The Library: It’s Not Just For Books

LibraryI really need to start going to the library more (The Girl Who Shares My Inside Jokes is giggling loudly right now, but just ignore her).  The Bangor Public Library, depicted in the photo at the left, is an amazing place.  The building itself is gorgeous and the book collection puts the library in my town to shame (Sorry, Brewer Public Library, but you know that’s the truth!).  One would expect, of course, that the library in Stephen King’s hometown be an epic tribute to the world of reading.

taxesI took the day off today (Yay, Austin!) to get my taxes done (Boo, Uncle Sam!).  I’d heard that AARP offered a free tax service at the Bangor Library, so I decided to take advantage.  I packed my laptop, trudged over the bridge from Brewer, and prepared to spend the day if necessary.  The library had warned that senior citizens got top priority, so I knew I might be in for a wait.

When I arrived, there were far more people in the waiting area than I’d expected.  The only seat in the place was next to a very attractive woman, who also happened to be the only other person in the room under the age of 70.

I filled out my form and waited.    As those of you who follow this blog know, my heart belongs to The Girl Who’s Far Away, but you might’ve read between the lines of some of my recent posts to know my heart is in a very fragile place right now.  So, it surprised me when I found myself noticing the very pretty woman sitting to my right.

I am extremely outgoing when I am in a comfortable and familiar situation, but incredibly shy when the situation is new.  Something took a hold of me, though, (Perhaps my heavy heart?  Perhaps the ghosts of the famous authors who haunt the building???) and got me to start a conversation with this stranger.

What was this library doing to me?  Was I sitting in the Romance section?  Or perhaps the Self Help one?  Words, which normally failed me in such situations, just magically appeared on my tongue.  I was stunned.

Of course, just as we started to talk about my writing, they called me for my appointment.  I did manage to tell her the name of my blog and introduce myself, but then the little tax lady whisked me off.

I surprised myself further about ten minutes later when I went out to give the woman in the waiting room my email address.  I found her laughing and reading my blog on her laptop.  About ten minutes later, she came to me with her email address.

Alas, new love was not to be.  We quickly established that she has a boyfriend (fairy tales are not supposed to end this way, but they always seem to in my life…), but nevertheless, it was a minor victory for The Boy Who Misses The Girl.

For a short while, I was distracted from my sadness and rediscovered my self-confidence.  Even if my new friend was not looking for a date, she reminded me that beautiful women might still find me charming and dorkily handsome.

I ended up getting a nice refund on my taxes, too, so all in all, a great day at the library.

I really need to go to the library more…




About Austin

Native New Yorker who's fled to the quiet life in Maine. I write movies, root for the Yankees, and shovel lots of snow.
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25 Responses to The Library: It’s Not Just For Books

  1. Cassie says:

    I love this. Good for you for finding the other things that are great about libraries. Who knew taxes were one of them!?

  2. All the cool girls hang out at the library. Or so I’ve heard. 😉

  3. I met my husband at the Library. I had just finished a PJ storytime and he walked in for a meeting. The meeting chair was late and he asked to use the phone. Almost 20 years later…it’s still wedded bliss! P.S. He’s not a reader, so I’d love him to get the bookworm parasite! Although, maybe not, since he also cooks for me every night!

  4. Ashana M says:

    Don’t despair. My girlfriend was interested in me 7 years ago, when I had it bad for someone else. She stuck around. We were great friends. I got over the other girl and realized the error of my ways. Meanwhile, girlfriend got had already gotten her own girlfriend. It went rather badly between them. I waited. For maybe a year. Now I have my own Girl Who is Far Away–I see her annually and complain about it the rest of the year. This has been going on for more than 2 years. You never know.

  5. I’m always thankful for the little victories. They always bring me a new level of optimism, If only for a while…

  6. How Austin got his groove back?

  7. Under the age of 70? That’s too young for this RV park.

  8. jaklumen says:

    I have a sister and a brother-in-law who are librarians, so none of this is a surprise 😉

  9. mudlips says:

    I’m rather fond of libraries. Met the nicest boyfriend I had in college there – I worked at the Circulation Desk (no kidding, hold the obvious comments please…or, on second thought, take your best shot). Anyway, I’m glad you’ve discovered that there are more than books there!

    • Were you able to bring his circulation issues to a head? You did say to take my best shot… 😛

      • mudlips says:

        Alrighty! You brought it! And, I’m not answering that… 😉

      • I can’t ignore a challenge. It was a sweet story you told before I ruined it, though. 🙂

      • mudlips says:

        Oh no, it wasn’t ruined. The real version of the story is pretty funny. That guy, was too shy to ask me out in person so he kept calling my house and asking for me. Problem is, in the yearbook the previous year, my photo had one of my room mates’ names. So she kept answering the phone and rudely blowing him off. Then he’d see me at the library, checking out his books (if you get my drift) and I was nice. Poor guy was really confused. Fortunately, we had a mutual friend who finally helped straighten things out so when he called and asked for me by my right name, I accepted his request for a date. Now, that’s a sweet story. Can’t ruin that one, no how, no way!

  10. fnfkathy says:

    I think Miss Library recognized that humor rules and good looks and muscles drool! LOL She is no dummy and certainly did not get your email so she could read your blog. Although very funny…she didn’t know that when she asked. Signed, Dear Abby

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