Sunday, Sweaty, Sunday

u2I can’t believe my weight today, I’m going for a run to sweat it all away.

How long, how long must I run this road?  How long, how lo-o-o-o-o-ng?

Because tonight, I can sweat it off tonight… Sunday, sweaty, Sunday.  Sunday, sweaty, Sunday…    — The Modern Philosopher “Sunday, Sweaty, Sunday”

U2 I am not, Modern Philosophers, but that’s only because there is just one of me and four of them.  I’m outnumbered, but I feel like I might still outweigh them.

I jest.  I know I don’t weigh more than four scrawny Irish superstars, but still.

It’s Palm Sunday, and there was no one around to high five me when I put on my running toga and laced up my sneakers for my run.

I was sore this morning.  My right shin was bothering me, but I decided to man up, like Bono would’ve done, and hit the road to get 3 miles under my belt.

Music plays a very important part in my run.  If I’ve got the right tunes blasting in my ears, it distracts me and helps me to pick up the pace.  I listened to Pandora today, selecting the Foo Fighters Channel for my run.

FooI love Foo Fighters, and had a ton of their songs loaded on my MP3 player, which I used to take on my sweaty adventures.

Now that I’ve got a smartphone, however, I listen to Pandora and let those tunes set the pace.  I enjoy the Foo Fighters Channel, but it doesn’t actually play too many of the bands’ songs over the course of my runs.

I’m lucky if I hear Dave Grohl belting out lyrics once over 3 miles.  Sometimes, I’ll get him on drums, though, as a Nirvana song almost always joins the rotation.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, this morning’s run was disrupted when Pandora decided to slip Oasis onto the set list.  Umm, I know opening Pandora’s Box is supposed to release mayhem into the world, but no one ever said it was an Oasis level of chaos.

Luckily, I was already on my way back to The House on the Hill when one of the Gallagher Brothers purred “Wonderwall” into my confused ears.  Had it happened on the way out, I very well might have cut my run short.  Or given up on running altogether.

As it was, I managed to push myself a little further down Eastern Avenue today.  Despite my sore muscles and nagging shin, I made it home in a time only one minute worse than yesterday’s.  Mind you, though, I did run further today.

I listened to a little Green Day as I did my cool down and stretched.  It would’ve been nice to end the day with a Foo Fighter song, but Green Day isn’t bad at all.

Just go runThe scale says I lost more weight this week, so I guess this running thing is going to become a regular part of my routine.

Let’s just hope Pandora doesn’t pull anymore nonsense like it did this morning…

Do you have a certain band you prefer to listen to when you exercise?

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Native New Yorker who's fled to the quiet life in Maine. I write movies, root for the Yankees, and shovel lots of snow.
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11 Responses to Sunday, Sweaty, Sunday

  1. Ritu says:

    I can’t run for toffee!!

  2. D. Parker says:

    The Ramones, Nirvana, Ultravox, Sisters of Mercy, Die Toten Hosen, Sex Pistols, GNR, Alice Cooper, Imagine Dragons…anything that makes me want to move. 😉

  3. I switched from Pandora to Spotify recently. I can make my own playlists or listen to the radio. And what, you may ask, do I listen to? I have a playlist called Happy, and it is just that mixed genre of everything that puts a spring in my step. There is also a radio playlist called Singing in the Shower that I like.

  4. adamjasonp says:

    I don’t use Pandora. Problem solved.

  5. Josh Wrenn says:

    The Offspring, but not their joke songs that were their biggest hits.

  6. Housework counts as exercise right?! Then it’s Me and The Farmer by the Housemartins, or anything else upbeat 🙂

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