Pride Goeth Before The Gluttony

cakeTemptation comes in many forms, Modern Philosophers.

Today, it appeared before me in the form of a chocolate cake.  It was sitting there, in the break room at work, with a little post it note urging me to help myself.

Normally, I would’ve grabbed a plate from the cupboard and cut myself a giant hunk of cake.  Then I would’ve taken it back to my desk and devoured it.

Because nothing makes a Monday a little easier to handle than a thick slice of delicious chocolate cake.  Can I get an “Amen”?

I walked past that cake many times today.  I stopped and stared at it.  I asked coworkers who had a piece just how good it tasted.  I thought about how I could probably have some and it wouldn’t really be that bad for my diet.

But I never ate any of that cake, Modern Philosophers.

It took a great deal of self control.  It was Monday after all.  It was snowing.  I was trying desperately not to see any spoilers about last night’s episode of The Walking Dead.

Chocolate cake would have distracted me from all those issues.

But I didn’t have any cake!

I thought about how hard I’ve been working to lose weight.  I pondered on my sweaty three mile runs.  I formed Deep Thoughts on how I’ve been eating better.  I remembered how happy I was when the scale told me I’d lost weight.

goldstarSo I just looked at that chocolate cake.  I thought about it, too.

But I didn’t eat it.

Do you have an outstanding achievement to share with the group, Modern Philosophers?  Do you think it’s worth an awesome gold star?  How unbelievably delicious do you think that chocolate cake would’ve been?  Tell me!  Tell me right this second!!!

About Austin

Native New Yorker who's fled to the quiet life in Maine. I write movies, root for the Yankees, and shovel lots of snow.
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25 Responses to Pride Goeth Before The Gluttony

  1. livingonchi says:

    That chocolate cake would have been absolute heavenly: moist, not too sweet, and so chocolaty! Oh how sweet to not have to live with the regret of having caved in. Well done, I agree! 🙂

  2. D. Parker says:

    You are strong, Austin. I would not have earned a gold star for cake ignoring. I can’t resist all that #cakelove
    I should get a gold star for not giving any Walking Dead spoilers though. 😉

  3. I think it would’ve been as good as the raspberry tart cookies that were near our printer today. I only walked past them once. Amen!

  4. mamalisa4 says:

    AMEN!!! I am proud of you!! That took determination and I can see you shrinking already!! I want the jelly belly’s! They are just in the other room. I can easily go open the bag and grab a handful. Delicious, fruity flavors! Nom!
    Sigh. . . but i won’t. You have given me strength. So, thank you!

  5. alundeberg says:

    Good job for foregoing the chocolate cake! It is possible to pass up the chocolate– I’d never thought I’d say this, but I too have given up sweets. As a matter of fact, almost all processed sugar. It’s tough, but can be done! I remember the surge of pride I felt when I passed up the chocolate cake and the white cake at our last faculty meeting and I made it through the hell of finals week without candy. Should get an Olympic gold medal for that performance.

  6. Gail Kaufman says:

    I try to think of it this way. I always regret when I cave in, but I have never regretted the decision to pass it up. If you focus on long-term rather than short-term gratification, you’ll be OK. That cake does look yummy though. Congratulations!

  7. I think you deserve a Chiquita banana sticker for passing up that delicious looking cake. Those stickers are way better than the plain gold ones and they come free with the bananas!

  8. adamjasonp says:

    That gold star is nuts—eyes going out in different directions…mmm, chocolate cake with nuts…

  9. I applaud your conviction, Austin. I’m not sure what to offer in return, but to be supportive. It’s good to have support. I know how difficult it is when you feel like you have no support.

  10. Tracy@CrazyAsNormal says:

    This is just another example of cake-shaming! I’m so offended. I have never seen so much intolerance of the good cake eating people of America in my entire life. I hope you’re happy with yourself! 😉

  11. jan says:

    Bravo! I successfully avoided vacuuming up the cat hair! Do I get a gold star?

  12. Pamela Edwards says:

    Wow , Austin way to go ! I know you enjoy chocolate cake . Temptation didn’t win , you are firmly committed to your goal . I think you deserve a big gold star ! 🌟

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