The Devil Begs To Differ

DevilWe ended up having an impromptu Movie Afternoon at The House on the Hill.  It was way too hot to go anywhere, and Seamus suggested we watch a flick.

Since it would keep the boisterous Leprechaun quiet and out of trouble, I even agreed to let him pick the movie we would watch.

Now I was beginning to regret my decision.

“Anne Hathaway is so gorgeous in this,” he said excitedly as he nudged me in the ribs, yet again, with his shillelagh.  “Check out the gams on the lass.  They’re longer than the roads that lead through me beloved Dublin.”

The Devil snickered and took a sip of his Snapple, probably wishing his bottle was filled with something a little stronger to help him deal with the Leprechaun that sat between us.

“What’s wrong, Lucifer?” Seamus asked with mischief in his query.  “Not a fan of the lovely Miss Hathaway?  Look at the way she blossoms like an Irish Rose.  She’s all button down and without any style at the start, but as the picture progresses, she becomes so stylish she looks like she could be walking right off the pages of that magazine.”

“I have nothing against her,” Satan snarled.  “I’m just not a fan of your constant commentary during the movie.”

anneSeamus looked over at me, and I shrugged.  “Anne Hathaway is awesome,” I told my wee Irish friend.  “I think something else is gnawing at him, though.”

Seamus was perplexed now, and turned back to face The Devil.  “Is Austin right, me friend?  Is there something else gnawing at ya?  I’m here for ya if ya want to talk about it.”

I could tell by the way that Lucifer’s horns were throbbing that he was upset, and I had an idea of what it was, but I really wanted Seamus to get it out of him.

Satan took another sip of his Snapple, pretended to watch the movie for a moment, and then snapped his head around to look at Seamus.  “The damn title pisses me off!  Does this suit look like Prada to you?”

The Devil stood up, and then did a quick turn to give us both a great look at his suit.  I did everything I could to hold back my laughter.

“Savile Row,” Lucifer stated as he opened the jacket to show us the label sewn into the lining.  “Perfectly tailored, made specifically for me.  I also wear Armani.  No Prada, though.  I wouldn’t be caught at the Pearly Gates in Prada!”

“Feel better now?” I asked once The Prince of Darkness once he had sat down again.

“Yes,” he whispered.  “Much better.”

We watched the rest of “The Devil Wears Prada” in absolute silence.  It really is a pretty decent flick if you give it a chance…

About Austin

Native New Yorker who's fled to the quiet life in Maine. I write movies, root for the Yankees, and shovel lots of snow.
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33 Responses to The Devil Begs To Differ

  1. Danielle says:

    Loved it, even if it was a but cliché!

    • Austin says:

      Cliche? How so?

      • Only a man would ask that question. Every woman who has ever attempted to follow fashion has 189 complaints, whines, and curses for this movie. The rest of us just snort disbelievingly at the very idea of a size zero and get back to our sticky spoons and melting tubs of Ben and Jerry’s. Because nothing looks as good as Chocolate Therapy with a little brandy poured over it tastes. Oh, yeah.

      • Austin says:

        The Devil and Seamus are recurring characters on the blog, and I thought it was a surprise twist for The Devil to care about how his fashion sense was perceived in a chick flick… 🙂

      • Uh, yeah, I got that. My comment was in response to your response to a comment.

      • Austin says:

        You commented on that comment the comment of a comment? I have no comment on that. 🙂

  2. You keep strange company. 🙂

  3. I care less about Prada. The movie, though, was not bad.

  4. Funny story 🙂 I love the devil wears Prada!

  5. Rebekah says:

    Now I’ve seen you talk about Angels and Devils,

  6. Rebekah says:

    Thanks. This will make it easier to find.

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