Seeking Shelter In The Shadow Of Gargoyle Wings

RoofToday was one of those days, Modern Philosopher, that I hope to quickly forget.  It started early with a grumbly stomach after a night of restless, nightmare plagued sleep.

When the work day ended, I fled back to The House on the Hill, a bag of Chinese food clutched tightly to my chest as if I feared there would be a heist and my much needed comfort food would be the object of the boost.

There was only one place I could go tonight…up on the roof.

Despite the rain, I had to be up closer to the stars, with the roof under me rather than over my head.  I needed to believe, no matter how ridiculous it seemed as I struggled with my troubles, that the sky truly was my limit.

“I expected you sooner, my friend,” Gary the Gargoyle’s gravelly voice cut through the rainy night as way of greeting.  “I couldn’t help but overhear your phone call last night.  I wanted to go down and comfort you, but it sounded like you needed to be alone with your…thoughts.”

Gargoyle nightGary’s hesitation was his polite way of acknowledging that he hadn’t wanted to embarrass me by walking in on me crying into my toga.  Gargoyles have extremely sensitive hearing, so I can’t breathe in the house without Gary knowing.

He spread his wings to shelter me from the rain, and I sat down on the roof to eat.

With an unspoken agreement, it was decided that no more would be said about the source of my woes.  By merely acknowledging the call, Gary had made it clear that he understood why I was upset, and that he was there for me however I needed him.

As usual, most of our time together was spent in silence.  There is something incredibly comforting about having a menacing Gargoyle standing guard behind me.  He is a stone wall that cannot be moved, yet he’s also agile enough to fly me off to safety in the blink of an eye should a threat ever escalate to that point.

“The sky is beautiful tonight,” Gary finally volunteered to break the silence when his ears picked up on my labored breathing as my personal black clouds returned.  “The rain has a way of coaxing out the colors in the sunset.”

House on HillHe was right, of course.  My position on the roof of The House on the Hill offered me a perfect view of the setting sun.  In my mind that never settled down, thoughts ranging from “At least this means this horrible day is over” to “I hope this doesn’t mean the sun is going down on a time I never want to end” collided into one another and then bounced off only to slam into the constant mental playback of last night’s phone call.

I finally pulled myself away from my ever addictive thought process to ask Gary to take me higher.  “I can cover 1,400 miles in only a couple of hours,” he offered because he knew where my thoughts were.

There was just no way I could possibly allow myself to physically go where my heart and mind already dared.  I smiled at the offer and instead asked him to take me down the block so I could watch the raindrops dance upon the Penobscot River.

Of course, once a Gargoyle is in the sky, only he controls the flight plan.  Before I knew it, we were flying over a very familiar cul-de-sac off Stillwater Ave.  The tears rolled down my cheeks, and when they hit Gary’s back, I hoped he assumed they were merely raindrops.

interlocking finers“Sometimes when I miss someone, I go back to the place where the memories are the strongest,” he explained softly as he soared slowly over the road where many a romantic walk had taken place.  I cried harder as the term “interlocking fingers” danced on my brain.

“I am envious of your imagination,” Gary confessed as we made another pass over the road where love used to grow roots and blossom for eight hours every Monday through Friday.  “I would guess that you could conjure up memories and images so real that it would be like a certain someone was always right there where you needed her to be.”

I just closed my eyes and proved him to be correct.  I didn’t even realize we were back on the roof of The House on the Hill until Gary nudged me out of my mind.  “I felt as if I were carrying two people the entire flight home.”

In fact he had been.  As his powerful wings carried me safely home, I was lost in the big, beautiful brown eyes that I missed so much…

About Austin

Native New Yorker who's fled to the quiet life in Maine. I write movies, root for the Yankees, and shovel lots of snow.
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13 Responses to Seeking Shelter In The Shadow Of Gargoyle Wings

  1. grannyK says:

    So sad…I hope you can at least sleep tonight and get a little break from the broken heart.

  2. ksbeth says:

    i’m sorry, a broken heart is a very hard thing to live with and to carry around and it does not even give you a break in the sleep department. it will get lighter..

  3. niaaeryn says:

    Hope the evening goes better. Sorry to hear it, but awesome gargoyle.

  4. Catherine Johnson says:

    That was heartbreaking, Austin. I hope you sleep better soon.

  5. Aww! *wipes tear from eye*. A lovely tale about long-distant love (and a gorgoyle called Gary!) 🙂 thanks for sharing

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