Storage Wars Crew Discovers Hannibal Lecter’s Summer Storage Unit

HannibalA&E wasn’t sure how it was going to promote its latest spinoff of the popular Storage Wars franchise, this one set in Maine, but the producers had a hunch that inspiration would hit them.

Today, inspiration smashed them across the face with a 2×4, and then served them a fine Chianti to dull the pain.

Twin City Storage, located on Castle Rock Road in Bangor, is just one of several storage facilities in the city that is also the home of Maine’s most famous resident, Stephen King.

“We decided to shoot our first episode here because Twin City has a nice layout, there’s plenty of room for our crew to move around, and the owner was extremely excited to accommodate us,” Storage Wars Maine producer Claire Randall explained to this Modern Philosopher.  “We’d also heard a rumor that Stephen King used to store stuff there, so we were hoping to come across one of his old units.”

lambs storageIt looks like the crew stumbled upon something even better.  According to Randall, one of the very first units they came across looked like a winner.  There was a car inside, although the make and model was hidden by the American flag draped over it.

“There were so many boxes,” the producer told me as she walked me through the discovery.  “It was one of the largest units on the property, so our bidders were excited to see what was inside.  That’s why we started there first.  As soon as the door went up, all the eyes were drawn to that car.”

Bidding was fast and furious.  The price for the unit went so high that Randall was relieved they’d gone with this one first.  “If we had saved it for last, some of the parties would’ve been out of or low on cash,” she explained.  “But because we started with the Car Unit, as everyone was calling it, everyone was flush.”

storage-wars1Of course, Randall won’t divulge the amount of the winning bid or who got the locker.  “You’ll have to watch the show,” she quipped with a smile.  The real excitement came once the bidding was over and the winner went back to check out the unit.

“We always assign a camera crew to stick with each of the contestants as they do that initial sorting, but in this case, the entire production staff stuck around to see what treasures were inside the Car Unit.”

It’s a little know fact that Dr. Hannibal Lecter used to summer in Maine.  The Tourism Board doesn’t promote the fact that an infamous serial killer not only used to rent a house in Old Orchard Beach, but he also used to work at Eastern Maine Medical Center and The Dorothy Dix Psychiatric Hospital during those summer visits.

cook booksWhen Dr. Lecter was working at the Bangor hospitals, he’d rent an apartment in town.  Usually, it was someplace small and close to work.  He’d keep most of his belongings in storage and then pick and choose what he wanted for the apartment.  At the end of the summer, he’d put everything into storage because he knew he would return to Maine the following summer.

“I’m not going to give away what we found, but I’ll give a few teasers,” Randall told me with a playful smile as we looked around the now vacant unit.  “There were several boxes of cook books stacked up to the ceiling along that wall.  We also found a lot of artwork, mostly sketches.  All were signed H. Lecter.”

Silence mothThis piece on the left was Randall’s favorite.  She bought it off the winning bidder on the day of filming.  “Her inability to speak, just speaks to me,” she said as she stared at the haunting piece of art, which she intends to hang over her desk in the production office.

So how did they know for certain it was Dr. Lecter’s unit?  “After we found his name on the artwork and inside the covers of every book, we asked the owner to dig through the old records to find out who rented the space.  Sure enough, it was Dr. Hannibal Lecter.  They even had a copy of his driver’s license on file.”

In case you’re wondering, Modern Philosophers, why Dr. Lecter never came back to claim his belongings, I suggest you watch the famous movies based on his life.  I don’t want to ruin the ending for anyone who hasn’t seen the flick or read the books, but let’s just say that the good doctor ended up with a living arrangement that prevented him from ever again returning to Maine.

Storage Wars Maine airs on Mondays at 10:30pm on A&E beginning September 16…

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8 Responses to Storage Wars Crew Discovers Hannibal Lecter’s Summer Storage Unit

  1. THIS…was funny. And creepy. Hannibal was creepy. And brilliant. And such an inspiration. Ha. Good job.

  2. ksbeth says:

    i agree, equal measures of creep and humor )

  3. Renchick says:

    hehehe…equal amounts of creep and humor = creeper humor 😉

  4. GiggleFire says:

    How do u find a storage unit filled with a fictional murderer who never existed… so misleading lmao

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