Screenwriting Update: Returning From A Forced Retirement?

TypeThose of you who follow this blog regularly or have taken the time to check out the “About” page, know I am a screenwriter.  I started this blog as a defense against Writer’s Block, but I also use it to post updates whenever anything interesting happens in that part of my life.

My screenplay, The Retirement Party, was produced and was supposed to have been released at the end of 2011, but it has yet to make it to the big screen.  In the meantime, the production company has seemingly vanished and will not return calls or emails from me or from my lawyer.

This has been very frustrating for me.  It’s a cruel form of torture to get this close to walking down the red carpet, and then have nothing happen instead.  People still come up to me and ask me when the movie is going to be released.  I did radio and television interviews up here in Maine to promote the movie.  I didn’t even mind when, in one of the radio interviews, the septuagenarian host kept hitting on The Girl Who Is My Rock rather than asking me about the movie.  She was blushing and flattered to have the attention of a radio icon, plus she was also very proud of the dorky writer guy sitting next to her.

It hurts even more because this is a very personal script.  It’s about me (Justin = Austin.  Very tricky!) and my decision to retire from dating after a bad break up.  Obviously, I want this movie to be released so everyone can know how pathetic my life once was… (only partially joking).

I woke up this morning to find a message from one of the movie’s producers.  After over a year without any contact, he was reaching out to me with a message simply asking me to call him.  You don’t do that to a writer!  My imagination has already run through hundreds of scenarios as to why he wants to talk.  At least it kept me distracted on my run this morning, and might explain how I wound up two towns over and without any idea of where I was.

Like I’ve always said, being a screenwriter is like buying a lottery ticket, forgetting about it, and then finding out you have the winning numbers.  Out of the blue, there could be a phone call or a message that could change my life forever.

Let’s hope this message is of the positive life altering variety.  Keep your fingers crossed, Modern Philosophers.  I’ll let you know what happens.  And for those of you who have never seen the trailer for The Retirement Party, here it is…

About Austin

Native New Yorker who's fled to the quiet life in Maine. I write movies, root for the Yankees, and shovel lots of snow.
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62 Responses to Screenwriting Update: Returning From A Forced Retirement?

  1. Gardengirl says:

    It looks like a great movie! I want to see it so I hope it’s good news too! 🙂

  2. wedelmom says:

    Have my toes crossed for you too!

  3. tourmama616 says:

    I liked this post because this was the first time I saw the trailer, and it completely intrigued me. I’m also liking this post because I work in an equally shady division of the entertainment industry, the music business, and can completely relate to the anguish you are going through. That phone call message? Infuriating. I tensed up as I read what you wrote because I started remembering the messages I have received with a similar nature. With that said, I dislike that you have to go through this, after the hard part has already been done. Keep us posted, and fingers are crossed that when you make the phone call, all that the fuss was about was that he and the other producers, directors, etc. have decided to give you 100% of the merchandise rights 🙂

  4. grannyK says:

    Looks good! I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the news you get is good.

  5. Hanging out to see this come through. -rubs a kangaroo paw for luck for him-

  6. I’m so nervous and excited for you. I’m holding you in a positive light for all things good Austin.

  7. "HE WHO" says:

    Good luck with the phone call. Unless it’s a guy in a

  8. "HE WHO" says:

    Good Luck with the phone call. Unless it’s a guy in a 12-step program looking for forgiveness, it’s got to be good news, doesn’t it? (Sorry about the first reply which left Toronto on it’s own)

  9. susielindau says:

    I’ve got my toes crossed too!

  10. My fingers are crossed! 🙂 Good luck, it looks like a great movie.

  11. Drops of Ink says:

    I don’t cross things because they have a habit of getting stuck that way.. but here’s hoping! 😉

  12. Good luck! I’m scared at how much that trailer resonates with me…so does he end up with the reporter, not Sam? C’mon, spill!

  13. irishcsred says:

    I am excited for you! I have a hunch this is your time! Best wishes!

  14. Good trailer. I’m crossing my fingers for you! Maybe you should wear your lucky toga when you make the phone call?

  15. jrosenberry1 says:

    Good luck! You deserve good news.

  16. Looks fantastic – I want to see the movie!!! Fingers crossed for you!

  17. N.G. Davis says:

    Good luck on the call!

  18. So completely unlike your blog…
    DO NOT read anything into that. I love your blog and I THINK I might love the movie (but don’t trust trailers at all). If it makes it I certainly will give it a view. GOOD LUCK.

    • I don’t usually write comedy. This blog has been a little test space for honing those skills. My scripts are usually thrillers or heist flicks…nothing beats a good bank robbery. 🙂

  19. Best of luck – that looks like a fantastic film. That’s the worst feeling in the world, to have something you’ve worked hard on and are very proud of go into limbo like that by circumstances beyond your control. Rooting for you here!

  20. Firstly, good luck wishes along with everyone else. Secondly, thank you for visiting and liking my blog (can’t really believe it!) and finally I just love your writing and look forward to getting my daily dose of laughter from it in the months to come.

  21. All the best vibes to you (and The Girl Who Is Your Good Luck Charm!). 🙂

  22. Janine says:

    Wow! Have you called him back yet? I’m so curious what he wants. I hope it’s great news for you, and that we finally get to see this movie!

    • Yes, I did, but I got voice mail and left a message. No return call yet. I’m sure you’d hear my yelling from across the street if it were good news. The Girl Who Is Just As Curious just called for the second time to check, and I sadly had to tell her I had no news…

  23. pamtanzey says:

    Wow I’d really like to see this movie! I hope it all happens soon.

  24. I am totally impressed by your writing..
    It’s like you have an endless stream of creative ideas running through your head and streaming out of your fingers. I love it.
    I just watched the trailer, and I will definitely watch this movie when it is released (and it will be).
    Regardless of his intentions, I think this guy (Justin/Austin) is going to have an extremely difficult time retiring from dating, because…….finding out that a guy is too hurt to ever want to date again will automatically bring out the “mothering” instinct in most women.
    My best guess? The lady who is going to interview him will naturally fall in love with him. He is a cute, unassuming guy–not pushy, arrogant, or frightening. She is going want to “kiss the wound” (that he really didn’t deserve) and make it all better—which will pull him right out of his planned retirement.
    Kind of like turning a sad frog into a prince, but NOT.
    AND…I also think that you are about to be yanked out of your “forced” retirement.
    I am sure of it. No doubt in my mind.
    Even so, I hope you keep finding time to write great stories on WordPress….for people like me. 🙂

    • Thanks for everything you said in your post. Quick insight on the script since you wrote such a great answer…I wrote the script to try to win back the girl who broke up with me. That didn’t work, but the script did end up breaking the ice with The Girl Who Now Owns My Heart… 🙂

  25. Nothing better than broken ice, in this case!
    And let me guess one more time….
    I think that The Girl who is My Rock” (who attracted the attention of the old radio icon) is extremely happy to be the “Girl Who Now Owns My Heart.”
    Am I right? Of course, you don’t have to answer.
    Nothing like a little suspense. 8~)

  26. samantha045 says:

    I hope it’s good news!

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