You Can Lead A Kitty To The Condo…

Cali & LunaLife at The House on the Hill has been much more pleasant, Modern Philosophers, since Cali and Luna decided to live with me.

The pitter patter of paws on the hardwood floors is quite comforting, and it’s always nice to have a purring kitty curled up in my lap…even when I’m trying to write.

My two adorable monsters have been on a bit of a scratching rampage lately, so I decided to risk my life and my sanity by making a run to WalMart this morning to find a scratching post of some kind.

I was in and out of the store quickly enough to avoid infection or the need for a straitjacket, and I was quite happy with my purchases for the kitties.

First there was this:


The Kitty Condo!  Two stories of comfort and fun.  They could have slumber parties and pretend it was a bunk bed kind of situation.

I threw a bunch of their toys inside to entice them to curl up in there, but that wasn’t enough to get them interested in their new napping quarters.

So I figured I’d present them with their other new item…

scratch padThe scratching pad.  This did pique their interest because they were drawn to the catnip that’s packed in the base.

That led to Luna’s licking it feverishly at one point, but there was no scratching.

I demonstrated it to them by scratching it with my fingers, but they didn’t seem interested.  They were content to just stare at it…

scratch 2They’ve been getting close to the scratching pad, but all they do is look at it.

I’m not sure why they like to gaze at it.  Maybe they are giving it the evil eye, or perhaps they think it’s a flying carpet and they haven’t figured out to control it yet.

Of course, all afternoon, I’ve heard them scratching things in the house.  Just not the brand new scratching pad.

What have they been scratching?

scratchThere’s this box I got for free at the Post Office.  They love to shred this thing, as you can tell from the photo.

I tried putting the scratching pad next to it, but that didn’t help.  They just worked out their scratching frustrations on the USPS box instead.

condo 2Cali did approach the Kitty Condo a few times, but the most she would do was reach in to try to grab the toys.

She’s obviously interested, but she simply cannot seem to commit.  I know the mortgage on a Kitty Condo seems like a lot to her at this point in her life, but it’s a great investment and she’s going to be using it for years.

Hopefully, curiosity will eventually get the better of Cali and Luna, and they will use the items I bought for them today.

For now, though, it look like I risked my life in WalMart for no reason…

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Native New Yorker who's fled to the quiet life in Maine. I write movies, root for the Yankees, and shovel lots of snow.
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22 Responses to You Can Lead A Kitty To The Condo…

  1. You have to encourage them to use the scratching post. When they start using something else, pick them up, take them to the scratching post, and lift their paws to scratch. Eventually, they’ll catch on…….I hope!

  2. E.L. Wicker says:

    Aww, bless them! Sprinkle some cat nip on the mat, they might use it then 🙂

  3. pamtanzey says:

    Congratulations on your new companions! I tried all of that with my cat KittyBoo, she chose to scratch my bicycle tire into oblivion and sleeps in the laundry basket.

  4. List of X says:

    If your cats like scratching cardboard, give them cardboard:
    My cat loves these things.

  5. NotAPunkRocker says:

    My creatures like what List of X posted a link to. Yes, overpriced cardboard, but worth it.

  6. ksbeth says:

    so funny and another confirmation that they are independent creatures and do as they please and not to please us )

  7. Pamela Edwards says:

    LOL ungrateful kitties . They have no idea what a trip to WalMart is like if they did they would be snoozing in the condo & scratching till it frayed your nerves . They will eventually get around to appreciating your gifts . 😺

  8. markbialczak says:

    A thought would be to tack the new scratching pad up to something they’ve show interest in scraching in the past. Couch? Wall? Stairs? I dunno? Something other than the free box. Hey, that kitty condo is pretty darn cool. Can you tack the scratching pad to the back of that, and make it an all-purpose new addition, Austin?

  9. floridaborne says:

    Cats like to lay around in high places If you have a place that’s hard (not impossible) to get to, the cats might decide to take residence.

    I’ve had cats before that will be fooled like that, but the ones presently inhabiting the giant dog house seem to like laying on the same dog bed with a dog. Or on the kitchen counter. Or on my purse. 🙂

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