Not All Deep Thoughts Require Water Wings

lifeguardThe more observant Modern Philosophers in the group have probably noticed that this blog has a tagline:

Deep Thoughts from the shallow end of the pool.

I came up with that one back in the days when chaos and insecurity reigned, and I had no idea what path this blog was going to take.

Those words have turned out to be perfect for this crazy collection of stories, however.

My goal is to make you laugh and think.  While I preach the constant creation and use of Deep Thoughts, the depth of those ponderings doesn’t always need to be such that a lifeguard is required.

thinkerDare to think without water wings if that’s what makes you feel comfortable, Modern Philosophers.  It’s not like I’m plunging deep down into the mental abyss every day.

Today would be a perfect example of this.  Do you know what occupied my Deep Thoughts all day?


It’s been a long week, and my plan for tonight is to relax and watch the Season Finale of Survivor and the last episode of Letterman.  I wanted to give that activity a festive atmosphere, so aside from putting on a Party Toga, I wanted something fun to eat.

I’ve been having barbecued chicken and rice all week for dinner, and I’m so over that.  So, my Deep Thoughts were about whether I should stop after work and get a side like mac & cheese or mozzarella sticks to liven up the chicken.  Perhaps I should scrap the chicken altogether and get Chinese Food.

Maybe what I really needed was chips and dip, or a dessert to make the evening a blast.  All these Deep Thoughts were running through my head, but how deep were they really?

The point is, I was exercising my brain and not allowing it to gel or go into hibernation during the hours of the day when I’m not writing.

BrainSometimes, people will stop me on the street and ask me if they need to go Full Toga like I do in order to be a Modern Philosopher.

I explain that not everyone can rock a toga this hard, so it’s okay to put the accent on the “Modern” in Modern Philosopher and wear the trends of the day.

If you want to claim the title of Modern Philosopher, just think.  It’s really that simple.  Challenge your mind.  Exercise your brain.  Let the Deep Thoughts run free.

Look at how silly this blog gets at times.  I bet every post you’ve ever read on here has made you think, though.  Maybe those thoughts were about whether I needed psychiatric help, or who would take over the blog when I finally snapped, but those were all Deep Thoughts nevertheless.

Hopefully, you find some laughter mingled in there with all the thinking.

Austin StatueFor the record, I decided to go with pizza to which I’ve added the chicken as an additional topping.  I also bought a doughnut with multicolored sprinkles because I’m sure all the colors will inspire some Deep Thoughts on the red to blue to green ratio and about how sprinkles are grown and harvested.

Think about what I’ve written.  I’m off to enjoy my dinner and a relaxing night in front of the TV.

Perhaps the Survivor Finale will inspire yet another viral post.  Anything’s possible when the Deep Thoughts are always flowing…


About Austin

Native New Yorker who's fled to the quiet life in Maine. I write movies, root for the Yankees, and shovel lots of snow.
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20 Responses to Not All Deep Thoughts Require Water Wings

  1. Yes. There’s no doubt that thinking is good. But what to think about? It seems to me that the mind goes where it will – to the shallow end or wherever. Steering it is the challenge. Perhaps a steering wheel would be helpful? ( Sadly, a toga would not be appreciated in my house. I’m sure it must help the thinking process and that few could wear one with such style and aplomb as you!)

  2. Singlehead says:

    Remarkably, deep thoughts are never deep. They are the occurrences of

  3. Ally Bean says:

    “I think therefore I am.” So what you’re telling us is that you am all the time? Who knew.

  4. I wait for deep thoughts to come up for air then club them over the head and drag them to the beach for a selfie of me with my foot on it’s unconscious body.

  5. Anita says:

    And you do make me think. I know this because I often smell smoke right after reading one of your posts!

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