Jump Start Your Brain: Why Beth?

JumpstartIt’s another snowy Saturday in Maine, Modern Philosophers.

I’ve taken to not checking the weather report on non-workdays because it’s just too bleak and depressing lately.  As a result, I was a little surprised to awaken and discover that Snow Miser had installed another wall to wall white carpet on my street.

The snow doesn’t really bother me when I don’t have to drive in it, though, and I’ll probably go for a walk to the library and take some pictures of the white stuff.  It does look pretty when it’s not wreaking havoc on my nerves.

What this snow definitely does, however, is frost over my brain.  I’m going to need a jump start to get it going today.  Anyone else need a similar jolt?  I’ve got 1000 volts of Deep Thoughts here to get the old gray matter humming again…

Any fans of The Walking Dead out there?  You’ve heard of this little show on AMC, right?  It’s about life after the Zombie Apocalypse, and is based on a popular comic book…does that ring any bells?

Why did they have to kill Beth?  Why beautiful, sweet, and innocent Beth?  Hadn’t she been through enough already since the Walkers arrived?  Wasn’t it bad enough that her mother was locked up in the barn as a Zombie, her father was beheaded by the Governor, and she’d been separated from her big sister Maggie?

BethHadn’t Beth grown up so much since we first met her?  Didn’t she try to slash her wrists to escape the horrors of life?  Hadn’t she been an immature, bratty little kid who didn’t seem to have much to offer the group?  Hadn’t she matured into someone who could be trusted not only to care for Judith, but to also be a valuable member of the Walker dispatching society?

Why would the producers make us fall in love with Beth, root for her, applaud her growth, only to yank her away from us?

Does the fact that The Walking Dead’s writers will kill off almost any character make the show even better?  Does making us constantly wait for the other shoe to drop on characters in which we have so much invested, make us treasure the world they’ve created even more?

Even though The Walking Dead is depicting a reality that is totally farfetched right now, isn’t it actually one of the most believable shows on TV since we know any of the main characters can be taken from us without warning?  Is the fact that I am so upset over Beth’s death proof that the show is doing something very well?

Beth wasn’t just some red shirted crew member on Star Trek, who we knew was going to die, so should we see that as a sign of how the show’s writers are being more respectful to the viewers?  Should we be honored that they are trying to tug at our heartstrings like this?  Should we be applauding the writing, rather than weeping for the loss of a favorite character whose spunk brought some sunshine to a usually dreary show?

Or am I over analyzing this because I am a writer and a TV geek?  Do I really just miss Beth because she was so easy on the eyes?  Am I scared that her death means that Maggie, my big time TV crush, could be the next one to need a body bag?

So much to think about, Modern Philosophers.  At least it’s got my brain working at full power again.  Happy Saturday!

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Native New Yorker who's fled to the quiet life in Maine. I write movies, root for the Yankees, and shovel lots of snow.
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16 Responses to Jump Start Your Brain: Why Beth?

  1. D. Parker says:

    I’ve read all the graphic novels so I’m never totally shocked when they kill off a main, but I was sad to see Beth go. The fans have Christmas to process it.
    As long as they don’t kill off Daryl, I’m ok…

  2. floridaborne says:

    Though I know people who love the show, it never appealed to me. I’m the Star Trek type of person. Does it seem to you that a lot of the people you like the most are killed off on a show only to become the star of a different one? It’s sort of like “hollywood’s” version of heaven. 🙂

    • Austin says:

      I really like The Walking Dead and Beth had really grown on me. If they had to kill off someone, I could’ve happily provided a list of characters I wouldn’t have missed so much… 🙂

  3. Katrina says:

    I didn’t like HOW they killed off Beth. Dumb, impulsive, vengeful in her last moment? That really bothered me.

  4. susielindau says:

    I’m still not over the death of Edie Britt in Desperate Housewives!!!

  5. NotAPunkRocker says:

    I really wonder if she thought she was going to be able to get away with it or if she knew she was sacrificing herself by trying to take out Dawn.

    Daryl’s face…oh, I need to give that guy a hug. Everything that was hopeful and good in the world just died in front of him. Will we now have Feral Daryl, not giving a damn and going nuts like Rick did before (or still, depending on who you look at it)?

    I think a lot of people thought this was coming, with or without some of the spoilers out there, but when Maggie actually remembered that she had a sister earlier in the episode? Yeah, it was all but guaranteed then.

  6. JED says:

    They brought her back just to kill her off. And then they had her accidentally get shot after she weirdly stabbed someone with no possible way of getting away with it? Just didn’t understand it. Did make a shocking ending I guess. And I’m like Sheena, just waiting on Daryl to go completely nutty.

    • Austin says:

      I hate that her death wasn’t more heroic. I have a friend posting comments on FB who is really angry with the way she died. Guess this one really stuck a chord…

  7. Gene'O says:

    Reblogged this on Just Gene'O and commented:
    Just making a little front page adjustment here, and this is my favorite post so far from today’s #SundayBlogShare, so it gets the reblog 😉

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