Jump Start Your Brain: Laundry Day

JumpstartHappy Saturday, Modern Philosophers!

It’s going to be another gorgeous day here in Maine.  I managed to get out for my morning run before it got too hot, but there have since been reports of joggers melting out on my usual running route.  Thank goodness I got a jump start on the day!

So are you still having trouble shaking off the cobwebs and getting your brain going?  Let’s hook you up to 1000 Volts of Deep Thoughts and rectify that situation immediately…

Is Saturday Laundry Day at your place like it is at The House on the Hill?  Do you hate doing laundry as much as I do?  Do you wish that your blog interns had to do the laundry in order to get full credit for their internships?  If I blog about Laundry Day, does that allow me to say that doing the laundry is blog related, and therefore, a task that the blog interns must do?

What is it about doing laundry that I dread so much?  Is there a deep seated psychological reason for my hatred of the chore?  Is it my subconscious’ way of saying I prefer things dirty?  Does it mean that deep down, I don’t believe I deserve nice, clean things?  Maybe it has something to do with being forced by my Evil Step Mother to do the chore for the entire family when I was a child?

Or am I simply lazy?

Isn’t it cool that we could probably come up with a psychological reason to explain pretty much anything?  Do you think I could call myself a psychiatrist and just come up with creative excuses for my clients’ problems?  Wouldn’t that be a fun side job?

Are you like me in that you have tried to come up with spells that would make the laundry fold itself?  Have you tried Foldus Laundricus? Fluffus Foldicus?  Foldorum Majorum?  If you have any other ideas, could you please share them?  Surely,  Hogwarts students never wasted time on laundry, right?  Do you think they used Magic, or just left the horrible chore to the House Elves?

There’s nothing wrong with just putting all the clothes into the same load, right?  Calling it the Divorced Guy’s Laundry Method makes doing that okay, correct?   Why would I want to do two or three loads instead of just the one?  Does that seem at all efficient to you?

Is it totally obvious that I had no idea what to write about in my Jump Start Your Brain post this morning?  Did you still get your brain going regardless?  Did you still have a chuckle or two?

Do you want to come to The House on the Hill and help me finish the laundry?

Happy Saturday!


About Austin

Native New Yorker who's fled to the quiet life in Maine. I write movies, root for the Yankees, and shovel lots of snow.
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22 Responses to Jump Start Your Brain: Laundry Day

  1. floridaborne says:

    Thanks for the reminder. I forgot I had laundry in the dryer. Yikes!

  2. jerryofcali says:

    Mine got going…couldn’t get to sleep until really late. Had writing on my mind and Katy Perry stuck in my head. Woke up…and the writing’s still on my mind…as well as the laundry I need to do.

  3. grannyK says:

    Laundry day here, too. My daughter is doing it this week since I woke up with a horrible headache! It’s getting better, but I don’t dare let her know because there is still one more load to do!

  4. howardat58 says:

    Wear fewer clothes, wear them for longer, then skip a Saturday, if the guilt doesn’t ruin it.

  5. It’s housecleaning day here. We share the work–I do the vacuuming. I recall a certain bachelor, (who shall remain nameless), that took showers fully clothed, then, lathered up to avoid doing laundry. This was too much work to get out of work.

  6. Thanks for the reminder. It’s been so hot around here, my brain melted. 😀

  7. hollie says:

    I don’t sort laundry except if I have something new and it’s red and I’m not sure if it will bleed. Otherwise, I do all laundry together except a load of towels and washcloths. I think sorting is a waste of time

  8. rowanaliya says:

    I didn’t used to despise doing laundry as much a I do now. It seems like the older I get the more I hate it. Of course it doesn’t help that my machine is in the cellar that I have to go outside and down a hatch in the ground to access. Rain, snow, hail, or sweltering shine. I put it off this week.

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