The Angel In The Rain

Angel Rachel“How concerned should I be that you’re sitting out here all alone in the rain?”

The voice coming from my right should have startled me because the stairs to the front porch were to my left, so there was no way anyone should have been sneaking up on me from that direction.

I wasn’t worried, however, because I recognized the voice instantly, and knew that its owner was not of this Earth.

“What scale should I use to give a level to your concern?” I replied, not yet ready to face my visitor.  It always took me a moment to adjust to the way the army of goosebumps suddenly appeared and ran amok all over my body whenever she was near.

“How about on a scale of Heaven to Hell?” she answered, and slowly crept into my line of sight.  I still couldn’t see her, but her flaming sword lit up my peripheral vision.

“Then I’d say I’m somewhere near the foot of the Stairway to Heaven,” I told her as I finally got up the courage to look at her.

The Archangel Rachel, who is clearly the most beautiful creature ever to walk this Earth or fly above it, smiled at me.  That caused the dimple on her right cheek to do its little dance, and made her big, brown eyes light up brighter than her sword.

“Do you think you could turn that off?” I asked and pointed to her sword.  “I know my homeowner’s insurance covers Acts of God, but I’m not sure it covers Acts of Archangels.”

Rachel extinguished her sword, and then made it vanish into that same place her wings went whenever she visited.  I motioned for her to take the seat next to me.

“So why are you sitting out here all alone in the rain?” she asked again, this time a little more sternly like she expected an answer.

I shrugged and sat there in silence like a spoiled child, knowing full well that she was watching me and awaiting my answer.

Studying“Probably because the person I usually sit with out here when it rains is a time zone away studying for her finals.”

“I know I can never replace her, but would it be okay if I sat with you for awhile?” she asked sweetly.  “I really love the rain, but I don’t get to enjoy it much as I’m usually in that place up above the storm clouds.

I had to smile at her corny joke.  She had a ridiculous sense of humor that was a lot like mine.  Maybe that was why I liked her so much.

“That would be fine,” I assured her.  “I’d offer you a Snapple, but your former coworker drank the last one and hasn’t replenished the supply yet.”

“I’m fairly certain that was exactly what got him booted out of Heaven,” Rachel quickly countered and I laughed again.

The Archangel has this uncanny knack of knowing what I needed to hear to feel better.  Now that I thought about it, she has this amazing tendency to show up whenever I was particularly low from missing The Girl That Held My Hand So Often On The Porch.

“How is it that you always know when to make an appearance?” I asked because I have a tendency to be blunt.

Rachel smiled like she had been expecting that very question.  “I’ll let you in on a little secret if you promise not to tell anyone.”

I nodded.  I’m cool with keeping secrets.

“I pulled some strings, and had myself assigned as your Guardian Angel,” she admitted.  “I figured I’m down here often enough, and I’ve come to care about your well being.  I didn’t think you’d mind having me be responsible for keeping an eye on you.”

To be honest, there was something about it that felt so right.  What was it about this gorgeous Archangel that made me feel liked I’d known her forever?

“I’m quite alright with that arrangement,” I told her and flashed my most charming smile.

safeThis made Rachel’s dimple come out to dance again.  She brushed back her long brunette hair, put her feet up on the porch railing, and made it seem like she’d spent countless hours out on this porch.

There was something so hauntingly familiar about it, but I just couldn’t put my finger on it.  Whatever it was, it sure did make me feel safe and sound…

About Austin

Native New Yorker who's fled to the quiet life in Maine. I write movies, root for the Yankees, and shovel lots of snow.
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  2. A bit of a visit from the girl who owns your heart via angel. How sweet…

  3. Danielle says:

    Your relationship with Rachel is mesmerizing. Oddly, she even gave me comfort today.

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