Man In The Moon Agrees To Go Wicked Full For Halloween

Full_moonWerewolves all over Maine are howling with delight, Modern Philosophers, over the announcement that there will be a full moon for Halloween.

Although there has already been an October full moon, there will now be a second one to provide a perfect ending to the Halloween Season.  How did that get arranged?

“I’m a showman at heart, Austin,” the Man in the Moon told this Modern Philosopher as we chatted on the front porch of The House on the Hill.  “When the All Hallows Society asked me to come down to Maine for a chat, I was a little bit nervous.  They do have a spooky reputation, you know, and those hooded robes are very creepy.”

“I was delighted when I learned they just wanted to ask a favor,” he continued.  “It’s never a bad thing to have the All Hallows Society in your debt.  They asked if it was possible to provide a full moon on Halloween.  I told them I would go full for the last week of the month.  Let’s end the Halloween Season on a real high note, you know?”

moon manThe Man in the Moon is a longtime friend of the blog, and made a big splash in the opening days of this blog when he was injured at a book signing (Read about it here).

He has fully recovered from his injuries, and has become great friends with the cow that fell on him.  In fact, they intend to meet up for drinks at Three Toads & A Wicked Lady tonight.

Now that a full moon has been guaranteed for Halloween, Maine’s Werewolf population is majorly pumped.

“This is such wonderful news,” Gary Lincoln, the leader of Maine’s largest Werewolf pack told me.  “I got the pack together to celebrate the news, and we had a great howl.  Some neighbors called the police because they thought someone was being tortured and murdered, but we cleared it up quickly.  It always helps when several law enforcement officers are members of the pack.”

In the Werewolves’ defense, they don’t howl nearly as well when they are in human form.  I’m sure the howling will be much improved on Halloween.

werewolf“The entire pack planned to go to the Costume Ball on the big night, but now that we can get hairy, we intend to do a full howler.  That means running the length of the state and howling at the moon in as many city and towns as possible,” Gary explained excitedly.  “It’s going to be epic.”

When told how happy he had made Maine’s Werewolf population, the Man in the Moon smiled and let out a howl of his own.  “When those guys howl at me, it’s like music to my ears.  It’s going to be a perfect Halloween.”

Based on how well the Halloween Season has been going thus far, I’m going to have to agree with my buddy’s prediction…

About Austin

Native New Yorker who's fled to the quiet life in Maine. I write movies, root for the Yankees, and shovel lots of snow.
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2 Responses to Man In The Moon Agrees To Go Wicked Full For Halloween

  1. orangejade5 says:

    on wednesday 8th we had a red moon in the southern hemisphere. pretty spectacular……

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