Jump Start Your Brain: It’s Flag Day!

JumpstartHappy Saturday, Modern Philosophers!

Those of you reading today obviously made it through Friday the 13th alive, unless, of course, you are reading this as a Ghost.  If you are, you should log on to the Ghost Friendly version of this blog.  Click HERE for that service.

I’m up bright and early because a certain noisy cat insisted I wake up and put out the flag.  It is Flag Day after all.  As a result, I’m feeling patriotic, but still very sleepy.  It’s time to jump start my brain.  Anyone else need 1000 Volts of Deep Thoughts to get the old gray matter humming this morning?

Did you even know today was Flag Day?  Did you only realize it after I mentioned it?  If so, how do you manage to survive without me?

Do you have a flag?  Have you hung it outside yet?  Do you need me to pause this post for a moment while you do your patriotic duty?  How could you not hang a flag on Flag Day?

Are you a flag person?  Do you fly yours proudly on non-holidays?  Are you like me in that it feels more like summer when the flag is out and the sun is shining?

What do you think of Betsy Ross’ design?  Would you have gone with red, white, and blue?  Are you more a stars or a stripes kind of person?  Do you prefer the old school 13 star flag to the current 50 star one?

If the Founding Fathers had asked you to make that first flag, what would your creation have looked like?  Do you agree that this would’ve made for an awesome reality TV show?  America’s Got Flag or American Flag or So You Think You Can Sew A Lasting Symbol Of Our New Nation’s Patriotic Pride all seem like great titles, don’t you think?  Do you think Benjamin Franklin would’ve been the perfect host for that show?

Will you be sure to thank a flag today for its service to our country?  Would you consider buying a flag a drink?  At the very least, will you salute one in passing?

Do you know the last time a Flag Day followed a Friday the 13th?  I don’t, either, so could you look that up and let me know?  Don’t you think that Flag Day Saturday could be a great action/horror flick starring Nicholas Cage and Jason Voorhees?

However you decide to celebrate Flag Day, I hope you have a great one.

About Austin

Native New Yorker who's fled to the quiet life in Maine. I write movies, root for the Yankees, and shovel lots of snow.
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24 Responses to Jump Start Your Brain: It’s Flag Day!

  1. Great post today. 🙂 I live right near the Betsy Ross house. I don’t know much about the flag design, but Betsy was a pretty interesting figure. She was disowned by her family and the Quakers because she married her first husband. The worst part is that he died shortly after their marriage. She married two more times and outlived both of those men, too. There is even a marker at her house that lists all of her husbands. Historians also tried to say that she didn’t really create or sew the flag! They came around eventually. There is a plaque there, too. Well, enjoy Flag Day. And you were right…I had no idea. No one else has even mentioned it. Are you sure you have the right day? 😉

  2. grannyK says:

    I did not realize it was flag day! Thank you for your valuable public service announcement! I will celebrate by going to the bank and getting a hair cut!

  3. grannyK says:

    Well, to be clear…I am not getting a hair cut at the bank. Thought I might want to mention that.

  4. I have heard of Flag Day but not much.
    If the Founding Fathers asked my input about a flag I would choose white and read and place a huge maple leaf in the middle. ~(*_~)~~

  5. “The lady doth protests too much, me thinks.”
    Quick! Which Shakespeare play features this famous quote? (And no using Google)

    Still finding it difficult to believe it’s Flag Day. 🙂

  6. ksbeth says:

    middle daughter’s birthday celebration breakfast today. )))

  7. I really appreciate your reminder. I looked a fool driving down the interstate with a flag blowing from the spoiler of my Charger.

  8. Ok, first off… LOL I hope I meet you in person someday! Now for confessing. I did not know it was Flag Day until you mentioned it, and I’m reading this on Sunday (oops). Last night I watched 12 Years A Slave, so honestly, I am not feeling very patriotic right now. As long as I am making confessions I must admit we do not own a flag, so obviously we don’t proudly fly one outside our home. Don’t hate me, I swear I’m a good person!

    • Austin says:

      Meet me? Why? I’m nothing special.

      You didn’t know it was Flag Day? What are our school’s teaching these days? June 14 is Flag Day. It should be burned into your brain. 🙂

      Go buy a flag. You’ll like yourself much more. 🙂

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