Pope Remembers St. Zylo The Forgotten On All Saints Day

PopePope Francis took time out of his busy schedule on All Saints Day, a Holy Day of Obligation for Catholics, to honor St. Zylo.

Often referred to as St. Zylo The Forgotten, the former priest from Transylvania is the patron saint of the forgetful.

“St. Zylo comes last alphabetically in the list of saints,” the Holy Father explained to this Modern Philosopher via Skype.  “I think that because of this, his name is often left off Church documents, is rarely mentioned at mass, and hardly ever comes up in prayers.  I’m not sure if it’s sad or ironic that St. Zylo was made the patron saint of the forgetful, but he is a very important figure in the Catholic Church.  I am singling him out today so that he is remembered.”

I had to confess that I had never heard of the saint, despite twelve years of Catholic school and being raised by a severely Catholic Evil Step Mother.  What exactly did he do?

“St. Zylo led the Transylvanian Church at a time when Vampires were rising to power,” Pope Francis explained.  “Catholics were giving up on God and forgetting about religion because they so feared the wrath of Count Dracula and those like him, but St. Zylo refused to allow God, the Church, and Catholicism to be forgotten.  Because of St. Zylo, the Catholic Church was not wiped out in that part of the world.”

BranCastleThe only known depiction of St. Zylo in the Catholic Church’s vast collections is this painting on the left.  Supposedly, the saint is standing in the shadows of one of the castle’s many windows.

“We’re not even sure which window,” the Pontiff said with a sigh.  “It is my priority to have a portrait done of St. Zylo so that he might reside with his fellow saints in the Vatican’s archives.”

Not much is known about the saint who walked the very streets Count Dracula filled with blood, but according to Vatican lore, he came face to face with the great Vampire on more than one occasion.

“St. Zylo looked the embodiment of evil in the eye, and preached to him about God and saving his eternal soul,” the Pope told me.  “Dracula could have killed St. Zylo without any effort, but he never did.  It is said the Count respected the man, his beliefs, and what he was trying to do for the members of his Church.”

All SaintsNow that you have heard about St. Zylo, Modern Philosophers, perhaps you can try not to forget to remember him.

Happy All Saints Day!  I hope that this post about has earned me some brownie points with the Nuns I fear so much…

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4 Responses to Pope Remembers St. Zylo The Forgotten On All Saints Day

  1. emdoesthings says:

    Hah, the nuns would be proud

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