Cousin Ed is Dead in the Egg Nog

From the Archives, here’s the Christmas Carol I wrote for a class back at NYU. Merry Christmas!

The Return of the Modern Philosopher

Christmas tree with presents and fireplace with stockingsI wrote a Christmas song once for a class at NYU, and for some reason, that monstrosity popped into my head today (maybe it was the cold medicine I’ve been taking!).  Thought it was exactly the kind of thing to share on my blog.

Creative Writing was a required class my freshman year, and one of the assignments was to review an album.  Wanting to really impress the teacher (I did want to grow up to be a writer after all!), I wrote a bunch of short songs, recorded them in the hallway of my dorm with my roommate who was a guitar player, and then reviewed the finished product for class.  For some reason, I chose to call the band White Aardvark and name the “album” It’s Time to Eat the Monkey.

Not only did I get an A+ on the paper, but the teacher also asked if he…

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