Bryan Adams Confesses: “Summer of ’69 NOT the Best Days of My Life”

Bryan AdamsI finally got around to reading the latest edition of Rolling Stone, Eh? (the Canadian version of Rolling Stone) today, and really enjoyed the interview with Canadian rock legend Bryan Adams.

Adams’ classic “Summer of ’69” has always been one of my favorite tunes, so I was stunned when he revealed that he lied when he wrote the song.

“Yes, I did get my first guitar that summer at the Five and Dime, and it’s true that I played it until my fingers bled,” Adams told the magazine.  “I did start a band with some of my classmates, and we really did make an effort to get some gigs and make a name for ourselves, but things fell apart and the band broke up.  I actually did meet someone special at the drive in, and I was sure it was true love, but you know how teenage romances are.”

“It was a very exciting, action packed summer, but definitely not the best days of my life,” Adams confessed, and I could almost hear Canada gasping in unison as I continued to read the interview.  “The births of my daughters would definitely rank up there as the best days of my life.  As would signing my first record deal and playing my first sold out arena show.  Then there’s winning my Grammy, my induction into the Canadian Music Hall of Fame, and starting my charitable foundation.”

summer-of-69“The Summer of ’69 was great, but nothing that happened back then would even make the top ten list of best days of my life now.   When I look back now, that summer sure did seem to last forever, but that was all kid’s stuff.”

“Truth be told, Summer of ’69 just sounded right lyrically.  If I’m really coming clean, I should admit that my buddy Brodie bet me I couldn’t write a hit song with sixty-nine in the title.  Had to prove that hoser wrong, you know what I mean?”

This is why I renew my subscription to Rolling Stone, Eh? every year.  I just never know what gem I’m going to come across when flipping through the pages.

What do you think, Modern Philosophers?  Are you going to stop listening to that Bryan Adams classic now that you know it’s a lie?  Are you willing to forgive him because the song just rocks?  Are any of you interested in a gift subscription to Rolling Stone, Eh??

I look forward to reading your comments, but first I’m going to catch up on my latest edition of Rolling Paper (the pothead version of Rolling Stone)…




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52 Responses to Bryan Adams Confesses: “Summer of ’69 NOT the Best Days of My Life”

  1. ksbeth says:

    great, and i’m sure next you’ll tell me that 867-5309 is wrong number. i found it on the wall.

  2. iamforchange says: So many have shared so much with me and I wish to share as well please accept my nominations and if nothing else know I am grateful for your sharing on your pages with us all and the time you share with me on mine.Thank you!! 🙂 Joe

  3. Drops of Ink says:

    Cuts Like a Knife was always one of my favorites.. next thing you know you will be telling me it’s not about how sharp a knife is at all! 😉

  4. I still like it–it’s a nice yarn like “American Pie,” & “Jack & Diane.” It’s more symbolic meaning to me than literal meaning.

  5. memoirpoet says:

    We once stole a 172 from a small town airport to fly into see Bryan Adams. Another time, on my birthday, I went to a Springsteen show and got there a bit late. So I’m sitting in the press box and this guy next to me is smelling too much like whiskey and moving too much in his seat. Anyway, before the intermission, he leans over and says something, but I couldn’t understand him. Moments later he vomited all over my shoes. The lights came up, sure enough it was Bryan and later he apologize and invited me to his show two nights later. Great writer!!

  6. The Cutter says:

    If we can’t believe our Canadian pop singers, WHO CAN WE BELIEVE???

  7. lissajuliana says:

    Speaking of Canadian pop singers, now I’m wondering: did Corey Hart really wear his sunglasses at night??

  8. queenlorene says:

    As a “baby 69er”, yes I am dating myself, I have a different take on his song. I think he is under-rating an era of his life that cannot be repeated, and chronicled adolescence and all its’ hopes and dreams. He will never forget this summer, it lives forever. How many of us are able to say that of our adolescent experiences?

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  14. I always assumed he was talking about the summer he learned a “certain” position, not the actual year (Especially since he would’ve only been 10 at the time). 😉

  15. Robert Healy says:

    Just the way it should be. Getting better later and later is always better and better, i sill like “Paint It Black” by the Stones and they never really had _”…the sun blotted out from the sky!!” (Just starting out and raw) ___

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  22. Mont$ says:

    Adams has said that the song has “nothing to
    do with the year 1969” [2]. In Anthology
    1980-2005, he told journalist Dave Marsh that
    the title was simply about sex and his answer to
    Bob Seger’s “Night Moves”, one of his favourite
    songs that follows a similar theme of nostalgia
    and summer love.
    At the end of the song Adams sings the final
    lyric “…me and my baby in a ’69…” [3], which
    supports the idea that the song is based on sex.
    Jim Vallance (co-writer of the song) posted [4]
    the following at Song Facts: “…Bryan Adams is
    a great writer, a great singer, and a great friend.
    He’s entitled to his recollections as to what
    inspired the song ‘Summer of ’69’. My
    recollections just happen to be different than

    • Austin says:

      Thanks for all the cool facts about the song. You do realize this is a comedy blog, right, and this post is satirical? 🙂

      • David Gagnon says:

        First its about “sex”, Then it’s a “bet with his best buddy Brodie”, then it “just sounded good”. All these different evolving explanations for a secret song? This is all very indicative of a lie. They say its not a year but Vallance has been quoted as saying, Bryan was “playing around with year numbers” when developing the lyrics!? And how is it possible that NOBODY has ever heard of the Queensway Drive-In that was just down the same road from a future Tom Cruse at the time eh? And since when are ten or eleven year old boys so inspired with girls that they hafta run & write a song about it? Their not. I’ll tell ya what does though, a bran spankin new 1969 Raleigh Chopper that he was lying in the tall grass with waiting for the coast to clear. Since when do they have jobs for kids at R rated theaters. They don’t, Bryan was out there on another job across the street from the only convenience store for miles around .lookin for somthing to sell or trade for a guitar, thats what he was probably doing hiding out in the middle of that field of tall grass. Recently reminiscing about our second encounter after the theft where when rounding a row of townhouses I spotted him across the street with his gang. I imediatly turnd back & hid ON A NEIGHBOR’S PORCH & watched them walk by before running to get my Dad. They all disappeared in 60 seconds so he must have spotted me at the same time. No its all a big secret & there’s no mention of Bryan even living in Ottawa, Why is that do ya think?

  23. I don’t know what’s funnier – this post or its comments!! Hahaha

  24. I don’t know what’s funnier – this post or its comments!! Hahaha

    • Austin says:

      Of the fact that Buzzfeed linked an article to it citing it as a source that Bryan Adams admitted the song is secretly about sex!

    • David Gagnon says:

      Got his first real 3 speed. Ripped it across from the Mac’s Milk. Trashed it till the tires bleed. Was late summer of 70. I was younger & goin to the new school, thats why I didn’t find you then. Prince of Thieves, gona get buried. Always knew you’d never get far. Oh when I look back now & I see your old class photo. And if I could choose again, I woulda just kept on rolling. That was my 69 Chopper you stole. Ain’t no use in refraining when you catch a perp like you. Hiding behind the bush at the Queensway Drive-In & that’s when I meet you YEAH! And when I told my Dad, the bike was gonna last forever And when ya grabbed the grip, you knew it was now or never. That was the best score of your life. Oh Yeah!. Back in late summer of 70 You were young & restless & you needed to unwind but you guessed wrong that somthing couldn’t last forever, forever YEAH! And now the tunes rearranging, Wonder where that bike has gone. Sometimes when i think about that old 3 speed, think about you when the world went wrong. Leanin on its chrome kickstand, I swore that bike was gonna last forever, Oh when you grabbed the grip, you knew it was now or never. That was the best bike in the world. Oh No! Bryan with my baby from 69, Oh no!

  25. I think many people figured out a long time ago that the song was about sex. But it’s still a great song!

  26. David Gagnon says:

    In order to get a better picture of what is more likely going on with this classic double entender, you hafta go back almost 50 years to a seldom mentioned suburb, on the edge of the city too a deserted strip called Shefford Rd. In 1969 Bryan is in Texas & no where near the Queensway Drive-In Theater, The same very same place that a future Tom Cruse lived just up the road at that time. It wasnt till 1970 where Bryan upgrades from a toy too get his first real guitar & this is also the year he moves to Beacon Hill with the drive-in. The only reason I can figure that nobody figured this out is because its a secret. Back then we were base brats (born raised and transferred somewhere) with violent alcoholic military fathers suing for divorce. Thats why Bryan usta like to hide out at the drive-in. Thats also why Bryan was having trouble with the law. Bryans claim of the songs inspiration being about simultaneous oral sex doesn’t seem to hold much water & the song is generally considered about a lost childhood, a reoccurring theme in his work. So where does the 69 come from if its not about sex? Well that might have a little somthing to do with a Nottingham built 1969 Raleigh Chopper the prince of thieves swiped directly in front of said theater in the tall grass of late summer 70 or 71. Now all the pieces fall into place & you see the reason for all the hidden meanings. From his first album Sweeny Todd (theres a clue) “If Wishes Were Horses”, too his latest work where he describes a 69 Buick, theres no reason to think it would be anything other than a super collectible 69 Chopper that I’m sure got his juices flowing & left a lasting impression on him.

    • David Gagnon says:

      Bry Confesses? Truth be told? Oh, so now “IF” he’s coming clean, he should really admit his best buddy Brodie bet Bry to 69? Rule #3: Get a witness, Thing Bry forgot is you need your alibi before, not after ppl have been asking incessantly about it for decades. Funny thing is if this were not a unrecovered ghost bike, first of millions prototype of a highly collected bicycle, then I would definitely not even bother pursuing it. Going over Bryan’s Catalog with a new prospective it appears that he has developed some sort of a guilt complex. Wonder what coming clean would do for his future & past work? The lyrics ” Standing on your mama’s porch, you told me you would wait forever”. strikes a cord with the second encounter I had with Bryan. I spotted him again coming around the corner of our row of townhouses. He was on the other side of the street walking with a group of five or six other boys his age & coming from the direction of the river. I immediately turned back & went back around the corner. This is when I hid on a neighbors recessed porch to watch them walk by. I remember running to the corner of the other row of houses & watched as they stopped at the swings in the park. Then I ran to get my Dad cause Bryan is a couple years older than me but by the time we walked to the road, they had magically vanished without a trace. Must have spotted me when I spotted him & I should have continued walking around the corner instead of turning back. So there’s your chased, always on the run, cant catch me, perpetually persecuted, bad boy Bryan. These watershed events represent Bryan’s last few days as a innocent kid before callused fingers & adopting the accustomed role of a rock star

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