Today’s Writer’s Day Might Be Taxing

Chili 1Happy Writer’s Day, Modern Philosophers!

As you know, I always take off the day after a taping of The Nite Show With Danny Cashman and declare it Writer’s Day.

I like to take it easy and bask in the glow of being a writer for the coolest late night show in the history of the great state of Maine.  If we don’t take little moments like these, Modern Philosophers, then the world will just eat us alive.

Not literally, but then again, this is Maine, so anything could happen.

I am starting my Writer’s Day with an adorable black kitty curled up and purring in my lap.  Clearly, Cali is proud of her Daddy for the hard work he did on The Nite Show this week.  Luna is proud, too, but she is napping…it is a Holiday after all!

It’s snowing again, but right now, it’s just flurries.  It’s supposed to snow all day with a substantial accumulation, but I’m not going to let such nonsense ruin Writer’s Day.  A writer can write in the snow!

I’m actually planning on walking over to the Bangor Public Library this morning to get my taxes done.  AARP sends volunteers to the library every year to do our taxes for free.  This will be my third consecutive year of taking part in this great program.

bangor libraryThe Bangor Public Library is a beautiful building, so I don’t mind spending the morning there as I wait for the tax folks to help me.

In fact, the first time I went to get my taxes done there, I met the very attractive lady who you all know on this blog as Ti-Diana.  You never know who might wander into your life if you spend some time at the library.

Aside from getting my taxes done, my Writer’s Day plans are to relax, get some writing done, finally watch the SNL 40th Anniversary Special, maybe pick up something to eat while I’m in downtown Bangor, and do some shoveling.

Hurrah for everything on the list except for the final item.

taxesI have to change out of my sleeping toga and into my tax filing toga, so I’d better sign off for now, Modern Philosophers.

If you haven’t yet started celebrating Writer’s Day or something similar, I highly recommend you give it a shot.  You work hard, and you deserve a personal Holiday of your own creation!

About Austin

Native New Yorker who's fled to the quiet life in Maine. I write movies, root for the Yankees, and shovel lots of snow.
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21 Responses to Today’s Writer’s Day Might Be Taxing

  1. Ned's Blog says:

    Any excuse for a holiday makes good sense to me, Austin! And good luck with those taxes!

  2. adamjasonp says:

    I’ll never take a day off. And yes, that means my writing quality will continue to suffer.

  3. markbialczak says:

    Good plan for the day, Austin. I am watching the snow continue to fall here in Syracuse, thinking that I’ll shovel around noon. I did some good promoting for pre-Writer’s Day last night. As a guest on a new local entertainment radio show, I not only chatted with amiable hosts James and Big Slim about the Syracuse music scene, but they asked me lots of questions about my blog work, too! I’m going to write about the visit and post my pictures of it — the outside of the studio looks really spooky, so here’s a teaser for you — after they get their links up on their site. Not as exciting as meeting Ti-Diana in the Bangor Public Library, but it made me smile for this Writer’s Day.

  4. Happy Writer’s Day. 🙂 Don’t overdue.

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