Movies With Benefits: How Watching A Flick Got Me To Go Running

FWB couchI need to thank Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake for pushing me out the door of The House on the Hill to go for a run this afternoon.  I assume they both read this blog, so this is probably the best way to express that gratitude.

I was being a total couch philosopher, much like Mila and Justin in this photo from the flick I was watching at the time, Friends With Benefits, when the message was received that I needed to go for a run.  But let’s rewind a little…

The day did not start off well.  I woke up early because I was obsessed with catching the mailman.  He always comes early on Saturdays, so even though I was still very much asleep, I trudged out to the mailbox in my Sleeping Toga to deposit the very important item I needed to go out in today’s mail.  

I couldn’t get back to sleep when I returned, so I wrote for a while.  Then I fell asleep for several hours and didn’t feel much like running when I got out of bed close to noon.  I was also in a horrible mood, missing a certain someone more than usual, and days like that are usually spent with me keeping my distance from the outside world.

MilaWhen I miss The Girl Who Is My Heart’s Leading Lady, I watch romantic comedies.  I usually hold off until night, but I was in crisis so I went to the DVR at 2pm.  Not a good sign.  Friends With Benefits was waiting to be watched, so I hit “play”.

The Girl Who Looks Like A Movie Star reminds me of Mila Kunis.  They are both breathtakingly gorgeous and have long brunette hair and big beautiful eyes. 

So, watching the flick and Mila put me at ease a bit.  I was able to convince my very stressed mind that it was kinda sorta like having The Girl snuggled up with me on the couch like she’s supposed to be.

It ended up being a very enjoyable movie.  While it was as predictable as any romantic comedy, it did have its moments, and I bought into the chemistry and the banter between the leads.  There were a few situations that reminded me of real life happenings in our relationship, so I’m sure that made me like the flick more.

FWB kissAt some point, though, the message came through loud and clear that happiness wasn’t going to find me if I spent Saturdays hiding out at The House on the Hill.  The Milas of the world weren’t going to wander into my life unless they were breaking into my home, and that’s not the kind of “meet cute” I need at this point in my life.

I also realized that The Girl Who Used To Run With Me didn’t fall in love with a couch potato who sat home and felt sorry for himself.  She loved The Boy Who Got Up And Ran.  So as soon as the movie was over, I put on my Running Toga and hit the streets.

I have to admit, it’s a lot easier to run when your mind is distracted with thoughts of how much your Sweetheart looks like a certain movie star.  The mental side by side comparisons were enough to kick my body into a higher gear.  I covered the 3 miles a heck of a lot faster than I expected.

runner-duskI know almost all the credit here is going to The Girl Who Revs My Engine and the lovely Miss Mila Kunis, but I’m sure Justin Timberlake inspired me as well.  JT isn’t the kind of guy who needs a blog shout out to feel good about himself, though.  I can just sense that.

What I learned today is that it never really is too early to watch a romantic comedy, and it’s never too late to go out for a run.

If you are going to put the movie ahead of the run, I advise you to make sure the flick stars someone who reminds you of the person who speeds up your heart.

That sort of thing comes in handy when you’re out on the road…

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Native New Yorker who's fled to the quiet life in Maine. I write movies, root for the Yankees, and shovel lots of snow.
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17 Responses to Movies With Benefits: How Watching A Flick Got Me To Go Running

  1. First on twitter, now I find you & FWB in my reader too. You win, I’ll watch the romcom and I’ll love it.

  2. Ashana M says:

    People were running today at noon when I went for my walk to make sure I get some Vitamin D. (Really, that is the only sensible reason to be outside at noon on a day when it’s about 100 degrees.) I thought they must be tough as nails. Or crazy. You pick.

  3. 1wanderingtruthseeker says:

    I tell my sister that. They don’t stop by your recliner.

  4. Lenanoid says:

    Mina is stunningly beautiful and I’ve watched the movie too 🙂

  5. prajaktamore says:

    Yeah it is funny how certain movies stimulate a totally random reaction. Like when I watched the movie Great Gatsby and wanted to sulk and not see people for days together.

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