A Modern Philosopher’s Birthday Wish

Happy BirthdayHappy Tuesday, Modern Philosophers!

If I’m reading my birth certificate correctly, today is my birthday.  How cool is that?

Okay, bad choice of words.  It’s -5 degrees outside this morning, so a word like “cool” should not be tossed around lightly.

How awesome is it then that today is my birthday?

I know that I am no longer a child, so a birthday isn’t that big of a deal anymore.  You won’t all be coming to The House on the Hill later for cake, pin the tail on the donkey, and a presentation of gifts to the Birthday Boy.

I’m not discouraging that by any means, I’m just being realistic.

I had a Deep Thought, though, on how you could give this Modern Philosopher a present if you so desired.  You know how much I love to spread the Blog Love, and how important it is for bloggers to support each other.

So how about giving me a birthday present via social media?  Something of a Birthday Blog Share if you wanted to slap a hashtag on it.

For my birthday, do you think you could share a post of mine that you really enjoyed?  Please don’t make it this post, as this is me asking for a present, and not a very good example of my writing talent.

blog-loveJust find one of my posts that really spoke to you and share it on Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, or your blog.  That’s simple, right?  You don’t even have to wrap it or figure out how to get it to The House on the Hill.

Maybe you could tell me in the comments section which of my posts you shared?

I think it would be a lot of fun to unwrap those birthday presents in the comments section all day, learn which of my posts really spoke to you, and let the Blog Love keep me warm and toasty on what promises to be another very cold day in Maine.

Happy Tuesday, Modern Philosophers!  Thanks for being so wonderful!

About Austin

Native New Yorker who's fled to the quiet life in Maine. I write movies, root for the Yankees, and shovel lots of snow.
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79 Responses to A Modern Philosopher’s Birthday Wish

  1. raphus2014 says:

    Happy Birthday and may today be one long great day for you!

  2. dflorack says:

    Happy Birthday!

  3. NotAPunkRocker says:

    Ok, I will share your TV debut. Or, Timbo’s debut. The line about taking out others was perfect, I just wish y’all had kept the line about Stephen King.

    Happy birthday!

  4. grannyK says:

    Happy Birthday!! I hope you have a fantastic day! I will have to pick a post to share after work as I only have about 2 minutes until I have to leave. It will be hard to pick just one!

  5. Happy Birthday, Austin! Stay warm by snuggling with the kittehs! 😀

  6. Happy Birthday! Have a lovely day!

  7. Reblogged this on Suzie81 Speaks and commented:
    It’s my good bloggy friend Austin’s birthday today, and as he lives 5000 miles away I can’t buy him a drink, so here’s a reblog instead! Read, enjoy, follow and share the blog love for him!

  8. shawn says:

    Felicitous Natal Anniversary! Wishing you a warm, prosperous and #AWEsome year ahead. And remember that having birthdays is ALWAYS better than not having them 🙂 I will certainly honor your birthday wish and reblog something!

  9. ashokbhatia says:

    Many happier returns of the day!

  10. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to one of my favourite blogging buddies 🙂 I hope you have a great day!

  11. D. Parker says:

    Wishing you a birthday as awesome as you Austin. All the best today and everyday. 🙂
    How I am I going to pick just one post? 😉

  12. Happy Birthday! Just shared “The Devil Wants a Holiday”… excellent post.

  13. floridaborne says:

    What an exceptional idea! I’ll pick one of your think tanks or jump start. 🙂

  14. D. Parker says:

    I tweeted one from every month. 🙂 Happy Birthday Austin. 🙂
    Now I’m off to practice typing and proofreading. 😉

  15. markbialczak says:

    I chose to tweet this link as your birthday present, Austin. Have a great but freezing day, my friend.

  16. markbialczak says:

    Reblogged this on Mark Bialczak and commented:
    For a birthday present, pick a link from Austin’s blog and send it out via social media. No, not this birthday story … another post of your liking.

  17. rozaliadame says:

    Happy Birthday ^_^
    Your birthday wish shall be granted as well! I will take a browse and see which I think encompasses your character the best.
    Have a great day!

  18. Kate Loveton says:

    Hi Suzi! I have just started following your blog the past week or so and I’m really enjoying it! I also enjoy following you on Twitter. I will share one of your blog posts – but I’d like to wait a bit and have read a few more before I do. So, consider the future posting a delayed birthday gift! (grin)

    Happy birthday!

  19. Kate Loveton says:

    Well, Austin – seems I misread and that it is YOUR birthday and not Suzi’s. Lack of caffeine this morning, what can I say? (grin)

    But since I follow you as well, I’m happy to blog one of your posts in the future – so that’s my delayed birthday gift to YOU! 🙂

    Happy birthday!

  20. thortonjakes says:


  21. martha0stout says:

    Happy Birthday! May the next year of life go awesomely well.

  22. I went to Suzi’s blog to reblog one of her posts on my Blog today, as Tuesday is my Random Thoughts/Reblog day, I saw her reblog of your post and I’ll be delving in to your blog to find just the right post. I’ll reschedule reblogging Suzi’s post to Thursday. 🙂 Sorry Austin, That’s a very windy way of saying, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Especially for a first comment from a newbie blogger.

  23. sourgirlohio says:

    Happy Birthday, Austin!

  24. Very clever!

    From one fishy-tail or tales goat to another… Happy B’day!

  25. Happy Birthday – Enjoy Your Special Day 🙂

  26. Catherine Johnson says:

    Happy Birthday!

  27. Happy Birthday. May it be filled with love and laughter.

  28. lundygirl says:

    Happy Birthday – reblogged My top 5 letters of the Alphabet. Great post.

  29. The Hook says:

    Happy Birthday, buddy!
    Hope you get those super powers you’ve been holding out for…

  30. jerryofcali says:

    Happy birthday! Honestly, my favoruite post was about the NSA trying to recruit Santa. I’d share it, but it’s holiday material…and it’s outta season.

  31. ksbeth says:

    happy birthday, austin! hope this is your best year ever )

  32. Here is warm and heartily wishes you a “Happy B’day Dear”….Austin…… Blast this year with your skill…..

  33. Happiest belated birthday, my dear friend!!! I hope it was wonderful (and warm!!) 🙂

  34. reocochran says:

    Hope you have a wonderful birthday celebration. I told Mark that I was up for dancing, celebrating and pinning the tail on the donkey… Hope you wore your toga…. ha ha! Many more to come, too, Austin!

  35. candidkay says:

    Happy belated, Mark! I hope it was filled with mounds of cake and loved ones:). What more can you ask for, right?

  36. India Tour says:

    Austin Bleated Happy B’day to you dear, accept and get here my warm wish to you

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