Friday Night Think Tank: FDR Was Wrong

Doc BrownHappy Friday, Modern Philosophers!

Since I’ve been off the last two days, today didn’t feel like Friday at all.  Thank goodness I have the Friday Night Think Tank to help me get my bearings.

Who’s ready to join me for this week’s Philosophical Exercise?  The Deep Thoughts are flowing, so come get in on the fun.

This week’s topic: FDR once said: “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself”.  Clearly, he was wrong considering we also need to fear clowns, driving in snow, Zombies, The Robot Apocalypse, serial killers, and dates who won’t tell you how they really feel (just to name a few).  What other famous quotes or inspirational sayings bother you because they are just flat out  incorrect?

While FDR’s quote certainly gets under my toga, the one that bothers me the most is a saying I heard constantly from my Evil Step Mother:

“Children should be seen and not heard.”

FDROh, that bothered the crap out of me when I was a young Modern Philosopher.  That was her “polite” way of telling my sister and I to shut up, but I just saw it for the bitchy comment that it actually was.

Children are naturally curious.  How are we supposed to learn if we don’t ask questions?

Children are also adorable.  Who know what’s not adorable?  Mimes.  So why would anyone want to turn kids in mime children?

Mime children also need to be added to that list of fears, FDR.

I think that communication skills need to be developed right from the get go.  If you tell children they should be seen, but not heard, you are retarding that progress.  You are also pushing them towards a reclusive life, where they get lost in a world of social media and never come out of their rooms.

Of course, when they grow up, move into an apartment in your basement, and never want to speak to you, you will at least know what spurred such behavior.

I really hated that saying, and could never imagine repeating it to a child.  It has been banned from The House on the Hill, and I will be quite pleased if I never hear it again.

So what about you, Modern Philosophers?  Don’t be afraid to share.  After all, the only thing you really ever have to fear is fear itself…


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Native New Yorker who's fled to the quiet life in Maine. I write movies, root for the Yankees, and shovel lots of snow.
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28 Responses to Friday Night Think Tank: FDR Was Wrong

  1. D. Parker says:

    Children should be heard and seen.
    I also didn’t like, go play in the traffic. 😉

  2. Josh Wrenn says:

    Children should be seen playing in parks, or riding bikes, and their parents should be not heard when screaming at them.

  3. How about “Do as I say, not as I do.” If YOU can’t follow the rule, why should your kids?

  4. “Do as I say, not as I do.” Yeah. If you’re not even invested in what you’re saying – let me jump right on that. NOT.

  5. AthenaC says:

    I hate “The exception proves the rule.” Always trotted out by my mom when I could prove her obnoxious always / never pronouncements wrong. I would think, “So let me get this straight – I provide evidence counter to what you just told me and you get to brush it off with “The exception proves the rule”? How exactly is that logical?

  6. JED says:

    “When the going gets tough the tough get going”

    So what do they do the rest of the time? Sit on their lazy asses?

  7. It’s not rocket science.

  8. floridaborne says:

    FDR was a politician. Those are the kinds of things politicians say to convince people to do what the powers-that-be want us to do. I have no doubt he was plenty afraid. 🙂

    The saying that angers me the most is: Every cloud has a silver lining. Whenever my mother said it to me, I wanted to hit something. Though I understood in later years that my parents survived the Great Depression and coped with life to the best of their ability, that phrase still upsets me when I hear it. My father was among the walking wounded, whose mantra was, “The only hell is the one here on Earth.” My mother became PolyAnna. Several entries in my blog show their lives as children, making all my 1st world gripes look like a drop of water on a clear day compared to their hurricane.

    As you are acutely aware, wisdom gained from later years does nothing to stop that initial bristling when you hear phrases you hated as a child.

  9. List of X says:

    “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”. Take FDR: I seriously doubt that he thought that the polio that left him paralyzed made him any stronger.

  10. One that bothers me a lot is one I have only heard in recent years: You only regret the things you DON’T do. What crap! Like nobody ever does or says a rotten thing? Then nobody would ever owe anybody an apology (“Love means never having to say you’re sorry,” another stupid saying). Moreover, for everything you didn’t do, there is something else you did. You presumably had a good reason for making that choice at the time, so why second guess yourself now? And to render the whole argument moot: regret is a colossal waste of time to begin with. Just move on. I wrote a whole blog post about this once. I’d share the link if wasn’t too lazy to go find it. Good think tank question.

  11. markbialczak says:

    Yankees win. Thaaaaaa Yankees win. Never liked that one from John Sterling, Austin. Hahaha. Just joshing you. Don’t fire until you see the whites of their eyes. I don’t want to fire, ever. And if I ever was put in that situation, I’d squeeze the trigger a hell of a lot sooner than that.

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