Friday Night Think Tank: Alphabetically Speaking

Doc BrownTGIF!  Am I right, Modern Philosophers?

It was a long week, but it is finally over and we can wipe it from out thoughts.  Too bad I don’t have that device they use in Men In Black, because it would be awesome to just clear my mind of this week’s memories.

Since it is Friday night, it’s time to head out to the Think Thank for our weekly Philosophical Dance Party.  Are you ready to cut an intellectual rug?

It’s pretty warm here tonight, so I recommend bringing a little something for hydration.  We’re all adults, so don’t worry about being carded at the door…

This week’s topic: If you could be any letter of the Alphabet, which one would you be?  Please explain your answer with entertaining Deep Thoughts.

I would definitely go with K.

SpecialK_Logo.epsFor starters, we all know it’s special.

More importantly, though, K is the ninja of the Alphabet.

Silent, but deadly“.  That’s what it would say on K’s business card.

K is one of those letters that is totally hardcore and kick ass.  Do you see how it appears twice in the term “kick ass”?  It’s a hard, tough letter that makes its presence felt when you pronounce it.

But then there are those times when you don’t pronounce it, and that’s what makes K so damn intriguing.  What other letter lurks around your vocabulary in stealth mode the way K does?  It’s the quiet ones you have to keep your eyes on, right?

Of course, K is also the last letter in the most popular curse word out there, and that just adds to its bad boy image.

K was the name of Tommy Lee Jones’ and Josh Brolin’s character in Men in Black (see how I came back to the movie that I teased in the opening paragraphs of this post?).  And if any letter of the Alphabet could pass itself off as a Special Agent, it’s K.

Any baseball lover knows “K” is the symbol for a strikeout, and the desire for one often brings 50,000 fans to their feet, clapping and cheering until they get what they want.  K’s are hung from the upper decks of baseball stadiums to keep track of a pitcher’s strikeouts.  What other letter gets that kind of royal treatment in America’s favorite past time?

Speaking of the strikeout, I’d like to point out that even though K is merely the fifth letter in that particular word, it was still the letter singled out to symbolize a strikeout.  That’s because K is awesome.

For you social media addicts out there, “K” is something you probably use all the time to answer or blow off someone in a text or instant message.

K is often associated with healthy living as many races are measured in K’s aka kilometers, and with a healthy financial future via a 401K.

Do I even need to remind you that every kiss begins with K?

I could go on and on about my favorite letter, but I’m going to be a good host and give the rest of you a chance.

So tell us all about what letter you’d like to be and why.



About Austin

Native New Yorker who's fled to the quiet life in Maine. I write movies, root for the Yankees, and shovel lots of snow.
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29 Responses to Friday Night Think Tank: Alphabetically Speaking

  1. D. Parker says:

    X – it’s mysterious and it marks the spot, it’s got it’s own Files named after it, it’s a signature and where treasure can be found, and it’s the first letter of my son’s name. 🙂
    After this week, I’m amazed I can have any deep thoughts.
    Later, k? 😉

  2. JED says:

    O – it’s usually followed by no and leads to something. And if you didn’t follow through on a promise all you need to say is o, sorry or o, I forgot. It doesn’t make it o-k

  3. floridaborne says:

    Q is the mystery letter. While X marks the spot and Z is sleeping, Q Quintessentially questions quantum quality. 🙂

  4. I have wiped most of my thoughts… but I did it the old fashioned way… by growing up near Berkeley… in the 60’s and 70’s… I think…

  5. grannyK says:

    K for me because, well, my name starts with K! It should be everyone’s favorite!

  6. P cuz I just had too many beers and gotta go!… O and its also the periodic symbol for Phosphorus, N if I don’t go P now I may spontaneously combust…K!!!??

  7. pamtanzey says:

    I like your letter. I like especially that a kiss begins with a K.
    I would go for a Z myself. Maybe because it’s the last letter, the end and the beginning. There is no mistake when a Z is in the room, or in a word or in a name.

  8. markbialczak says:

    A. OK?


    Always first alphabetically come roll call time, Austin.

  9. hollie says:

    I would pick S. S is curvy, twisty. Slippery, sexy, sultry. S

  10. I have always been partial to H, for purely selfish reasons.

    See, I have an H at the end of my name. It is a rather unnecessary H, as it does not add to how my name sounds at all. You don’t pronounce it “Tam-a-ra-hhhhhuuuuuuhhhhhh.” It is simply “Tam-a-ra.” There is no wheeze at the end. So, in essence, the H is silent.

    I wonder, though, how it would sound if I was British. Since they pronounce “Hhh-erbs,” and Americans pronounce ” ‘erbs.” So, if my family had stayed in Scotland, would I have been “Tamarahhhaaahhhh?” I really can’t tell for sure, but it does give me a pause for thought.

  11. List of X says:

    Do you really have to ask? 🙂

  12. kmunse says:

    I don’t have a favorite letter but 2 is my favorite number does that count for anything?

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