Go Left

go leftToday

Was a

Perfect day

To go left

With you.

The sun

Was shining,

The world

Was chaotic,

And all

I wanted

Was to

Run away

With you.

If you

Were still here,

Just down

The hall,

Suffering through

Your sentence

With me,

We would have


Our escape

From the

Mad house,

And gotten

Lost with

Each other.

All alone

In the forest,


Interlocking fingers,

Hiding from

The real world

That slowly

Drove us mad.


We would

Go left,

Driving away

From the noise,

The stress,

And gossip.

Going left

Always meant

We were happy.

We were

Never alone

When we would

Go left

Because we

Always had

Each other.

But you left,

And now

I’m left

All alone

On perfect days

Like this.

How I longed

To go left


With you…

About Austin

Native New Yorker who's fled to the quiet life in Maine. I write movies, root for the Yankees, and shovel lots of snow.
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18 Responses to Go Left

  1. Teela Hart says:

    This is beautiful…..

  2. karen698 says:

    Very nice, Austin. Nostalgia and longing without being overly so. beautiful reverie of a simple thought from a reatlionship.

  3. These beautiful words are going to continue resonating in my head all day!

  4. What can I say, other than beautiful. Just beautiful….you big softy you! 🙂

    • Austin says:

      Earlier in the day, I texted The Girl With The Key To My Heart and I told her if she were still here, it would’ve been the perfect day to go left at lunch. It just stuck in my head all day, and became this poem…

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