The Down Comforter Dilemma

comforter 3I promised you I was going to shake up things in 2015, Modern Philosophers, so get ready to for something new tonight.

While I normally conduct the weekly Philosophical Exercises on Friday night in the Think Tank, you’re going to need to put on your Deep Thinking Togas on a Monday.

That’s because tonight, we are going to tackle one of the oldest Philosophical Debates known to man: The Down Comforter Dilemma.

Essentially, we need to figure out if it’s time to pull the down comforter out of storage and put it on the bed.

I know what you’re thinking, Modern Philosophers.  This is too much stress on the gray matter for a Monday.  How are we supposed to make such an important decision this early in the week?  What happened to the jokes and silly stories?

Snow MiserSnow Miser and his Air Force are what happened!  Their incredible wind assault has bombarded Maine all day, so while the thermometer reads 12 degrees right now, it is well below zero with the wind chill.

I returned to The House on the Hill after work to find the grill blown over on the porch.  That thing is damn heavy, as I know from trying to right it again, and the wind tossed it around like a rag doll.

I actually just stopped writing this post to bundle up, run back out onto the porch, and do my best to cover the grill and wedge it into a corner.  It didn’t make sense to risk frostbite trying to stand it up again, only to have the winds upturn it later.

The weather people are predicting that the wind chill will get down to -25 degrees tonight, and it’s supposed to be even colder later in the week.

I’ve managed to go this long without busting out the down comforter, but has the time finally come to relent, Modern Philosophers?

You know the logic involved here.  If I put the down comforter on the bed now, and Winter gets even more frigid, will my body still be warmed by it at that later point?  Do I need to tough it out for a few more weeks?  I mean, it’s not even February yet!

I have already taken the major step of putting flannel sheets on the bed.  That happened on Christmas Eve.  Do I dare ratchet up the defenses and activate my big gun and last line of defense only 12 days later?

I did bring in a couple of experts to help me on location while I waited for your comments to come pouring in from all over the world.

comforterAs you can see from this photo, Cali and Luna are really giving some Deep Thought to The Down Comforter Dilemma.

It looks like Cali is a fan and Luna is not.  You need to factor in, of course, that Cali is young and impulsive.  She sees something new and wants to play with it.

Luna is older and wiser.  She is suspicious of change.  She knows what has worked in the past, and has learned to adapt and get by with what she has.  She does not look ready to put her trust in something new that also happens to be the same color as her trouble making sister.

So where to you weigh in on The Down Comforter Dilemma, Modern Philosophers?  Are you all about the now and dealing with the frigid temperatures that are clearly here and ready to disrupt my sleep?  Or are you more of a big picture thinker, worrying that if Winter gets even worse, I won’t have that secret weapon to put into play against Snow Miser?

I need your help.  Warm me with your Deep Thoughts as soon as possible please!

About Austin

Native New Yorker who's fled to the quiet life in Maine. I write movies, root for the Yankees, and shovel lots of snow.
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39 Responses to The Down Comforter Dilemma

  1. Sofia Leo says:

    I solved the whole Down Comforter Dilemma by buying an electric blanket. Fairly warm night? Simply don’t turn it on. Frigid temps? Turn it up to 3. Really freakin’ cold? Ratchet that baby up to 7. Changed my life. Really. AND I don’t have to store a ginormous down comforter 🙂

    • Austin says:

      Hmmm…I might need to look into getting one of those. I’d worry about safety, though. Is it a fire hazard?

      • Sofia Leo says:

        I was worried at first, but I promise you it won’t matter when you wake up the morning after the first night you use it 🙂

        If you mistreat it, I suppose there could be a problem, and you certainly want to replace it if the wires become frayed for some reason.

        Mine can be machine washed but should be hung to dry – only a minor inconvenience as it’s made of polyester so it dries pretty quick.

        This is my second Winter using it and I will never go back to heavy quilts or comforters again!

      • Austin says:

        I am sending the interns to check them out tomorrow. It could be their birthday present to me. 🙂

  2. floridaborne says:

    Down comforters need to be dry cleaned. With 4 dogs, I can’t afford a $30 dry cleaning bill each month.

    An electric blanket can be washed. I’ll opt for the cheap comforter and electric blanket any day.

  3. NotAPunkRocker says:

    I would have broken it out already, but I am cold-natured. Creatures 1 and 2 add heat when they deign to join me in the middle of the night so I have to turn the gas heat down before bed or I’ll overheat. The down comforter keeps me warm until then.

  4. My down comforter has been on my bed since October – since the 1st snow fall happens in that month here living in the Sierras (live at over 4000 feet elevation). Plus I do not care to be cold while sleeping. If I get really cold, I whip out the heating pad – ha! Be Safe and Stay Warm 🙂

  5. I’m sitting here having recently experienced one of the most extreme summer days in Australia. The mercury peaked 43 degrees Celsius or 109.4 Fahrenheit. If it were possible I’d gladly capture our excess heat and ship it to you. There was certainly enough to share and God forbid we should be so greedy! Now, having never experienced such cold, it makes sense to me, that you’d use whatever means possible to stay warm, when you need it. If it does get colder, could you purchase another Down Comforter and therefore, double your defense against the cold? Coming from a totally naive perspective, I think this is what I’d do if I could. Also, approaching the temperature situation in reverse, would I not flick on my air con in case it got hotter? Um, no. I’d use any means possible to stay cool. Just a thought. 🙂

  6. Marneymae says:

    Hell yes down comforter!
    (I put mine in a washing machine – tumble dry with tennis balls if you have them)
    Hot water bottle wrapped in a couple pillowcases – aka: the puppy

  7. Marneymae says:

    Couple of pillowcases

  8. It’s time. Get the comforter on the bed, and if you get cold later, add an electric blanket to it.

  9. ksbeth says:

    go for the down, i use it year round and love mine.

  10. markbialczak says:

    Down comforter immediately. Cheap add-on from Walmart on top of down comforter if needed later in the winter. My tried-and-true Syracuse suggestion, minus the down comforter, Austin. I add layers one-by-one as the winter soldiers on.

  11. Electric blanket 100%. And I bet your cats will love it too. 🙂

  12. E.L. Wicker says:

    I have a down ‘duvet’ – that’s what we call them here in England. It’s the best invention ever! I love it. Yes, time to snuggle under it!

  13. toddfisk says:

    My down comforter is stuffed with actual live chickens! noisy, smells real bad, and makes everyone sick! Couldn’t be happier with it

  14. I feel for you Northern Hemisphere cousins.Were I to put a Down Comforter/Doona/Quilt or what ever you’d like to call it on my bed, there would be nothing left of me and my darling wife by morning! Sydney Australia was 36 degrees C or 97 F yesterday. Please find humid heat attached to this comment!

  15. From one frigid home to another, it’s time…

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