Scrabble To Adopt “Samuel L. Jackson Rules” In Attempt To Increase Sales

SMJHasbro today announced an exciting change to the rules of its popular Scrabble game, which it hopes will boost sales and make game play much more exciting.

The change, which the game maker is referring to as “Samuel L. Jackson Rules”, finally allows for players to make curse words with their tiles.  The catch being that swear words are only worth half the value of non-curse words.

As a movie fan, Sam Jackson fan, Scrabble fan, and cursing fan, I’m very excited about this announcement, Modern Philosophers.  Here’s what Hasbro had to say…

“We are thrilled to announce the first major change to Scrabble rules in over a decade,” Hasbro spokesperson Julia Winfield told this Modern Philosopher.  “We’ve heard of variations of the game were swear words were allowed, and we thought it would be hip and exciting to make it official.”

cursesSo why are swear words only worth half the value of regular words, Julia?

“Well, we didn’t want to set a bad example for our young players,” she explained with a smile.  “Scrabble is a great way for children to build their vocabularies, and we’d rather they didn’t pick up too many curse words via our game.  To be honest, we were hoping this bluer version of the rules would appeal to college kids and adults, demographics that have abandoned the board game for computerized versions.  We’d really like to make Scrabble a regular part of Game Night again, and we thought this change would make it cool to bust out the game board and tiles again.”

Winfield confirmed that the online versions of the game, including the popular Words With Friends, would not allow curse words as part of game play.

sam patchHow did Scrabble get Samuel L. Jackson, the American film icon with a tendency to drop F bombs in his flicks like he was carpet bombing enemy territory at wartime, to lend his name to this rule variation?

Miss Winfield, who insisted I refer to her as Jules, stammered a bit before answering.  “Mr. Jackson isn’t in any way officially associated with Scrabble or a paid endorser of the product,” she finally admitted.  “We just heard he loved the game, encouraged the use of swear words, and a friend of a friend of a friend ran it by his agent, who didn’t tell us that we couldn’t use this name on the rule change.  Essentially, we’re naming it after him because we’re all huge fans of his work, and are praying that he is honored and cool with it.”

Well played, Jules.  Well played.  What better way to make an aging game seem hip again that by associating it with the coolest, baddest, mother!@#$%^ out there?  I see what you’re doing, and I applaud you for it.  I wonder what Sam thinks of all this…

scrabble“@#$% yeah, I’m honored to have my name on this rule change,” he exclaimed.  “But what the @#$% were they thinking saying curse words are only worth half the $%^&*( points?  That’s !@##$%^&, man.  !@##$% !@#$%^& !@##$%^&.  If you’re going to make the bold move, and it is a bold @#$%^&* move.  Then don’t do it half @$$%^.  Just go for it.  Put your #$%%^ to the wall and just do it.  Don’t be a !@#$%^&*() #$%^& about it.  You know?  Live a little.  Seize the #$%^&*( day, my man.  @#$%!!!”

I had a little trouble with the math, Modern Philosophers, but I believe the Scrabble point total for all the curse words in Sam’s rant, under the Samuel L. Jackson Rules, came to 1,153.  Even at half the value, that is still an awesome score and would win any game of Scrabble I’ve ever played.

So what do you think, Modern Philosophers?  Are you fans of this rule change?  Do you think curse words have a place on the Scrabble board?  And if so, should they only be worth half as much as non-curse words?

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21 Responses to Scrabble To Adopt “Samuel L. Jackson Rules” In Attempt To Increase Sales

  1. floridaborne says:

    My favorite board game. No one I play scrabble with cares about that rule anyway when it comes to the milder versions. 🙂

    • Austin says:

      So you just play with any rules you want?

      • floridaborne says:

        FloridaBorne Scrabble Rules:
        1. If you take longer than 4 minutes to make a play, I’m going to complain.
        2. You’re free to look up words in the scrabble book and on the tattered sheets of 2 and 3 letter words printed from the Internet.
        3. If you want to play cutthroat scrabble, go someplace else. I play for fun, not to create more stress in my life.
        4. You don’t have to turn the board around for me. It’s distracting. I can read it upside down as well as right side up.

        That’s about it for the rules.

      • Austin says:

        Sounds like fun! I love playing Scrabble. Have the deluxe edition here…

  2. markbialczak says:

    I’m all for exciting new variations, Austin. But for the love of me, I cannot come up with swear words that use the coveted ‘x’ and ‘z’ tiles.

  3. Well, it’s about #@$@#*ing time!!

  4. ksbeth says:

    i love scrabble, curse words and slj too. i say we should get full points for them, because they are such strong and dramatic words, the only thing to say in certain situations. love slj’s curse-riddled interview.

  5. Marneymae says:

    personally, i think curse words with four syllables should be a triple word score…

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