Friday Night Think Tank: Heroes Edition

FlagHappy Friday, Modern Philosophers.  It has been a long, eventful week, but thankfully, it’s over now, as is the chaos in Boston that has left us all a little on edge.

I thought I’d change things up this week by temporarily replacing the Think Tank’s iconic photo of Doc Brown with something more patriotic.  It was, after all, on Patriot’s Day that the events of this week were set into motion.

To honor the brave men and women in Boston who worked so hard to locate and capture the terrorists who shook up our world, this week’s Think Tank will focus on heroes.

This week’s topic: If you could be any superhero, who would you be?

I really generated some Deep Thoughts on this one, drilling down way beneath the surface to come up with my answer.

BatmanI’m going to pick Batman.  He’s always appealed to me because he was not blessed with superpowers.  He’s just a regular guy, who decided he wanted to put his life on the line and go out to fight crime.

I find that to be rather awesome.  Isn’t that what a hero is?  A person who is like the rest of us except that he is willing to put himself in harm’s way to help another…that’s how I define a hero.

Bruce Wayne witnessed his parents’ murder, and that set him down the path to become the cowled vigilante.  My parents weren’t killed in front of me, but I did lose them both at an early age, so I think that makes me feel a slight connection with the Caped Crusader.

The dark, brooding version of the hero that has been depicted in the movies is very cool.  He also has some awesome gadgets, a kick ass lair, and the wealth needed to properly finance his side job.

I keep going back to the fact that he’s just a regular guy, who can’t fly, turn into a giant green monster, or use a magic ring to fight his enemies.  He just has to rely on his wits, the materials his company produces, and the fighting skills he developed over the years.

Plus, I think it would be fun to mix it up with Catwoman…

So how about you, Modern Philosophers?  Who’s your go to hero?  Remember, there’s no wrong answer, so just share whatever your Deep Thoughts generate.

I’ll be down in the Bat Cave monitoring all your comments as Alfred brings them to me.

Thank you to the everyday heroes who make our lives safer on a daily basis…


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Native New Yorker who's fled to the quiet life in Maine. I write movies, root for the Yankees, and shovel lots of snow.
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47 Responses to Friday Night Think Tank: Heroes Edition

  1. I’m kinda partial to Catwoman…but not as myself! 🙂

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  3. mudlips says:

    Sadly, there’s quite a shortage of women superheroes to want to emulate unless you want a costume that’s complete with the impracticalities of high heals or ginormous breasts and cleavage revealage – not traits I admire so much in my heroes. So while I do like Superman and the Lone Ranger,rather than change gender I’d prefer to change species entirely and be Mighty Mouse. Sure, he’s a he, but he’s also a mouse and he does a lot of pretty cool things.

  4. LucyJartz says:

    I would like to be Moonshade from Elfquest. She’s loyal and tough!

  5. List of X says:

    What happened this week in Boston felt like a movie, and it’s begging to be made into one. Now, if only I could think of a screenwriter to write it…

  6. I have a Wonder Woman complex – Amazon princess with the ability to make anyone tell the truth. Gotta love her. But, the fact is, I’ve been told that I’m a ringer for Janine Garofalo, and that I’m very much like The Bowler from Mystery Men. So I’ll go with her :).

  7. stephrogers says:

    I want to slightly bend the rules here and say I’d like to be Trinity from the Matrix. Why? Because damn! That’s why!

  8. 32daisies says:

    I have to disagree with you there. Batman is way too moody for me.
    I’d go with Superman, every time. He has it all — the strength, the flying, X-ray vision. Most importantly, though, he has the Fortress of Solitude. Even the name is great. I love a superhero that knows he just has to get away from it all.

    • Austin says:

      That is your right, T, but those are the reasons I don’t choose Superman. He has all those powers, did nothing to earn them, and isn’t really at risk when he goes out to fight bad guys. There’s no challenge for him. Superman has it way too easy… 🙂

  9. SW_ysobel says:

    I pick She-ra ! Incredible strength but mostly non-violent ! And I would have He-man as a brother.

  10. My hero’s is a colleague who’s superpower is his willingness to pass on his immense knowledge and wisdom to other teachers and students in my little province in Canada. For the past 40 or so years he has donated his time and his efforts in service to others. Here I am, retiring, at the end of August this year from my 30-year stint as an educator, and I still look upon that person as a mentor. As far as I am concerned it does not get any more Super than that :>)

    • Austin says:

      Technically, he’s not a superhero, so that’s really not what I was asking, but there are no wrong answers here. Sounds like a great guy.

  11. tgeorges1123 says:

    Jean Gray for sure. Wait, no..Natasha Romanova. Except..Jean Gray. No question. But Natasha. Phoenix… Black Widow…augh! Too much deep thinking for Saturday morning! 🙂

  12. Bill Hayes says:

    Malala Yousufzai The 15-year-old Pakistani student was shot in the head at point-blank range by Taliban gunman for taking a bold and public stance in support of girls’ education. She plans to continue the fight. Now there’s a Hero and she’s not fictional.

  13. elisapompili says:

    I thought about this for awhile… can I be the pink power ranger? I don’t know much about super heroes, but from what I do know she is the only one I ever wanted to be. All she had to do was say a phrase and POOF! She got a cool new outfit and some kick-butt moves. Plus she had a super-cute boyfriend.

    (This is coming from my teenage self. The grown-up me thinks the greatest superheros in our world today are there-for-you parents/guardians and uplifting educators).

  14. filbio says:

    Iron Man for sure. He has a much better outfit, gadgets, and personality than most other superheros. Plus, he is just bad ass cool!

  15. Emily Rain says:

    yeah. batman is the real superhero.

  16. Roxie the Outlaw says:

    In light of this week’s events, it was nice to read something fun and lighthearted. Thank you.

    And to answer your question … I AM a superhero: Roxie the Outlaw. I can cut people off in traffic, leap over piles of laundry and enact selective hearing in the blink of an eye.

  17. drishism says:

    It depends on my mood. Sometimes I prefer Wolverine, and other times I prefer Spider-Man. This week I was definitely Wolverine… basically indestructible and constantly regenerating as I powered through multiple late nights (Friday until 5:30 a.m.) as I worked on my master’s thesis. I have taken some nasty falls but never broken bone… so that is also Wolverine-ish.

    Spider-Man, well… I think it would be cool to swing from building to building. And honestly, who wouldn’t find that exciting?

  18. genext13 says:

    I have always identified with Spider-Man. I like Dark Knight Batman too. The loner whose wits are his primary weapon not just his powers. Spider-Man constantly runs into bad guys who are far more powerful but through perseverance, intelligence, and ingenuity, he prevails. I had actually thought this question any times and I also considered Green Lantern because those guys are only as powerful as their willpower. And if you think about it, the same goes for Batman and Spider-Man. My choice? Spider-Man.

  19. While I agree with your assessment of Batman, as a female, I’ve got to go with Wonder Woman. Granted a wardrobe update would make her a little more relatable to a modern audience, but the plane, the lasso, the bracelets….nice!

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