My Top 5 Letters Of The Alphabet

alpha soupWell, Modern Philosophers, my first go at the My Top 5 post was such a success that the higher ups have been pestering me all day to deliver a sequel.  You can read the original here: John Cusack Top 5.

I’m not one to give in to pressure from the studio brass, but Doc Brown texted me from the year 2020 to tell me that the movies based on the My Top 5 posts are a huge success and earned me my first Best Original Screenplay Oscar.

Since I don’t want to screw with the future, I have hastily put together a follow up post.  Hope you enjoy it.  Please remember, that my screenwriting future hinges on your loving this feature and sharing it on social media.

Here are My Top 5 Letters of the Alphabet:

A scarlet1. A This was a no brainer, Modern Philosophers.  A is not only the first letter of the Alphabet, but it’s also the Captain of the Vowels.

When I was in school, my Evil Step Mother told me I was a failure if I brought home anything other than straight A’s on my report card.  The goal of my early life was to earn an A, and when I saw that glorious letter on a test, paper, project, or report card, I knew that I would be spared the wrath of Evil Step Mother.

A is also the first letter in my name, the Scarlet Letter, and the symbol for Anarchy.

Who doesn’t love this Alphabet All-Star?

letter-Q2. Q  I know this choice for the silver medal spot on the podium might seem like it’s totally out of left field, but I’m a quirky guy (yes, I did choose that adjective on purpose!).

Q is a bit of an outsider, so I can definitely relate to it.  Q is that letter that seems like a curse in Scrabble, but is actually a blessing if you have a decent vocabulary.

Q is a cool character in the James Bond flicks.

What most appeals to me about Q, though, is that I see it as the most romantic letter in the Alphabet, and that makes this Hopeless Romantic swoon.  How is it the most romantic letter?  It is almost always paired with U, and they go pretty much everywhere together, hand in hand, existing happily ever after.

How sweet it that?  Sweet enough to make it the Queen of my list and earn the second slot.

J3. J  Once again, a letter gains favor with me because of Love.  I have had three very important romantic relationships in my life, and on that Mount Rushmore of Love, two of the women have names that began with J.

Sure, that might seem like a weird reason to put J on a pedestal, but this is my list and I can do anything I want.

I also like J because it makes me think of Jay from Jay and Silent Bob.  I’m a huge fan of Kevin Smith’s films, so that’s a big deal to me.

My birthday is in January, and June & July are warm Summer months.

J is a great letter.

X letter4. X  X is mysterious, it’s naughty (especially when three of them get together), and it marks the spot.

X has its own sound, but it can also sound like a Z when it starts a word.

X looks the same if you knock it on its side or flip it upside down.

X reminds me of Algebra and multiplication, and I’ve always been a fan of Math.

X hides someone’s identity and can make a Malcolm stand out, rather than remaining in the middle.

X is a Roman Numeral, and it brings up fond memories of a past favorite TV show (The X-Files) and a cool movie and comic book series (X-Men).

Address to the Nation on Immigration. Oval.5. W  How can you not love a letter that conjures up images of a President who was almost as funny in real life as he was when parodied on Saturday Night Live?

I like W because, even though it looks like two V’s, it decided to go by another name.  That kind of rebellious disregard for what’s expected of it earns my respect.

You’ve got to give props to the letter with the longest name in the Alphabet.

My chosen profession begins with W, and writers love the letter because it reminds us of the 6 questions we always ask ourselves when we are writing a story: Who?  What?  Where?  When?  Why?  Wine?

Honorable Mention: S, E, Y, Z.

What do you think of My Top 5, Modern Philosophers?  Does your top 5 letter list differ from mine?  Do you think there are any glaring omissions?  Would you have shown more love to the vowels?

About Austin

Native New Yorker who's fled to the quiet life in Maine. I write movies, root for the Yankees, and shovel lots of snow.
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24 Responses to My Top 5 Letters Of The Alphabet

  1. ksbeth says:

    x has always been my favorite, always stands for something that matters in some way. )

  2. E, P, TOZ, are my favorites because they’re at the top of the eye chart. “W” is an imposter, since it’s really a double “U.” “X” is pretty OK, too–because I remember a tourist spot along the banks of the Rhein River called the Deutsches Eck (German X). I like “Z,” because it’s at the end of the alphabet parade. It’s weird to hear Britishers and Canadians call it “Zed.”

  3. Louise says:

    Welcome to 2015. I love this idea . I love Q for the similar reasons.
    Mine are R for my first name, L for louise, love ( and all its synonyms and related words), languid, lounging, lazy, loiterer, lolly pops, licorice ( black and red). K because it is almost every time silent in words. V – again it gets forgotten but is fantastic as virtuous, vivacious, vivid, very very…. and I love Alphabet soup…

  4. floridaborne says:

    Q and X are great choices. I believe the affinity for Q and X is their rarity.

    Did you know that S and M are very popular starting letters for last names in English? The top of the last name food chain is Smith, followed by Johnson, Williams, Brown, Jones and Miller.

    If you want to find out the most common names in the USA were last year, the social security website offers a list of the most popular baby names based on requests for social security cards.

    Fun post! 🙂

  5. Marneymae says:

    Hands down best letter.
    So sturdy.
    Im a fan of J for similar relational reasons
    I like M because it too is sturdy, and reminds me of building structures
    Though S is super because its so curvy!
    Lower case E gets my top vowel choice

    Fun post

  6. kiarrakiki1999 says:

    😌I like K because that is the letter my first name is [Amazing how most people will choose the letter their name starts with,instant attraction. Love at first sight if you may call it]
    I like R because i love reading & roses and thats the letter my mother’s name start with 😂I like E, because without it so mamy words would be incomplete it has an big important. Next is O, its fun to say and last but not least 😳J because a majority of my friends name start with J and so does my middle name😌

  7. A E I O U and sometimes Y. Y is Y treated this way? How sad to be treated as a “sometimes” thing! Text messages are filled with Y. Y should be in first place, for sure. Give me a good reason Y not.

  8. “X” marks the spot for me. 😀

  9. D. Parker says:

    X is my fav, my son’s name starts with it. 🙂
    Great list and post Austin. 🙂
    Hope you’re keeping warm. 🙂

  10. markbialczak says:

    I have to go with M and B, Austin, because I’m just that way. — Mark Bialczak 🙂

  11. lundygirl says:

    Reblogged this on could do worse and commented:
    This reblog is a birthday gift for this blogger..

  12. Wonderful post! Thanks for the introduction.

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