The Walking Dead To Film Live Episode In Maine

The Walking Dead To Film Live Episode In Maine | The Return of the Modern PhilosopherAMC Studios, in a joint statement with the Maine Department of Film and Television Production, today announced that “The Walking Dead” will film a live episode in Maine next month.

The live episode, entitled “Snow Falling on Zombies”, will be a first for the blockbuster show about life after a Zombie Apocalypse.

“Our actors have been longing for a challenge,” AMC spokesperson Robin Romero explained to this Modern Philosopher.  “Going live was the answer.  Maine’s woods are a perfect stand in for the forests that surround the prison on the show, and we’ll save both money and time by not having to hire extras and get them into Zombie make up.”

AMC explained that this special episode would take place entirely in the woods, and focus on a small group that gets lost during a snowstorm, and must fight both the elements and the Walkers to make it back to the prison.

rick and darylThere is no official word yet on which characters will make the trip to Maine, but since Andrew Lincoln (Rick Grimes) and Norman Reedus (Daryl Dixon) were both present for the announcement, this Modern Philosopher assumes it will be a Rick and Daryl heavy episode.

“I am over the moon at the idea of doing an episode of live television,” Lincoln admitted after the big announcement.  “While I love doing the show, it can become quite monotonous after a time.  The rush of doing a live broadcast with real Zombies coming at me…now that is every actor’s dream.  I just hope I don’t become so giddy that I muddle it all up by falling back into my British accent.”

As for those live Zombies, AMC plans to film in the North Woods where the Zombie population is not as dense and can be easily controlled by Maine Zombie Hunters and Maine Zombie Census Bureau Agents, who will always be just off camera to ensure that the actors are never in danger.

Zombies“This is huge news for film and television production in Maine,” Nancy Kovacs, a Governor LePage spokesperson told this Modern Philosopher.  “When a hit show like ‘The Walking Dead’ is willing to shoot here, that’s going to get the attention of other production companies.  AMC loved the incentives we were able to offer, a big one of which was the live Zombies we could provide to the production.”

“I am {bleeped} stoked about coming up here to not only do the show live, but to also kill real {bleeped} Zombies,” Norman Reedus, aka fan favorite Daryl Dixon told me excitedly.  “You can bet your sweet {bleeped} that I’ll be spending a ton of time working on my crossbow skills between now and when we return to film.  This is why I became an actor!”

AMC and the State of Maine will to do their best to keep the exact location of the shoot a secret, but it’s going to be impossible to keep the date from anyone with access to an episode guide.  Mainers are asked to be respectful, to keep in mind that it will be a live shoot, and to remember that Zombies will be in the area and it’s likely that the lights and noise of the production might attract a large herd.  As a result, anyone who does come to watch should make sure they are properly armed.

MaggieI am a big fan of the show, so I am thrilled with the news, and am looking forward to being on set.  I’m going to lock my press pass in a safe and maybe even post guards to make sure no one takes that.

I hope that Maggie is written into the episode because she is my favorite character, and I think Lauren Cohan is a wonderful actress.  If she does come to Maine, I will try to snag her for an interview.

“The Walking Dead” airs Sunday nights at 9:00 on AMC.  For more details on the live episode, you can visit the show’s official site on

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Native New Yorker who's fled to the quiet life in Maine. I write movies, root for the Yankees, and shovel lots of snow.
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175 Responses to The Walking Dead To Film Live Episode In Maine

  1. Until I read the part about filming in the North Woods, I thought you meant that AMC would be filming the Zombies of Portland.

    Or the State House.

    I’m glad I got that clarified.

    One more thing…poor Millinocket.

  2. Don’t tell Mainers to come armed… because we will.

  3. This would have actually worked as being legit had they not already said production was wrapping up this coming Friday.

  4. isaac timberlake says:

    Lived in Maine all my life. Be cool to be a extra if they needed one…

  5. Amanda says:

    Um, Ok, I didn’t know We had REAL ZOMBIES here in Maine…. I guess i am sheltered :-/ I am in Central Maine…So we got Crack whores on Lisbon Street lol… I guess you could say they are Zombies though because of the way they look.. Thank God i don’t live in the Dirty Lew though…

  6. So awesome!!!! I wonder if they will have open auditions for some zombie parts for Mainers 😉

  7. S.F. says:

    Austin, my brother-in-law believed the Survivor story. It was hysterical as he kept reading portions to us at a family gathering.

  8. Shilyn says:

    I want to be in it….

  9. Heidi says:

    HOLY CRAP!! Walking Dead in Maine?!?! I’m so excited, will be traveling to see this. I can be a zombie hunter turned walker….YAY!

  10. Kirsten Tenney says:

    I say shoot in HANCOCK COUNTY woods!!!!

  11. Patricia Horvers says:

    I am so excited about this, MY FAVORITE SHOW!!! We would love to see you here. Can’t wait! Keep us posted…GREAT IDEA!!!!

  12. Lee Ames says:

    Any Chance of having a special guest star who has written some scary stories that take place in Maine? Hey Ho! I do understand that it is being filmed in Maine but the story still takes place in Ga. But I think it would be kool to have someone like Stephen King in an episode of TWD.

  13. Andrew says:

    They should film it at the old Loring Airforce base in Limestone. It’s creepy as it is, through in some living dead zombies and perfect

  14. Sandy maskell says:

    Were in maine i would love to be there iam die hard fan i watch your show and never miss a show i wish i can be a zombie and be in the show

  15. Tyler says:

    Why do they make it sound like the zombies are real..?

  16. Pat says:

    Is there really going to be live, real zombies? I do have plenty of firepower I’d gladly bring to kill them.

  17. Michel says:

    They should film the show in my hometown of Lewiston. That entire town has symbolized the ‘Walking dead’ since circa 1975…

  18. Joshua Valeriani says:

    Omg omg I live in Maine. I am obsessed with Zombies!! I love this show. If u ever need any extras it would be my dream to play any part of any kind. An if anyone of the cast wants any tattoos while there here. Let me know. Creative Arts Tattooing in Naples Me. it’s My Familia`s shop. I’ll hook it up Norman Reedus can get anything for free he rocks!

  19. Grudgejude says:

    I was so excited …..for a second.

  20. You’ve managed to excite people, and then kill their dreams dead, not undead, once they find out it’s a haux. Meany.

  21. MainerChick says:

    Austin, it’s great to see your post shared on FB by a friend. You know you really hit it big when that happens randomly. LOL 🙂 I was getting ready to share it when I was like *DUH* I know that blog. 😀 I know so many people who LOVE the show that I’m surprised it hasn’t made it all over my news feed yet.

  22. Rebecca Gorfin says:

    Awesome idea! Better make sure real hunting season is over before the shoot 😉

  23. Sherry Dodge says:

    we have 80plus acres in the woods in waldo maine it would be great for this just saying

  24. Rob Labbe says:

    Looking forward to sharing the Maine woods !!! Welcome to my home 😀

  25. Darlene says:

    Wow. Austin you’re an attention whore.

  26. Returning Mainer says:

    The town of Monmouth has a village called Purgatory. Now that would be perfect.

  27. Eric Hardy says:

    Zombies of the Portsmouth naval shipyard Kittery Maine would be cool to :). power from nuke subs and is a vary definable island from the walkers just hope the govern does not find it first

  28. katie says:

    I live in a very small town called Calais Maine..there is alot of forrest here where you guys can film!! The people that live here are quiet and respectful too! Think you should at least check our town out…Canada is less than a minute from us:)

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  30. Alisha Williams says:

    I want to be a zombie extra!

  31. Oreo says:

    Are these real zombies?

  32. Deirdre says:

    What’s your beef with Maine, seriously?
    Just curious why Maine is your choice to write “satire” about? I was so excited when I initially heard, I could barely read the piece, hence my initial inability to sniff out the bullshit of it all. Thanks for taking my monday from an 11 to a 1 rather quickly!

    • Austin says:

      I live in Maine and love it here. I wrote the blog daily and often talk about Zombies and various Otherworldly Beings living here. If wasn’t a knock on Maine, but rather, a tip of the hat to how Magical it is. Sorry you took it differently.

      • Deirdre H. says:

        It’s all good. Any place that talks about Zombies is cool with me. It was just teasing me with the thought that Daryl Dixon would be in the great State of Maine before I had coffee was just sad is all!

      • Austin says:

        I’m hoping that after all the hoopla, the folks from The Walking Dead visit their rabid fan base in Maine. Wouldn’t that be cool? 🙂

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  34. Jennifer says:

    I live in Maine and thought this was really funny and, obviously, a satire. Including a “comment” from the Governor’s spokesman was a nice touch. Congrats on all the hits and keep up the good work.

    • Austin says:

      Thanks, Jennifer. That was the spirit in which it was written! I did name the spokesperson Romero as a little nod to a great Zombie movie director, but no one even mentioned that…

  35. LucyJartz says:

    Think I should move next door to Tim Robitaille in the Turner Triangle, with the Turner Beast, Luckeroo, Bigfoot, and Goat man; it sounds like inspiration for a blockbuster post.

  36. karen turcotte says:

    Snow Falls!!!!

  37. well I live in Sa bat ass and we could some bat ass zombies here…..and I have plenty of open space with plenty of woods circling around me best of both worlds …can see them coming or can hide…..its awesome…bout time someone else puts Maine on the map besides
    Stephen ….ahmm whats his name oh yeah …ahmm yeah I cant remember his name…..I see l
    Lepage had to stick his two cents in….god he’s embarrassing …I hope he doesn’t show up and make us all look bad like he normally does..someone please keep Lepage away from the shoot he will ruin it for all of us…can they soot this after the election?

  38. Arik elwell says:

    My pet zombie would love to be an extra on the show…
    As long as he doesn’t die… Again.
    I just taught him how to use a fork when he eats the neighbors. 😛

  39. Eric Wallace says:

    Having worked in television, the wording is wrong. You don’t film a live episode, you broadcast a live episode

  40. joanne blake says:

    there once was a man said he came from austrailer spelled wrong looked like u yrs ago i put him up for a few days i no wasnt u but just saying looked like u in the woods here in benton maine empire falls was filmed in wtvl maine 20 minutes from me a few friends was in it

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  42. AdrianStone says:

    Love it. And the number of shares that have hit facebook is a riot. Of course the funniest part is the number of people who are already lining up their friends to crash the filming. Good thing you didn’t “leak” the location or time. People would be crowding the woods and then the real zombies would have a feast.

    • Austin says:

      I’m glad you enjoyed it. It’s just the kind of thing I write every day on this blog. Thrilled it found a much larger audience, but could do without the nasty emails….

    • Returning Mainer says:

      Austin, please pay no attention to nasty emails. You know what they say, “Everyone’s a critic.” I thought it was such a funny blog to read,a welcome change from all the politicians and political pundits on the air and bandwidths. They’re the real Zombies, sucking all the air out of a room. Remember what Orson Wells went through with “War of the Worlds”. This was tons of fun.

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  45. JED says:

    Wanted to say I thought this was great. I watch this show every week and your take on a possible episode in Maine was great. Keep it up. Hope you don’t mind I used your story of views in my recent post and created the pingbacks.

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  47. Anthony Cole says:

    Wait, people live in Maine?

  48. robrhoades69 says:

    Thanks for the laugh and for the people who made me laugh more because they did not get it!

  49. Adriana Greenlaw says:

    Is this true cause’ if it true I’m gonna make my dad take me there to watch it live I really like the walking dead it is the only thing that I would watch and if there is no walking dead on i always watch the old episodes of it that is how much I like the walking dead.

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