Friday the 13th Prequel, Thursday the 12th, To Focus On Wacky Camp Hijinks

Crystal LakeJust as the Summer Movie Season is about the kick into high gear, upstart studio Reboot Pictures has announced that it has given the green light to its first project.

The company has purchased the prequel rights to the popular Friday the 13th horror franchise, and plans to release Thursday the 12th in the Summer of 2015.

While the new series will continue to focus on  Camp Crystal Lake, the summer camp that Jason Voorhees and dozens of slaughtered campers made famous, producers promise a major twist on the movies to which we’ve grown accustomed.

“The Thursday the 12th movies are going to be comedies,” Producer Andie Partridge told this Modern Philosopher.  “We’re going to focus on how fun life was at Camp Crystal Lake before Jason had his accident.  Think Meatballs meets American Pie.  It’s going to appeal to the same young audience, but make them wet their pants from laughter rather than out of sheer terror!”

counselorAccording to Partridge, the movies will focus on the camp’s oddball counselors.  There will be pranks, love stories, battles with the rival camp, and, of course, playful interaction between the counselors and their campers.

“A key plot point to the original franchise was that Jason’s mom blamed the counselors for fooling around and not paying attention when her son drowned,” Partridge said.  “Our goal is to show the story from the counselors’ side.  It’s summer camp, and they’re just a bunch of horny teens looking to have some fun while making next to nothing.  It wasn’t really their fault that Jason went off into the deep park of the lake without his buddy.”

While Partridge would love to land Bill Murray to play the Director of Camp Crystal Lake, she knows the mercurial actor doesn’t like to commit.  “Wouldn’t Bill be perfect, though?” she asked enthusiastically.  “He was so amazing in Meatballs, and I think he’d lend a certain comedic credibility to the series.  Why can’t horror movies inspire humor?”

Should we expect to see young Jason in the cast?

campersPartridge smiled.  “I think he would have a cameo in the first one for sure, just to give fans of the franchise a knowing wink.  We’d definitely cast an unknown because we don’t want to make him too major of a character and shift the focus away from the counselors who I know audiences are going to love.”

What do you think of this prequel idea, Modern Philosophers?  Will you be buying a ticket to see Thursday the 12th?  Do you think the frightening Friday the 13th franchise could inspire a lighthearted comedy?  Are filmmakers running out of original ideas?

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9 Responses to Friday the 13th Prequel, Thursday the 12th, To Focus On Wacky Camp Hijinks

  1. I think YOU should write the screenplay!

  2. RUNNING OUT OF IDEAS…THEM? OF COURSE!!! WILL you write the screenplay, please?

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  4. Eric says:

    Wasn’t Jason’s original accident, the one that drove him insane, a bridge collapse?

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