Pope Francis To Turn Vatican Into Giant Haunted House For Halloween

Pope Francis, aka The Partying Pontiff, knows how to celebrate a holiday. This is what he did for Halloween last year. Any guesses what he’ll do to make Halloween 2014 memorable?

The Return of the Modern Philosopher

haunted houseThe Partying Pontiff is at is again, Modern Philosophers!

Pope Francis announced that he is throwing a lavish Halloween party on Thursday night, and turning The Vatican into the world’s scariest haunted house for the event.

Ever since being elected to office earlier in the year, the new head of the Catholic Church has thrown elaborate parties to celebrate every major holiday (and some of the minor ones, too!).

I think my favorite was when he had Dan Brown, the author of The Da Vinci Code, design a massive Easter Egg Hunt using his intimate knowledge of The Vatican’s secret passages and tunnel system.

Pope FrancisSo what does he have in store for us on Halloween?  “I can already hear the jokes, Austin,” Pope Francis said with a chuckle via Skype.  “There are those who will say that The Vatican has been a house of horrors for centuries.  So maybe I’m…

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