I Made My Late Night TV Writing Debut Last Night!

Writer at nightBig writing news from The House on the Hill today, Modern Philosophers!

Do you remember my telling you that I had been asked to try my hand at writing monologue jokes for “The Nite Show with Danny Cashman”, Maine’s very own late night talk show?  This was the show that was kind enough to have me on as a guest to promote my movie, “The Retirement Party”.

I was disappointed after none of my jokes made the cut for last week’s show, but I knew I had written jokes for this week’s show, so I stayed positive.

Well, the first thing I did this morning was watch last night’s edition of “The Nite Show”.  I was very nervous, and prepared for another letdown (I know I’m the new guy and I have to pay my dues), but I was also incredibly excited.

Danny eased my mind immediately because the very first joke in his monologue was one written by your favorite Modern Philosopher!  Yes, I was a total geek and hit the rewind button on the DVR so I could watch the joke again.  What can I say?  It was my late night TV talk show writing debut!

Nite ShowIronically, the joke was about that “12 Days of Christmas” song that I’d ranted about on the blog yesterday.  The joke also made fun of the Obamacare website, so I’m sure I’m on the White House Naughty List now!

I told Danny that if he used my jokes, I would mention it on my blog, and urge my loyal followers to check out the show’s Facebook page and Twitter.  So what do you guys think?  Do you feel like giving a shout out to The Nite Show on Facebook or Twitter?  Maybe you can even mention that I sent you and they should use more of my writing (nudge, nudge, wink wink!).

The Facebook page is: Nite Show Maine and the Twitter address is @TheNiteShowME.  Send Danny a little love, and make sure to tell him Austin sent you.

Don’t worry, Modern Philosophers, my other writing commitments would never prevent me from writing this blog.  I love making you guys laugh!  Thanks for letting me boast a little.  Hope you have a wonderful Sunday!

About Austin

Native New Yorker who's fled to the quiet life in Maine. I write movies, root for the Yankees, and shovel lots of snow.
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42 Responses to I Made My Late Night TV Writing Debut Last Night!

  1. Way to go! So happy for you.

    Can only imagine how you must feel (aside from what you’ve written here).

  2. Ned's Blog says:

    That’s very cool, Austin! It must be surreal and interesting to hear someone else’s delivery of your jokes. Kind of like when I hear one of my kids tell a joke I heard in middle school… 😉

    • Austin says:

      It was funny, but I even wrote the joke with notes to pause for audience response. From writing screenplays, I’ve gotten so used to putting on the page exactly how I see something unfold on the screen…

      • Ned's Blog says:

        I can understand that. When it comes to fiction anyway, I’m a visual writer too; I see it like a film. For columns, it’s all auditory — like listening to stand-up. I’m just glad he didn’t read “Pause for laughter here” along with the jokes.

        Although, that could be funny too!

      • Austin says:

        A few producers have told me I’d make a good director because my scripts are so visual and the screen direction so clear. I just don’t know if I’d have the balls to get behind the camera…

      • Ned's Blog says:

        As long as you have a vision and the desire to see it realized, you’ll have the balls, Austin 😉

      • Austin says:

        That sounds like a Modern Philosopher’s way of seeing this. I have taught you well… 😉

  3. So…Fearless Leader, the Modern Philosopher and the ObamaCare Web Site Tech walk into a bar….

  4. good2begone says:

    Kudos! Hopefully many more monologues to come your way!

  5. ginjuh says:

    That’s terrific!

  6. ksbeth says:

    yay, this is big and i am so happy for you. hope you still act like you ‘know me’ when you hit the big time.

  7. tric says:

    Well done. You know what I really like about you. It’s not your humor or writing per se, but the glimpse I get of you. You are so resilient and I really admire that about you. I remember you writing that by entering your scripts you were buying a ticket to a potential lottery prize. Now your jokes are initially rejected and you come back for more. This is what will make you great. Well done you.
    Next year I will try to be as resilient.
    Ps I also enjoy reading otherwise I wouldn’t be here.

  8. That’s awesome! I hope you get the chance to get your jokes in again. I’d love to know what the actual joke was if you remember it.

  9. List of X says:

    Don’t worry about the White House Naughty list. Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE made fun of the Obamacare website (Including me, of course). Obama administration would have to open up national parks for mining to give coals to everyone.

  10. The Hook says:

    Sky’s the limit, buddy!
    Just don’t forget the little bellmen when you get to the top, all right?

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