The All Hallows Society Named This Blog’s 2014 Beings Of The Year!

All HallowsHappy New Year’s Eve, Modern Philosophers!

I am thrilled to announce that the All Hallows Society, Maine’s all powerful and ultra top secret commission that watches over Otherworldly Beings, has been named this blog’s 2014 Beings of the Year!

The blog’s 2013 Being of the Year, Pope Francis, was at The House on the Hill to bestow the award on this year’s winners.  However, since the identity of the members of the All Hallows Society is such a well guarded secret, Mayor McCheese accepted the award on the group’s behalf.

Before flying back to The Vatican, Pope Francis blessed The House on the Hill with a special New Year’s Eve prayer, and then said a few words about the winners.  “Winning this award last year was the highest honor of my life after being elected Pope.  I am so happy that I am passing along the title to such an amazing group of beings.”

2014 could be called the Year of the Other Worldly Being in Maine, Modern Philosophers.  Mayor McCheese became the first Otherworldly Being to run for Governor of any state in the Union, and he nearly defeated Governor LePage on Election Day.

cheese“Without the work of the All Hallows Society, my campaign would never have been possible,” Mayor McCheese explained.  “Otherworldly Beings like myself feel like we belong in Maine.  We aren’t seen as the oddities or threats that we once we.  Now we’re your neighbors, your friends, your lovers.  That’s all because of the dedication, hard work, and support of the members of the All Hallows Society.”

Otherworldly Beings turned out in record numbers on Election Day, and the All Hallows Society saw to it that they felt safe at polling places, and knew they were welcome to exercise their right to vote.

“There used to be a great divide in Maine between the humans and non-humans,” Zeus, the Father of the Greek Gods, pointed out to this Modern Philosophers.  “I would watch it all from Mount Olympus and tell the other gods that nothing could ever bring the two groups together.  Well I was wrong.  What the All Hallows Society has done is godlike and nothing short of a miracle.”

Pope Francis nodded his agreement to Zeus’ comment about miracles.

2014 was the best ever year for tourism in Maine.  According to the Maine Tourism Board, this was due largely to the Halloween Season, a month long celebration in October, that saw a record number of Otherworldly Beings come to Maine for the festivities.

haunted houseThe All Hallows Society organizes all the events of Halloween Season.  “Maine would be one of the poorest states in the country without the tourism revenue brought in during the month of October,” Jan Stuckey, the Maine Tourism Board’s Vice President informed me.  “The All Hallows Society has saved Maine from ever being Arkansas or West Virginia.”

You should know from reading this blog, Modern Philosophers, the influence that the All Hallows Society has on every day life in Maine.  Were it not for them, life at The House on the Hill would be extremely quiet and very boring.

Nothing is known about the members of the society, nor shall it ever be, but speculation is that the group is made up of influential human and Otherworldly Beings.

Many of you have asked me if I am a member of this powerful organization that takes its anonymity extremely seriously.

As you know, I never answer that question.

Happy-New-Year-16So congratulations to the anonymous beings under the hooded robes on your award.

Thank you for making 2014 an amazing year in Maine.

Whoever you might be…

Happy New Year!

About Austin

Native New Yorker who's fled to the quiet life in Maine. I write movies, root for the Yankees, and shovel lots of snow.
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6 Responses to The All Hallows Society Named This Blog’s 2014 Beings Of The Year!

  1. NotAPunkRocker says:

    Happy New Year to you, the kitties and whatever/whoever else may be in residence at the House on the Hill tonight!

  2. Louise says:

    congrats to the all hallows society. they sound very worthy winners.

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