what a Summer of extremes we are having. Fire, Floods, …..its been a cruel Summer.

  4. I would be driving with no planned destination in the MLC with my man (hubby’s mid-life-crisis/convertible) listening to Al Green while holding hands like teenagers.

  5. clairenoden says:

    I would be lying in the middle of a field in Leicestershire, England, listening to the birds in the hedgerows and the insects in the long grass, smelling the freshly cut hay and drinking sweet tea from a flask…. my children would be playing in the nearby trees while my partner and I laughed, talked and stared at the sky making shapes with the clouds…

  6. denmother says:

    Up at the cottage watching my little dog jump around through the woods like a rabbit. Cold drink in one hand, lake out in front of me and kids jumping off the raft, giggling.

  7. thanks for reminding about this song, it’s cold as it gets in Poland, I’d do some more traveling if it was summer

  8. first i would have a slumber party and sing about phil donahue or troy donahue and learn what ratting hair means..then go sing about john travolta by a pond…dance on top of a car and make L’s , with your arms…

  9. jcmarckx2009 says:

    The Sacramento Valley never wants for warmth in the Summer. I would simply go out to the pool, lie out until the sun sizzled my poor Irish complexion, and then I would dive in. Rinse, and repeat!

  10. nell says:

    There’s an annual classic car show here in town. Every summer my husband and I go to it and fantasize about which car we would buy if we had Romney money or a reasonable facsimile. We didn’t go this past summer because it was too hot and my broken toe was slowing me down. So, I would go back in time, put on a cool tank top and some daisy dukes, carry a pretty pink umbrella and brave the heat and the pain.

  11. jrosenberry1 says:

    I would stretch out on the lounge chair, which had to be placed on the shaded part of the porch because it was too darned hot in the sun. There would be a cool iced tea in one hand, and a good book in the other. Except the book would be closed (as would my eyes) . I would be lying there, daydreaming, and listening to the kids in the neighborhood. When evening came around the chatter would change to the chatter of birds. There might even be a few birds splashing in the birdbath once the water cooled off enough. With any luck the neighbors would not be mowing the grass!

  12. El Guapo says:

    I’d hang out on the bridge I bungee jumped off of.
    After the jump, of course, when I was no longer quite so terrified…

  13. Back to the beach for several long swims in the ocean, walking barefoot in the wet sand, and climbing the rocks so that I can sit with my feet dangling over the incoming tide and watch the crabs and the gulls.

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