Driving Out The Monday Demons

open roadI’ve never been a big fan of driving, Modern Philosophers.

That probably stems from growing up in New York City, where the only real reason to have a car was either so you could be a wheel man on a heist, or to make an insurance claim after it was stolen.

I took the subway, the bus, or a taxi when my destination was too far for walking.

Today was a typical Monday.  I don’t even want to talk about it, but I’m sure you know the drill.  Ugh.  Enough said.

My drive home from work is only about 10 minutes (yes, be jealous of my commute!), but I’m always very tense behind the wheel, so it’s never a relaxing journey.

Tonight, however, something was different.  I was lost in my own little world, my mind drifting off to the texts I’d exchanged with The Girl Who Was On The Treadmill during my lunch break, and thinking about how long it’s been seen I’d seen her.

I get on the highway where it begins, about a quarter of a mile from my office, so usually, there is a mad rush of traffic as everyone else is in a hurry to get home.

Or sometimes, more like extremely rarely, there’s no one else there when I turn onto the highway.  That was what happened tonight.  I hit the highway, moved over to the passing lane, and just floored it.

race carThe windows were down, there was a great breeze, and the radio was blasting.  I felt like a race car driver as I just gobbled up chunks of open road.

I came upon one or two cars, but zipped right on past them and had the highway all to myself again.  Just flying…

Like I said, I was lost in my thoughts through most of this.  I was aware enough to keep the car in my lane, but it’s pretty much a straight stretch of road, so no master maneuvering was required.

I thought about The Girl Who’s Far Away, and how cool she would’ve thought it was that Mr. Scaredy Cat Driver was going 70mph on the drive home, since she’s never actually seen me operate a vehicle on the highway.

I thought about how I used to love to sing to her in the car, how she’d get all comfy in the giant front seat and put her feet up on the dashboard, and how I’d taught myself to drive with just my left hand so I could always hold her hand on our trips.

When I snapped out of my little daydream as I approached my exit, I noticed that I was singing at the top of my lungs, driving with just my left hand, and I had my right hand out on the seat next to me, as if waiting for her to interlock fingers with me.

I guess some behaviors just become a part of our DNA…

ExorcistI felt like I had driven out all the Monday demons during my surprisingly relaxing afternoon commute.

I had no idea that driving on the open road while my mind took a little romantic detour down Memory Lane could be so refreshing.  Not a bad way to put Monday in my rear view mirror…

About Austin

Native New Yorker who's fled to the quiet life in Maine. I write movies, root for the Yankees, and shovel lots of snow.
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19 Responses to Driving Out The Monday Demons

  1. floridaborne says:

    I used to love driving on the open road years ago. It can be very calming. May your Monday Demons stay away and your car continue running. 🙂

  2. raphus2014 says:

    Memories…..sweet, memories….

  3. grannyK says:

    Hopefully, the rest of you week will go smoothly. I had a ” I want my mommy ” kind of Monday. But, it’s over now!

  4. rowanaliya says:

    They don’t make all those songs and stories about the open road for no reason. Glad you got to drive those daemons away, that’s very Daryl.

  5. claywatkins says:

    I drive a lot and part offer envies you, another part, well, enjoys the road. There is nothing like the open road driving fast and feeling the speed. It can be very exhilarating and calming at the same time. I am glad your Monday demons are gone – wish I could whisk

    • Austin says:

      Glad to hear the open road is good for you. It still makes me a bit tense. 🙂

      • claywatkins says:

        I can understand – I’ve lived in suburbs my entire like – I drive for vacations and can do 350-400 miles without blinking – but mostly I commute to work 14 miles and back… Sometimes it’s pretty tense driving – stop and go with traffic in the afternoon – it can make me tense – here’s to getting rid of Tuesday’s demons early.

      • Austin says:

        Cheers to that!

  6. claywatkins says:

    ….. mine a way as easily as you did – have a wonderful Tuesday… and beyond. Now I can post 🙂

  7. Natasha says:

    Loved it.. I am a speed junkie , but my commute is only 5 min (don’t hate me )

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