Jump Start Your Brain: The Oscars!

JumpstartGood morning, Modern Philosophers…

I have to warn you that I woke up feeling very sick, but I am wearing a mask in hopes of keeping my germs off of the blog.  Of course, it is a Jack Skellington mask, so I’m not sure if it’s doing any good, but it does make me look rather creepy.  Perhaps Jack should wear a toga if they make a Nightmare Before Christmas sequel because this look is quite terrifying.  Please let someone come to the door so I can answer it in this get up…

Needless to say, this post might be a little less focused than usual.  Do you still trust me to hook up your brain to 1000 volts of Deep Thoughts and give it a jump start?

Are you excited for the Academy Awards?  Are you a super fan like me who turns the Oscar telecast into a mini-event?  Will you also have a red carpet leading up the driveway and all the way into your living room?  Do you need to borrow a few interns so they can pose as reporters lining the red carpet to interview you?  Did you know they still get college credit even if you make them do such ridiculous things?

Seriously, though, do you love the Oscars?  Do watch and wish you were one of the lucky nominees on such an exciting night?  Have you ever given an Oscar acceptance speech in your mind?  Have you given thought as to where you would put your golden statue?  Have you picked out your outfit for the evening in your mind?

Do you have any favorites in this year’s race?  Is there are particular movie you wish would win, but know doesn’t have a chance?  Are you like me in that you have a movie or a certain person you’d rather not see win?

Have you seen all the Best Picture nominees?  Do you think that expanding that category has been a good or a bad thing?  Would you like to see them go back to just five nominees like it used to be?

Which presenters are you looking forward to seeing?  Are you dreading the musical numbers?  Do you think Ellen will make a wonderful host?  Are you still trying to erase the memory of last year’s host?  Do you think the ceremony is too long?

What do you have lined up for Oscar snacks?  How about Oscar beverages?  Which one do you think is more important?

How many George Clooney jokes do you think they will make tonight?  Who is going to give the most impassioned speech?  Who do you most suspect would make a speech that would cause you to cringe?  If U2 wins, how political do you think Bono will get?  Will the orchestra end up playing off more than 50% of the winners?

Clearly, I take the Academy Awards quite seriously.  I think my brain is definitely jump started, and I will dwell on these questions and many more until the ceremony begins tomorrow night.

Happy Oscar Weekend!

About Austin

Native New Yorker who's fled to the quiet life in Maine. I write movies, root for the Yankees, and shovel lots of snow.
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22 Responses to Jump Start Your Brain: The Oscars!

  1. suzie81 says:

    I miss the Oscars every years because they’re shown in the early hours of the morning and I always have to be up for work the next day. I always catch up on the highlights though… I haven’t seen any of the nominations this year!

  2. grannyK says:

    I rarely watch award shows. I do hope you get better fast!!

  3. I like to at least think about the Oscars like everyone else. In the doldrums of winter besides Valentines Day, what else is there really. So this year I incorporated the Oscars into my design blog and a lot of people seemed to get a kick out of it. So much so many said next year they want ballots. Cool. Check it out for yourself … http://justdecorate.wordpress.com/2014/02/27/the-oscar-for-best-sofa-goes-to. I created the most over used decor item Raspberry too. Enjoy!

  4. vanessadelarosa says:

    I am mostly excited about any uncomfortable jokes or the camera capturing a not-so-pleasant facial expression. Also, Benedict Cumberbatch. Just being honest.

  5. floridaborne says:

    I would rather watch the highlights afterward than sit through boring self-accolades and wonder who paid whom what, how or why. To me, the Oscars are as close to meaningless as it gets.

    Most of the movies made these days are of little interest to me, with the exception of the new Star Trek which is simply a fun ride.

    I’m especially appalled at the way films based on true stories are idealized to fit the existing belief system of a culture. For example 12 years as a slave was well acted, but it didn’t portray the way those of African descent were treated in the northern states. And no, people of color weren’t treated much better than in the southern states. There’s “poetic license” and then there are efforts to change history that colors our perceptions of the way things were. No, I do not, nor have I ever condoned slavery, however each and every time we buy cheap clothing, we’ve sponsored slavery in another country. Just because it’s not in our back yard, doesn’t mean it’s not happening. We need to learn from history, not change it to what we want to believe.

  6. ksbeth says:

    yes, i love everything about them, even the over-produced song/dance numbers, drunk stars, glam outfits, long speeches and longer running time, ellen as host and on and on. love all of it.

  7. So sorry you’re feeling sick again! NO ME GUSTA! The storm we are expecting on Mon was supposed to hit us hard but now only a couple of inches. Thank the LORD! I love the Oscars and wish I had seen all the movies! I saw a good number but not enough. Looking forward to it!

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