Sales of Easter Egg Hunting Licenses Skyrocket in Maine!

easter-eggMainers are apparently very excited about going hunting for Easter Eggs this weekend!  This Modern Philosopher has learned that City Halls and Town Offices throughout the state have been flooded with citizens looking to purchase Easter Egg Hunting licenses.

Easter Egg Hunting has always been a popular family activity in Maine, but this season, clerks cannot print out and laminate the licenses quickly enough to keep up with the demand.  In some towns, the lines stretched down several blocks and required a police presence to keep order.

hunters“It’s a combination of factors,” Sandy von Trapp, a spokeswoman for the Maine Hunting Commission, told me when I was finally able to get through to her office after trying for over an hour.  “It’s been a cold winter, but it’s supposed to be warm the next few days.  That will cause the Easter Eggs to come out of hibernation and migrate closer to the populated areas.  Also, after the horrible St. Patrick’s Day we had, people are really looking forward to celebrating Easter.  Finally, Mainers just love to hunt…give them any excuse to pick up a gun and put on some orange, and they are locked and loaded and ready to go!”

9/24/2009 10:19 AMOf course, not everyone in Maine is a fan of hunting.  Protesters from Protect Easter Eggs, People! (PEEP!) were out in force in front of the City Halls in both Bangor and Brewer today.

I spoke to Terri Pacifista, the President of the Eastern Maine Chapter of PEEP!, in downtown Bangor earlier.  “The hunting of Easter Eggs is inhumane,” she yelled to be heard over her screaming, sign waving colleagues.  “Sure, there are those who use the spoils of the hunt to make egg salad sandwiches or a nice hard boiled egg, but the ugly truth is that most Easter Eggs are hunted for their beautiful shells and the thrill of it.”

What do you think, Modern Philosophers?  Do you think it’s wrong to hunt Easter Eggs?  Have you ever felt guilty about doing so?  Have you purchased your license yet, or are you planning to be all rebellious and hunt without one?

I can’t wait to put my new license to use this weekend!


About Austin

Native New Yorker who's fled to the quiet life in Maine. I write movies, root for the Yankees, and shovel lots of snow.
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30 Responses to Sales of Easter Egg Hunting Licenses Skyrocket in Maine!

  1. Lucky Wreck says:

    Hahaa! Easter Egg Hunting Licenses. That’s so clever!!

  2. queenlorene says:

    Youre such a dork….but a clever one, Ill give you that. Thank God my kids are out of easter egg hunting. I never want to see one of those stupid easter egg dying kits for the rest of my life. Of course, we always took the low rode and used those horrible plastic egg thingys and filled them with candy. Frankly, the only egg I want to see is the Reeces kind. Reeces Eggs leave all the rest in the dust. I will even condescend to get a license and crawl under furniture to find them.

  3. cariwiese says:

    That’s awesome. Do you have to take your ID picture while wearing pastel camouflage?

    • Austin says:

      Pastel camo is optional… 🙂

      • cariwiese says:

        I think PEEP! is my favorite part. That’s crafty, what you did there. Hehe…

      • Austin says:

        I always appreciate it when someone points out one of the subtle little jokes I sprinkle in amongst the broad humor. Thanks for catching that… 😉 The other day, when I wrote about the boy who fell in the wishing well, no one noticed that the park director was Terence D’Arby. Does no one remember that Terence Trent D’Arby wrote the song “Wishing Well”???

      • cariwiese says:

        ROFL, that one, I admit, I did not catch. But this one almost had me spitting out my drink. It’s truly clever, and I love it. Although I hate Peeps. Those little bastards make my teeth decay just looking at them.

      • Austin says:

        Did you read my Monday post then about the Peeps candy lawsuit? 🙂

  4. mudlips says:

    Don’t those people at the courthouse know that you can get your concealed basket permit online in only 1 hour!

  5. GreedyFrog says:

    Here in Britain the gentry hunt Easter eggs on horseback, with packs of hunting dogs. Inhumane, if you ask me…

  6. Maggie C says:

    The other day I suggested to my daughter that we hide Easter eggs. She wanted to know, “from who?” Now I know. From the Mainers! Visiting you from Susie’s party. Great post.

    • Austin says:

      Thank you! Glad you liked it. Mainers are good people. We help yo make your eggs and your baskets and the chocolate lobsters!!! 🙂 Welcome!

  7. susielindau says:

    I’ve been illegal all this time and never got my license. I will put it on my list today…
    Thanks for bringing it to the party! Click on a few links and they should click back! Have fun and Happy Easter!

  8. Phil says:

    I better go get a license to go along with my gun license.

    Be vewwy careful, I’m hunting wabbit! Wonder if I need a Peep hunting license too?

  9. Saw you link on Susie’s blog thought I would ask if you would like to swap links? Please check out mine and get back to me thanks.

  10. Austin says:

    Reblogged this on The Return of the Modern Philosopher and commented:

    Hope you have your license. No one wants to spend Easter in jail!

  11. melfamy says:

    Bow season started on Good Friday; I bagged my limit by noon!

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