Throwback To The Ghosts Of Christmas Past

Christmas 1Writer’s Day at The House on the Hill was a weird one, Modern Philosophers.

I worked on the new screenplay, which is a romantic comedy based on the two most important past relationships in my life: my ex-wife and The Girl Who Moved Away.

As fate would have it, The Girl Who Moved Away called me today for the first time in a while.  When she did, I happened to be writing a very crucial third act scene that involved the characters based on us.

After working on the screenplay for some time, I decided to dig through the old photos in search of a Throwback Thursday one for tonight’s blog post.  I settled on a few snapshots from my first Christmas in California, when I was still married to J.

It just seemed fitting to give both these women equal time today as I neared completion of a screenplay about their influence on my life.

cutting edgeIn that first photo, J and I are unwrapping presents at her father’s house.  The fact that J is wearing a Chicago Blackhawks jersey is significant.  It was my present to her on our first anniversary and had deep, romantic meaning based on our mutual love of the movie “The Cutting Edge”.  You can’t tell yet, but I am wearing a Maine sweatshirt that we bought on our honeymoon.

We were still very much in love when this photo was taken.  We’d been married just over a year, and the move to California was supposed to be a major step for us.  I was going to take Hollywood by storm, and J was going to get her degree and become an architect.

Christmas 2In this photo, I am checking the tree for surfers, who liked to walk up from the beach and find warm, cozy places to curl up for an afternoon nap.

Life in Southern California was all about adapting to our new surroundings, and it was still very intriguing to us at this point. Neither of us had grown to hate California yet.  Don’t worry… that was coming.

In examining the photo, I could see The Nightmare Before Christmas logo on the back of my shirt, which means this was my Jack and Sally tee shirt.  I found that to be significant because The Girl Who Moved Away and I had a special bond over that movie, and we thought of ourselves as the very characters depicted on that tee shirt.

Christmas 3So far, my wardrobe in these photos has predicted that I would move to Maine and fall in love with a girl who shared my love for The Nightmare Before Christmas.

I wonder what this photo will foreshadow?

Ah.  This one tells us that I would eventually go insane.  It’s quite evident when you look at it, am I right, Modern Philosophers?

Actually, J bought me those goggles and a kick board because she was determined to teach me how to swim.  Her father’s complex had a pool and I had a long time fear of drowning.

I had mistakenly thought that by marrying a member of the NYU Swim Team, I’d never have to learn to swim because she would always be around to rescue me.  So not only was I wrong about never needing to learn how to swim, but I was also way off base in my estimate that J would be around forever.

Christmas 4This final photo is the unwrapping of my “big gift”.  Santa brought me my very first set of golf clubs.

I was surprised and thrilled with the gift.  J and I had talked about my taking up golf once we moved to sunny California, and this was her way of making sure that I chased that dream.

J used to be very good at giving me the nudge I needed, and that was one of the reasons I loved her.

Now those golf clubs sit in the basement of The House on the Hill, still in the box from the move.

It was a wonderful Christmas, though.  I was happy, very much in love, and had my entire life ahead of me.  How times change…

About Austin

Native New Yorker who's fled to the quiet life in Maine. I write movies, root for the Yankees, and shovel lots of snow.
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6 Responses to Throwback To The Ghosts Of Christmas Past

  1. I’m sorry your heart was broken twice…but I believe the next time you turn around your true love will be looking back at you…

  2. D. Parker says:

    We live to know the moments of pain so we may live to know the moments of indescribable joy and make the choice. Thank you for sharing your memories and I hope by this Christmas you find love again. 🙂

  3. Thanks for sharing the pictures. The best part of your life is still ahead of you–let it happen.

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