American Idol Cancels Good Friday Telecast When They Realize There Are No Good Easter Songs

American IdolFox affiliates across the country had to scramble to find two hours of prime time programming on short notice when the producers of American Idol abruptly pulled the plug on the special Easter edition of the show scheduled for Good Friday.

According to my sources at the network, Idol’s top guns panicked when they realized there weren’t enough classic Easter tunes for the Finalists to perform for two hours.  “There’s only so many times America wants to listen to ‘Here Comes Peter Cottontail’ and ‘Easter Parade’,” my source told me.

Ryan Seacrest, the popular reality show’s annoying host was especially disappointed, “I had picked out a really awesome pastel colored outfit, and had made personalized Easter baskets for all the judges.”

How will America survive this crisis, Modern Philosophers?  What other Easter songs could they have performed?  Should the judges all have worn bunny ears?

Modern Philosopher out…


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15 Responses to American Idol Cancels Good Friday Telecast When They Realize There Are No Good Easter Songs

  1. Oh man, my wife and youngest kid watch that show religiously… ha… It is always on. And so, my friend, are you.

  2. The rest of the songs would have to be hymns or gospel songs, probably. Could be interesting to hear their spin on those kinds of songs.

  3. kodonivan says:

    American Idol is still on television? I must have been living under a rock. NOT! ;

  4. Phil says:

    People really still watch this show? With Ryan Seacrest as host? I’d rather be forced to watch every episode of Jersey Shore on continuous loop.

  5. lissajuliana says:

    Who knew that Easter was such a non-musical holiday?

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