How Writing This Blog Keeps The Smoke Monster At Bay

LostI spent a lot of time over the weekend, Modern Philosophers, forming Deep Thoughts on the idea that perhaps I write too much.

I’ve never thought there was such a thing as too much writing, especially in the blogging world, where I am free from the constraints of strict Screenwriting format, and can simply ramble on about any topic I desire.

However, in response to my Field of Dreams post from Wednesday, a few regular readers said that they have difficulty keeping up with the blog because there are too many posts.  They suggested I cut back and see what happens.

I must admit that the concept boggled my mind, Modern Philosophers.  Doesn’t logic dictate that if I publish more, I will get more hits?  More articles means I’m casting a wider net to attract a larger audience, right?

Since I’m a Modern Philosopher, though, I pondered on this.  I did not write my regular Saturday Jump Start Your Brain post, nor my Sunday I Advise column.

It didn’t seem right, but I tried it.  Readers began to comment on the missing posts and the idea of my writing too much.  I listened to both sides of the debate.

I tried really hard to not write on Saturday, which would have broken a streak of two and a half years with a daily post.  I just couldn’t do it.

lost buttonI felt like a character on Lost.  Remember how they believed that they had to keep pushing the button every 108 minutes to avoid catastrophe?

That was me on Saturday.  I tried to fight the urge to publish an article, but a little voice inside my head kept screaming that I needed to push the button.

If I didn’t write a new blog post as I’d done every day for two and a half years, my island would explode.  I’m not a good swimmer, Modern Philosophers, so I really wouldn’t do well out in the middle of the ocean if my island was gone.

So I wrote an article.  Fittingly, the post that saved my island was about why the Archangel Rachel has not been around The House on the Hill lately.  Some of you have figured out that the Archangel is the bloglification (patent pending) of The Girl Who Moved Away.

I started this blog, on her orders (she really did demand that I create this), to help keep me distracted while she was away at school.  Over the past two years, while the blog has grown to have over 12,000 followers, The Girl I Love has slowly vanished from my life.

While the blog is a constant, painful reminder of how much I miss her, it is also the one thing keeping me sane.  I’ve set a goal to write every day, and by achieving that goal, I can honestly say that I’m a writer.  Even if I’m not selling screenplays or I don’t have another movie in production, I’m still a writer because I create something original for this blog every damn day.

lost castAnd I don’t just mail it in.  This blog has a mythology as deep and maybe even better thought out than the one on Lost.

I’m constantly introducing new characters, adding to the story, and laying the groundwork for a series of books based upon the adventures at The House on the Hill.

I’m also writing poetry, short stories, sharing behind the scenes info from The Nite Show, and giving you any news I am allowed to divulge on my screenwriting career.

This blog is what keeps me going.  It is what has prevented me from completely losing it after The Girl Who Owns My Heart came home for Christmas, talked about how she couldn’t wait to see me, and then not only never showed up, but also basically stopped communicating with me for the past four months.

Writing this blog, continuing to push that button, and never giving up hope about being rescued from this damn deserted island of my broken heart is what gives me the courage to look the smoke monster in the eye and give it the finger.

I need to keep writing, and write often, to remind me that I’m more than just a guy who lost the Love of his Life because he encouraged her to chase her dream.

lost footI’m a writer taking advantage of my time stuck in the middle of nowhere, to ponder life’s mysteries, turn the mundane into silly stories, and build a tribe over 12,000 strong to remind me that I’m not alone.

Yes, I write a lot, and that’s not going to change.  I’d be truly lost if it did…


About Austin

Native New Yorker who's fled to the quiet life in Maine. I write movies, root for the Yankees, and shovel lots of snow.
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62 Responses to How Writing This Blog Keeps The Smoke Monster At Bay

  1. Josh Wrenn says:

    Good for you. Write for you. Not everyone will like everything all of the time. If they do, then something is seriously wrong with people.

  2. henriettamross14 says:

    One little word. Good!

  3. We don’t want to have to come find you…keep writing.

  4. Write for your happiness, and the rest will fall through. When I first started, I did four a day. Then I found it kinda detracted from stuff I wanted to actualize in the future. I was hesitant on cutting down to a post a day, but all in all, it’s been working well.

    I’m sorry to hear of that vanishing girl. Those kinds of things have an eerie effect on you, although we can make it positive if we wish. You write well, I enjoy your views, your banter, and your appreciation for the silly while maintaining your pragmatism. Keep writing, and make the most out of the energy you have. Blog as much or as little as you want. Blog for you.

  5. Rennie says:

    Yours is the first blog I search out when I settle down for an afternoon cup of tea and a couple of hours of blog reading. Totally love your ramblings, and I read them all.

  6. D. Parker says:

    You should write what and how much you want to write, if we can’t keep up we’ll be left behind.
    Please tell me you know what happened to the polar bear though, I worry.
    I’m also a tad concerned about your comparing your blog to ‘Lost’, with the ending and all. 🙂
    Even if you do ‘815’ posts a day I’ll try to read (note the word try). 🙂

  7. D. Parker says:

    Can you write me into that ending? I’ll take a reformed-but-not-to-the-point-of-boring Sawyer out of the way for you. 😉
    You’re not going to tell me about the polar bear either, sigh. 😉

  8. markbialczak says:

    The blog is for your needs, Austin, so write away, right away. There’s no one right way in BloggyVille. I was wondering where Jump Start and Advice Letter went this week, but I was too polite to ask. I thought it had something to do with the doggone snow pushing you closer toward the edge.

    Your volume of copy, diversity of themes and consistency of quality all amaze me, by the way. You’re a real writer in every sense. Now about those pictures. 🙂 Hey, those are getting better all the time, too.

  9. hollie says:

    Really we should all be writing our blogs for ourselves, not to please readers. What one person likes, another will not. I learned long ago that you just can’t make everyone happy so do what you like. I will say that bloggers who post more than one post a day are hard to keep up with. I try to post every day, but my life does not allow me to do that every day. I cut myself a break when I’m not feeling it. I would rather skip a day than force something. That said, I think every day posts are fine, but more than that can be a bit much, especially for people who get email notifications. Just my two cents, like I said, this is YOUR blog, you do what feels right for you.

  10. JED says:

    What? People complain because you provide too much entertainment for them to keep up? I say write even more and then sit back and laugh at all the little minions trying to weed through the great stories.

    Seriously though, keep writing and we’ll keep reading. Someday we may retire and have plenty of time. We can catch up then.

  11. ksbeth says:

    write as you wish, austin and do if for you and for what it brings to you. you are a talented writer and don’t get dismayed at times as readership ebbs and flows, it’s the natural flow of things. people come and go all the time and you can’t take it personally, though it can be hard not to. just keep doing what you’re doing and it will all fall into place.

  12. Pamela Edwards says:

    Austin , you are blessed with a wealth of material so write it all . Write for you & you can’t please everyone so just write & please yourself . For those of us who enjoy your blog that just icing on the cake . ( pardon the reference to cake but i’m making a point ) You blog makes me laugh , makes me smile , sometimes it surprises me , sometimes a little sad , but i enjoy it . Keep it coming !

  13. List of X says:

    I said that I can’t keep up with your posts, Austin, I didn’t say you should write less. 🙂
    The problem is that I’m following way too many blogs, and I still spend way more time reading other blogs than I do writing my own – I don’t think it’s a healthy balance, but if I try to fix it, i’ll be even less able to keep up.

    • List of X says:

      But that’s just my problem, and I’m just one of your 12,000 followers.

    • Austin says:

      I totally understand. I only follow 26 blogs at the moment because I know there is not way I could be a faithful reader to any more than that.

      When I have time, I visit other blogs. I read as much as I can, but I simply don’t follow many as I know I could never read them all.

  14. Write your blog for yourself. As somebody once said, if you write it, they will come (and 12,443 people, including me, already think yours is a pretty cool corner of the blog-o-verse).

  15. What might have started for the Girl Who Stole Your Heart has turned into your own castle of wonder and I’m sure your avid readers must have been appalled you actually considered not pressing the button! The Darma Initiative should have you raging by now! Keep pressing that button and keep us all alive with your entertaining posts. I for one would miss this island if it had to go. ☺️

  16. adamjasonp says:

    Brilliant metaphor, Lost. However (yes, however), failing to push that button on the island would cause a giant EMP, not an explosion. Bringing down planes ’n’ such. That’s what I remember.

    It can be pretty heart breaking for whom you admire the most to breaking all communication. But at least you have, um…hmm…I’ll get back to you on that. 😉

  17. It’s your blog, and your urge to write. Do it. Do whatever works for you. The readers will come, or not, but you’ll be satisfied enough. Clearly it fuels you, and all of your vast non-blog writing. Kudos!

  18. I feel like you are telling my heart’s story. Right now it is difficult for me to write more than once a week my goal is to write once and a page a day for my book.
    You write beautifully. Keep going. Every day.

  19. The Cutter says:

    Some things you gotta write for others, some for yourself.

    But was the smoke monster really that bad? Or merely misunderstood?

  20. Your blog is quite possibly the first blog I found on WP, and you’re the first blog I felt completely at ease leaving a comment on. I do think the post was the one where the boy and girl met in the bookstore, and then NYE Superfudge chunk. My memory escapes me on titles but I’m sure those are the ones. But my point is this, I try to keep up, I really do, but there is so much out there and sometimes I miss posts here and there, but when someone doesn’t post regularly, I notice it. What I’m trying to say is, keep doing what you want to do, if people want to come and read they will. If not, maybe it’s just a once a week thing. But don’t change what and how you do it. Stay true to the Modern Philosopher way 😉

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