Democracy Rocks! Photos And Deep Thoughts On Election Day

vote signHappy Election Day, Modern Philosophers!

I thought I’d try something different tonight, and do a photo essay on my trip to exercise my right to vote.

Do you elect to join me?  ___ YES  ___ NO

This first photo is of the sign outside of the Brewer Auditorium.  It tells the whole story.

Your vote does count, so I hope that you found the time today to make your voice heard.  It’s not too late to get to your local polling place, Modern Philosophers!

vote roadblockOf course, there are always roadblocks on the road to Democracy.

In my case, there was this fallen tree just up the street from The House on the Hill.

I actually got very daring and walked beyond the saw horses that the city had set up to keep gawkers away from the tree.

Of course, I consider myself to be a member of the press, so I knew it was okay for me to get in there and snap this shot.

Vote snowThe city didn’t do a top notch job of making the polling place accessible by foot.

This is what I encountered on the street that leads to the auditorium.

That campaign sign for Senator Collins is planted next to the sidewalk, which was still buried in snow.

In order to get to the auditorium, I had to walk along the shoulder of one of the busiest streets in town.

While wearing my black winter coat.  That was a thrill.

Votes outsideHere is a shot of the entrance to the polling place.

Those are candidates greeting voters and trying to solicit a last second vote.

Of course, I had no idea who any of them were by sight.

I’m sure if they had handed me a stack of their annoying campaign flyers, however, I would’ve known exactly who they were.

I don’t think I like the idea of electioneering being allowed so close to the auditorium, but I guess it does have an All-American appeal to it.

vote linesHere is a shot inside the Brewer Auditorium.

I was thrilled with how packed it was.  In my ten years of voting in Maine, I have never seen the place this busy.

There was a line to get to a booth.  Then we had to get into another line to put the ballot into the voting machine.

That line was so long that I had to wait twenty minutes to deposit my ballot into the machine.

The whole time I was slowly snaking my way towards the end, more and more voters were filling the auditorium.

Vote ballotHere’s a shot of the ballot.

Don’t worry, Modern Philosophers, I snapped this before I had made any selections.

I suppose the reason for the big turnout was the Gubernatorial Race, which looks like it’s going to go right down to the wire.

I was curious as to why the Gubernatorial Candidates weren’t listed first on the ballot.

The state ballot was packed with referendums that were all very confusing.

I was most familiar with the first one, which was about bear baiting.

Of course, the reason I knew about that one was because the joke I’d written about it led off a recent monologue on The Nite Show.

I votedIn the end, it was worth the wait!

I got to be a part of our country’s celebration of Democracy, and I was really happy to see that so many of my neighbors had turned out to exercise their right to vote, too.

I will happily wait in line every year to submit my ballot and have a voice in how this country is run.

Did you vote today, Modern Philosophers?  How was voter turnout in your area?

About Austin

Native New Yorker who's fled to the quiet life in Maine. I write movies, root for the Yankees, and shovel lots of snow.
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14 Responses to Democracy Rocks! Photos And Deep Thoughts On Election Day

  1. I voted early this morning and the voting booths were jammed with lots of Seasoned Modern Philosophers. It was great to see!

  2. I voted and there was a heavier than usual turn out.

  3. NotAPunkRocker says:

    Turnout was mediocre where I live. I think a lot of people think it is a given that a certain person would win, which they are probably right about, but I needed to make sure my vote against was duly noted 🙂

  4. markbialczak says:

    Yes, I voted here in Syracuse, Austin. We had paper ballots. I made sure to pick out my candidate for governor and fill in the whole black circle when it was my turn to go into one of the little partioned standing desktops. I felt like I was in the wayback machine, taking the SAT! And then we had to stand in line to feed our own ballot into the scanner ourself and make sure the window reported “ballot registered.” Interesting procedure, indeed. I wouldn’t pass up this right for anything. Even if they did write the proposals in such a way to slant them toward the way they wanted you to vote. Sly politicians. 😮

  5. Rachael says:

    Ah it may be a pretty good night for those of us who are old and wise. Or just old.

  6. floridaborne says:

    First off, I have to remind you that the USA is a Republic, not a Democracy. An easy way to remember this is to recite the pledge of allegiance. 🙂

    In Florida we have early voting, so I voted on Halloween. There were 3 people ahead of me and a bunch behind me when a few minutes after I got to the door.

    There’s a voting place next to where I was working today. The place was packed. Usually, there isn’t a lot of activity.

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