How About Some Silliness Before The Storm?

Juno HouseI’ve become a Winter Recluse, Modern Philosophers, and we can blame that on Snow Miser and his evil plans of revenge.

Yet another blizzard is barreling towards Maine, with this one expected to drop 15 to 26 inches of snow on my part of the state.

Needless to say, I had no plans to leave the safety of The House on the Hill except when it became necessary to shovel.

But Cupid insisted that I honor Valentine’s Day, and he sent a pretty ambassador to lure me out of my home atop the snow covered hill.  He said I needed to get out and socialize or my Post Traumatic Snow Disorder was really going to take hold this weekend.

Cupid had my old friend Clarice (as always, names have been changed to protect the innocent, so why not use a cool name from the Oscar winning horror movie that debuted on Valentine’s Day many bottles of Chianti ago?) hit me up on Facebook and ask me to meet her at Starbucks for a coffee.

I hadn’t seen Clarice in forever, and I’ve always had a bit of a crush on her, so against my better judgment (a first date on Valentine’s Day???), I accepted her invitation.

I don’t drink coffee, and I couldn’t find a spot in the parking lot, so Starbucks seemed like a very bad choice.  I had to park in the Toys R Us lot (I’ll always be a Toys R Us kid!) and walk over to Starbucks.

Lips 4Then I saw Clarice, and I suddenly didn’t mind.  It’s always great to see an old friend after a long time apart, isn’t it, Modern Philosophers?

Of course, when you haven’t seen someone in so long, you are completely caught off card when you notice that she has enormous red lips that would make The Rolling Stones’ logo jealous.

Luckily, those just ended up being fake.  That was a relief because I’m sure I just would’ve stared at those giant things the entire date.

It was a lot of fun catching up, I had a delicious piece of pumpkin bread, and Clarice showed me photos of the cross country journey she had taken this Summer.

When Clarice asked me what I have been doing with my life lately, I realized that I had totally become a Winter Recluse.  I really need for it to warm up so I can get out and run.

I did tell her about .33 Reverse Gunther and the chance that it might get made, and that led to a wonderful conversation about Clarice’s quirky tastes in movies.

I need to spend the weekend writing monologue jokes for this week’s taping of The Nite Show, but Clarice did put the bug in my brain to get to work on another quirky screenplay.

Lips 3I was glad that Cupid gave me the nudge to leave The House on the Hill for a couple of hours.  I enjoyed chatting with Clarice, and I even allowed her to give me some tips on lip care (as you can see from this photo).

I’m sure my Post Traumatic Snow Disorder will flare up later when Snow Miser’s blizzard kicks into high gear, but for now, I’m pretty relaxed.

I plan to spend the night watching movies and writing jokes for Danny.  Heck, I might even stop ignoring the buzzing coming from the basement, and go down to empty the dryer.

Of course, Cali and Luna were very interested in the giant lips I brought home from Starbucks, so I let my kitties play with them for a while…

Lips 2Luna took some time to investigate the lips before she decided what to do with them.  Once she did, however, it was pretty funny…

Lips 1Doesn’t it look like Luna is shrieking at the Starbucks lips?  She looks quite frightening in that photo, but in reality, she was only yawning.

Luna sniffed at the lips for a few seconds, and then swatted them to the floor and pushed them all over the living room and foyer for the next ten minutes.

Happy Valentine’s Day, Modern Philosophers!

About Austin

Native New Yorker who's fled to the quiet life in Maine. I write movies, root for the Yankees, and shovel lots of snow.
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21 Responses to How About Some Silliness Before The Storm?

  1. taehreh says:

    You must be getting all of our snow! It is suspiciously non-snowy here. Luna looks hilariously off-put by the lips! You took the photo at the perfect moment, haha.

  2. floridaborne says:

    Doesn’t this make 4 blizzards now in the last 3 months? I heard you’re expecting winds equal to a category 2 hurricane. Is that true?

  3. Glazed says:

    I wonder if those lips were a hint from Clarice. Did you kiss her?

  4. Reblogged this on By the Mighty Mumford and commented:

  5. I hear you’ll get it worse tonight than us. Got someone to keep you warm…besides the cats????? 🙂

  6. Asariels Muse says:

    I’m glad you had a fun mini-date before you get snowed under again.

  7. markbialczak says:

    Looks like you had a fun date, Austin. Good job getting out there. Remember, loose lips sink ships. Those babies can take down the whole fleet. Cali and Luna would have a ball if you introduced them to Mick Jagger, wouldn’t they?

  8. Pamela Edwards says:

    Good for you Austin ! Glad you got out & had a nice time . The kitties do seem to be having fun with the lips , Luna isn’t taking any lip from the lips lol . 😉

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