We Are Going To Need Matching Thrones

thronesIt looks like I’m going to need to purchase matching thrones for The House on the Hill, Modern Philosophers.

As it turns out, Cali and Luna, the extremely shy kitties I adopted on Saturday, have decided to show off their regal side now that they are more comfortable here.

When they deign to come down from their royal chambers, (the room once known as my bedroom), Cali demands total attention as she runs wild through the house chasing toys, while Luna seeks higher ground to watch her sister’s shenanigans while also shooting me looks of contempt.

They both still keep me at a paw’s length, and usually run me when I try to approach them, but they will become adorable little purr balls when they want my attention.  Both have taken me totally by surprise by just plopping down next to me on the couch and then expecting me to pet and adore them.  I am happy to do so, but it catches me off guard since they tend to avoid me.

Last night, they were both on the bed with me when I turned off the light, which made me very happy.  Of course, two minutes later, I had to turn on the light again since they started squabbling with each other, but a stern warning in a Brooklyn accent put an immediate end to that tom(cat)foolery.

Cali almost gave me a heart attack last night.  They descended from the royal chambers together at around 9pm.  Luna began her routine of jumping onto everything in sight for further exploration, while Cali decided to drive me crazy by vanishing.

Cali4First, the little black cat pictured on the left, wedged herself underneath the love seat.  That freaked me out because there isn’t much clearance under there.  Once I got her out from under it, I shoved a bunch of board games under the love seat to prevent Cali from revisiting that space.

Shortly thereafter, she vanished into thin air.  I made two passes of the upstairs and downstairs, calling her name as I checked every nook and cranny of The House on the Hill.  The second time through, I even brought along a flashlight like I somehow thought having all the lights on wasn’t enough.  I still could not find Cali anywhere.

When I got back downstairs, she was just sitting under the dining room table as if she’d been there the whole time.  I really need to figure out where she was hiding so that can be the first place I check the next time she pulls her disappearing act.  Of course, she is a black cat, so there’s a chance that Magic was involved.

Luna3Luna, the adorable older sister on the left, really has a thing for windows, and The House on the Hill has plenty of those.  She was sitting in the guest room window when I returned from my run this morning.  Once again, looking down at me and judging…

Luna also likes sprawling out on the bed, and has made the love seat her personal hangout downstairs until her throne arrives.

The two furry princesses have certainly brought a whole new energy to The House on the Hill, which had gone very quiet after Banky left this world.

I’m not sure how much matching thrones are going to cost me, but I think they’re going to be well worth it since these little monsters have already brought me so much happiness…

About Austin

Native New Yorker who's fled to the quiet life in Maine. I write movies, root for the Yankees, and shovel lots of snow.
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32 Responses to We Are Going To Need Matching Thrones

  1. What Cute Kitties – Great Post!

  2. rowanaliya says:

    Sounds like they are adjusting well and putting you rightly in your place as servant.

  3. My male cat does the same thing. I know all of his regular hiding places and I always look there first. But then, for whatever reason, he will decide to go somewhere completely different. And I, predictable fool that I am, will wander around the house calling his name–repeatedly.
    He doesn’t bother to answer. Perhaps he thinks silence is golden.
    So then, I start to wonder….did he slip outside when no one was looking? What if he is lost forever? That’s when I go outside and start calling his name loudly so the whole world can hear (I’m sure he got a big kick out of this). No answer.
    When I come back in the house, he usually greets me at the door…or…I will see him and his royal self descending slowly down the stairs.
    WHY didn’t he answer me when I started calling his name over a half hour ago?
    Maybe I didn’t pet him enough, maybe I didn’t feed him on time, maybe the water in his water bowl wasn’t fresh enough….and he thought I needed to do some form of human penance?
    I don’t know.

  4. My cats get their second wind about midnight…the scampering wakes me up…or keeps me up…naughty kitties…but they are a gas!

  5. floridaborne says:

    Sounds like love at first fight. 🙂
    Wait until they attack your toes at 4 in the morning. Ow.

  6. markbialczak says:

    Yay! Two cute furballs to share the mischief in the House on the Hill, Austin. While you’re in Thrones R Us, don’t forget to stop in Accessories to pick up the two tiaras! Have fun. Your new mates are adorable, my friend.

  7. susielindau says:

    They are so cute! I see a lot of cat videos in your future…

  8. Too cute! And the cats aren’t too shabby either 😉

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