Lucky 7 Jackpot Pays Out With Two Sore Legs And A Runner’s High

lucky 7I got the day off to a great start, Modern Philosophers, by going for a run before I went to work.

Today might’ve been the unlucky 13th day of the month, but it was the lucky 7th run of my new workout regimen.

That’s 7 runs in 11 days.  Not bad for a lazy guy from the wrong side of the couch.  I finally seem to have either fallen into a routine, or simply surrendered my free will to the dedicated runner buried somewhere under all the fat and general slacking.

After last night’s debacle with the ant invasion of The House on the Hill, it felt good to put on my running toga, lace up my sneakers, and run into the sunrise.  Running can be the perfect distraction, as well as a chance to literally run away from my problems.

My mind seemed to bounce from thought to thought with each footfall on the pavement of Eastern Avenue.  It was less a case of Short Attention Span Theater than it was my mind allowing itself to exercise right along with my body.

Sunrise running womanHave I mentioned how calming it is to run towards the rising sun?  It certainly puts a Modern Philosopher’s busy mind at ease.

The fact that this was my seventh run since getting back on my running kick definitely boosted my self-confidence.

When my self-confidence returns, so does my desire to run more, to lift weights, to eat better, and to allow myself out of my self-imposed exile at The House on the Hill.

I felt so good on this morning’s run, that I was able to pick up the pace for the last quarter mile, and got myself back to the front porch in my best time of my seven runs.

The Runner’s High kicked in, which led to my serenading a very confused black cat with a little Pearl Jam once I went back into the house.

Yes, my legs are extremely sore right now, and I feel like I will sleep the sleep of the dead tonight, but damn…that run felt good this morning.

Lucky 7 for sure!

About Austin

Native New Yorker who's fled to the quiet life in Maine. I write movies, root for the Yankees, and shovel lots of snow.
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12 Responses to Lucky 7 Jackpot Pays Out With Two Sore Legs And A Runner’s High

  1. Teela Hart says:

    Good for you Austin. You inspire me! I won’t run into the sunset, but I’ll take a picture of one. 😀

  2. Lorra B. says:

    I’m inspired! In Phoenix, AZ, in 104 temps, I won’t be seen outside jogging but do love my Tread Climbed… It would be nice to jog outside and find myself just a tad envious! You GO Mr. Philosopher!! 🙂

  3. Don’t you wish you could bottle it and save it for a day when? Or share with a friend?
    Yes, I DO know that feeling and in my estimation, you could NEVER bottle it. It’s too unique. 🙂

  4. Agellius says:

    Your picture is of someone running AWAY from the sunrise. What’s up with that?

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