Halloween Flights Of Fancy

witches on broomsIt turned out to be one of “those Mondays”, Modern Philosophers, so when I got home to The House on the Hill after a horrible day at work, I knew needed a quick pick me up to raise my spirits.

The answer was as obvious as the sky above me.  As I stood in my driveway, I could see Gary the Gargoyle circling overheard, being playfully pursued by a pack of jabbering Flying Monkeys.  They were all clearly having fun, and I wanted to join them.

I hailed Gary with a shrill whistle, and my loyal Gargoyle immediately heeded my call.  The Flying Monkeys remained above, taunting Gary for fleeing.

“Shall we show the simians how real flying is done?” Gary asked with a smile as I climbed on his back.

He shot straight up at the Flying Monkeys, and then continued to ascend past them as if they weren’t even there.  Of course, the Monkeys screamed in delight and gave chase.

Before I knew it, we were high above the Penobscot River.  What a gorgeous sight.  Rush hour traffic, such as it is in Maine, looked so tiny from this vantage point.

flying monksGary allowed the Flying Monkeys to catch up, and we soared in a slow circle while the beasts yapped in a language that made my ears hurt.  Gary finally explained what was going on.  “They want to dive bomb the river.  Are you up for it?”

After the day I had, I was up for anything.  “Hell yeah!” I replied.

And so Gary descended towards the Penobscot like he had been shot out of a cannon.

I had never moved so fast in my life.  I wrapped my arms tightly around the Gargoyle’s neck and hung on for dear life, screaming with delight the whole way.

About three feet from the water, Gary leveled out, and we zipped down the river as the Flying Monkeys fell in to formation on both sides.  We must have been quite the sight to the people watching from the streets.

“Can we do that again?” I asked excitedly.  I was beginning to forget all about my day, and assumed one more high altitude dive might wipe the slate clean.

“It would be my pleasure, but perhaps you should see what the ladies want.”

GargoilleConfused, I turned around to see what he meant.  That was when I saw the three broomsticks coming at us from the Bangor side.  Apparently, word of our flight had reached Three Toads & A Wicked Lady, and my Witch friends decided they wanted in on the fun.

Waltzing Matilda, Volcanica Ivy, and Ti-Diana swooped in on their brooms.  The Flying Monkeys broke away to give Maine’s most powerful Witches some space.

“Can we borrow the handsome guy in the toga?” Ti-Diana asked Gary as she came up right alongside us.  “We promise to get him home before his curfew!”

Clearly, some sort of Magic was involved in this next part because, without Gary or Ti-Diana slowing down, I managed to leap from the Gargoyle’s back and onto the beautiful Witch’s broom.  All while over a body of water.

Gary and the Flying Monkeys waved their goodbyes, and flew off for other adventures.

“I take it you had a horrible day if you’re ignoring your fear of water like this,” she observed quite keenly.

Ti-DianaTo be honest, Modern Philosophers, riding on the back of broomstick while holding on to the prettiest Witch I’ve ever known, the last thing on my mind was my work day, my fear of water, or anything other than the bewitching figure inches in front of me.

Magic comes in many forms, but right now, it was about 5’6″ with long brown hair, an enchanting smile, and an incredible ability to handle a broomstick at high speeds!

My Manic Monday became a Magic Monday…

About Austin

Native New Yorker who's fled to the quiet life in Maine. I write movies, root for the Yankees, and shovel lots of snow.
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10 Responses to Halloween Flights Of Fancy

  1. Wish I could have flown with you — would have brought my own broom!

  2. ksbeth says:

    sounds like a happy ending to me

  3. Flying monkeys and Gary the Gargoyle…oh you do spoil me 🙂

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