In Search Of…Spring!

SpringThere is an ancient legend, Modern Philosophers, that in the second quarter of the year, there once existed a season when the sun shined, flowers bloomed, and the birds and animals returned to the once frozen land.

Since the kingdom would seemingly spring back to life after a long, harsh Winter, the simpleminded people took to calling this time of year “Spring”.

Many books, poems, songs, and works of art still exist that refer to this Spring, a time when everyone was happy, peasants danced, and lords held great feast to celebrate surviving yet another encounter in Winter’s cruel embrace.

Since I am off today, I thought I’d head out in search of this legendary Spring.  After the Winter we’ve had, I would like nothing more than to discover that it actually exists…

snow 1The view from my porch.  It has snowed every day since Saturday.  This is the longest Winter that I can remember.

Then again, my brain froze two months ago, so all my memories are hazy…

snow 2Usually, the vines that cover the fence and the entrance to the side garden are already visible.  No sign of green at all yet on April 9.

There’s plenty of snow, though…

snow 4I’ve often heard that the wishing well was used in ancient times to call upon Spring to return and rescue the kingdom.

I have screamed, yelled, and pleaded with this wishing well.  I’ve dropped messages into it, and tossed hundreds of dollars of coins down into its darkness in hopes of making contact with Spring.

To this point, I have received no replies…

snow 5This bush should have blossomed by now, its green leaves providing shade when I  sit on my porch and write.

Birds should be singing from its branches.  I’m sure that if Spring existed, those things would be happening right now…

snow 7That solitary chair nearly broke my heart, Modern Philosophers.  Clearly, someone once sat in it.  Perhaps it is an artifact from ancient times when Spring came to the land and people needed to sit because they were so exhausted from all the celebrating.

I had the interns take it back to The House on the Hill so we could run tests on it and find out exactly how old it is…

snow 9This sign intrigued me, and I thought that I was finally about to make a great discovery.  If children were out playing, perhaps this Spring was not an urban legend.  Maybe it existed in this part of town, and they were keeping it all for themselves.

If I could find the children at play, I would find Spring…

snow 11My search team scattered in all directions.  We knew we were on the brink of an incredible discovery.  Spring was somewhere near.  We could feel it.  We wanted and needed to believe it.

When we came across this playground, we thought it was a mirage.  Upon further inspection, however, it was quickly apparent that it was covered in snow and hadn’t been used in ages.

There were no children at play.  They were bundled up indoors against the Winter.  Crying because they haven’t seen the sun in an eternity…

snow 10We did not know if this next sign we encountered was a message from the Fates to give up on the search for Spring, or what we all wanted to scream at Winter.

Nevertheless, we headed back to The House on the Hill, shoulders slumped, heads hung, defeat weighing us down like three feet of wet snow.

I no longer believe that Spring exists, and I cannot have it become my Great White Whale.  There is far too much white in my life already…

snow 8It pains me to say this, Modern Philosophers, but I think that much like these railroad tracks, this Winter will go on forever…

About Austin

Native New Yorker who's fled to the quiet life in Maine. I write movies, root for the Yankees, and shovel lots of snow.
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29 Responses to In Search Of…Spring!

  1. seaangel4444 says:

    Yikes! I see what you mean. When I got to the Wishing Well photo I thought, oh, yes, this will do it; alas, not so. ‘Ol man winter has a lot of explaining to do on your part of the planet! Cher xo

  2. Jan Hobbs says:

    Reblogged this on Blissfully Single.

  3. Pamela Edwards says:

    Oh no , still snowing in Maine ! It’s beginning to look like you will never get to put the shovel & roof rake away & enjoy Spring . Snow Miser has it in for Maine .

  4. swo8 says:

    We have grass now and even a crocus or two. It will come.

  5. Snowed in Boston this am – at this point I would happily welcome a nice warm 50 degrees and a quick appearance of the golden orb in the sky…

  6. grannyK says:

    Hang in there! I know spring will make an appearance! On a bright note (for me), I know where to get some extra money if things get tight. *stares at your well*

  7. mamalisa4 says:

    LOL Great writing!! the chair pained me too!!! Have faith, warmer days are coming. . . I hope! 🙂

  8. Anita Stout says:

    We had a winter like that 3 years ago. I was making up Weird Al versions of Christmas carols before it was over. One of my biggest hits was Make It Stop, Make it Stop Make it Stop sung to the tune of Let It Snow. My anti-depressants were depressed. It was ugly to be sure! This too shall pass. (She says lying to make him feel better.)

  9. Anita Stout says:

    Wait! What? You have a “side garden” and you’re griping. Why I outa….

  10. Anita Stout says:

    New blog prompt: There’s no business like SNOW business.

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