Jump Start Your Brain: Nightmares

JumpstartGood morning, Modern Philosophers.  Happy Saturday!

I did not sleep well last night.  I’ve been having some really crazy nightmares lately.  Earlier in the week I had the recurring “creepy, faceless stranger standing in the room watching me sleep” nightmare, and I woke up from that one sitting up in bed with the lights on.  The dream seemed incredibly real, so I’m starting to think there is an evil Ghost haunting The House on the Hill.

Because of last night’s horror movies in my head, my brain is in a fog.  Time to jump start it by hooking it up to 1000 volts of Deep Thoughts.  Anyone else need a jump?

What is my subconscious mind trying to tell me with these nightmares?  Is it trying to deliver a warning?  Does it want me to believe there really is someone in the house who watches me sleep?  Is it saying I need to put up security cameras?  Should I hire a rent-a-cop to patrol The House on the Hill at night?  If I hire a security guard, won’t I just be paying a stranger to watch me sleep, thereby making the nightmares a reality?

What about some of these other dreams I’ve been having?  Why am I constantly visiting my childhood home?  Why am I being haunted by conversations with my long deceased father, who I miss very much?  Why does my Evil Step Mom always have to pop up to ruin those tender dream moments?

How is it that I always seem to get lost on the NYC subway in my nightmares?  I rode it for years without ever getting lost, so what is that all about?  Why would I be riding the subway all alone so late at night?  Since when did I become a stupid tourist?

Why am I never prepared for tests in my nightmares?  That never happened in real life, so why am I the worst student in Nightmare College?  Do I not study in my nightmares because the creepy, faceless figure who watches me sleep is keeping me from getting a restful eight hours of snooze time?  Why would I be taking college courses that had so many exams?  Doesn’t my subconscious remember that I was a Film major?

Why do I often write for popular TV shows, or find myself going to the opening of movies based on my screenplays in my dreams?  While they might not seem like nightmares at the time, aren’t they the worst possible kind of dreams when I wake up to discover my writing success was only in my head?  Why is my mind torturing me like this?

Why don’t I dream more often about the one person in the world who I want to visit my dreams?  Why is my subconscious depriving me of that?  Does it mean I don’t want myself to be happy?  How do I hire a new executive producer for my dream time movies?

So much to think about, Modern Philosophers.  At least now my brain is up and running.  Maybe if I fill it will positive Deep Thoughts all day, tonight’s dream will be much more delightful.

Enjoy your weekend.  Only 51 more days until April!

About Austin

Native New Yorker who's fled to the quiet life in Maine. I write movies, root for the Yankees, and shovel lots of snow.
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16 Responses to Jump Start Your Brain: Nightmares

  1. markbialczak says:

    You are haunted by something, Austin. Good God, man. How do you get one wink with this stuff on your dreamscape? I suggest more whiskey before bedtime until the ghost moves on to the House Next Door on the Hill.

  2. boobooda7 says:

    Might I recommend that you write down your dreams word for word upon awakening?  Though you may be foggy, if you do this when you first wake up, you will remember a tremendous amount of detail.  Just like in the movies, everything in a dream is symbolic and bears rich meaning for your everyday waking life.  If you send me a full dream, I will help you to interpret it.  Keeping track of your dreams, over time, will reveal much and will provide great wisdom for your waking life.  I’ll give it a try if you are game.  I am quite a dreamer and I spend a lot of time working out the meaning for myself.  You could be amazed at what your brain is trying to tell you.  I’m game if you are.  Send dream to:  Geo3Rs@att.net

  3. kalabalu says:

    I think 🙂 You are living in fear ..an inside job it seems..yes.. your mind is challenging your intelligence and your sensors to brains is asking you to relax..but you got so much work , you see yourself accomplishing those targets that in real life seems difficult. You , are not prepared to be tested, yet this fear of failing makes you appear for evaluation.
    You are being watched by the soul that left your body and is thinking why do you snore so loudly, it does disturb the bed, pillow and blanket.

  4. floridaborne says:

    I understand fog brain quite well.

    I don’t have to have nightmares about getting lost in NYC. My parents drove my sister to the airport (from Florida to NYC) for a flight to Germany. They got lost in Harlem in the late 1960’s.

    Nightmares are there to get your attention when a dream can’t reach you. WIth the NSA spying on us, how could you not have nightmares about being watched? With the love of your life in a strange city, how could you not dream of being lost? You’re the worst student in nightmare college because it’s the minds way of telling you that you’re not paying attention to something very, very important.

    I don’t know what–besides the woman you love–that you’re missing. Only you can figure that one out. 🙂

  5. ksbeth says:

    because your dreams want you to follow all of your other dreams in the world and not put things on hold. the love will come.

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