Painting Myself Out Of A Corner

paint flagHappy Memorial Day Eve, Modern Philosophers!

The first thing I did upon coming downstairs this morning was hang out the flag.  It’s just the right thing to do considering what this holiday weekend is all about.

The second thing I did was prepare for the big, stupid chore I’d given myself.

I’ve owned The House on the Hill for 11 years, and to this point, I had managed to avoid doing painting of any kind.  Like most DIY homeowner tasks, painting just isn’t my thing.  That was the kind of chore that J would organize when we were married, and then she would just tell me what to do.

The garage doors have needed to be painted for some time now, and I have put it off as long as I could.  I finally ran out of excuses for not doing it, and last weekend, I went out to buy the painting supplies.

paint suppliesOf course, I needed help even with what supplies were required.  I assumed I needed a scraper to remove the bad paint from the doors, but I had no clue that I needed primer to help the new paint stick.

The above items were not cheap, Modern Philosophers, but it ended up not being so bad when I divided the cost over the 11 years I’ve put off doing the job.

paint startHere is the before photo.  The door on the right has taken quite a beating over the years from all the snow balls Snow Miser has hurled at it.

paint rightA close up of the door on the right.  Do not choose what’s behind this door, Modern Philosophers.  It’s not a new car or a trip to a tropical destination.  It’s just a boring, annoying paint job.

paint 7This is that same door after I’d scraped the peeling paint off of it.  Of course, I chose the windiest afternoon of the Spring for this project, so I was chasing paint chips up and down the driveway for several hours.

There was a weird paper-like material under the paint, and it made me nervous that I had not gotten the proper paint for the job.  I guess we’ll find out…

paint 6I’m definitely no Michelangelo, but my canvas is just about ready for the paint…

paint 5Here is the right door after I coated it in that mysterious primer substance, which looked suspiciously like white paint.

Please note the work gloves, which I chose to wear because King Klutz almost immediately managed to get paint all over his giant monkey boy hands.  That left glove also got covered in paint.  At least we know I’m left handed…

Yes, that is an old shower curtain that I used as a drop cloth.

paint 4The left door didn’t need to be primed because there was no chipped paint to scrape away.  Really confused as to why the right door has taken such a beating.  It was only a couple of year ago that I started parking on the right side of the garage rather than the left.

I painted the left door while the primer dried on the right one.  Not bad, right?  Sure, I got some paint on the garage itself, but who cares?

paint 3A quick photo of my sweatshirt at the end of the job.  It was 70 degrees, but I knew that if I didn’t cover myself in a sweatshirt, I’d end up with paint up and down my arms.

Quick trivia item:  I bought that sweatshirt while on my honeymoon.  Obviously, the sentimental value is no longer there since I chose to wear it for painting.

paint 2The finished job.  What do you think, Modern Philosophers?

Janine came out to compliment me on it while I was still hard at work.  She must’ve been impressed because she said she had left guests out on her deck while she popped out to tell me that it was looking good.

I was just outside admiring my handiwork with Mark.  He gave the job his official seal of approval.  Brenda came over to approve as well.

paint 1I consider this to be a historic painting, so I put out a chair to allow visitors to view it and really take in the beauty of my work.

So glad this job is done, Modern Philosophers.  Now I can get back to enjoying a lazy Memorial Day Weekend!

For free a free estimate on a paint job at your home, just leave me the details in the comments section…

About Austin

Native New Yorker who's fled to the quiet life in Maine. I write movies, root for the Yankees, and shovel lots of snow.
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14 Responses to Painting Myself Out Of A Corner

  1. Mindy says:

    That looks great!! I think you did a wonderful job. I spent a year painting and working with Habitat for Humanity and you get the Habitat seal of approval!

  2. Yinglan says:

    Very nice! I think I would have been exhausted after coating that primer to to paint another coat? Wow.

  3. Joseph Nebus says:

    The chair’s a good idea, but you should really have a docent standing by to give an interpretative statement about the work. Of course I’m an easy touch for anyone who can have a docent.

  4. Anita says:

    Way to go Rembrandt!

  5. ksbeth says:

    looking good, austin )

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